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Chapter 283 - Report 4

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Chapter 283:

Report 4


A few minutes later.

Even after hearing Mile’s explanation, the hunters were still in doubt.

It’s no wonder.

It’s some kind of magic that they have never heard so far.

Moreover, when they saw even some young girls could use it, they craved for it even more.

『Well, that spell is …』(Hunter)

『It’s a secret of my family so I can’t tell you』(Mile)

Of course, the setting is Maevis can cast that spell in her head and only speaks the name.

『Because Maevis is our party member so I taught her the secret of my family.

I won’t make an exception for anyone else』(Mile)


That being said, as hunters, they must respect other people’s personal secrets.

More than that, when Mile said it was 《Secrets of the house》, no one thinks that Mile’s family is just an average family.

『… Just give up.

Do you think you can pry on other people’s secret and become strong?

…No, You will become strong for sure but…』(GM)

『Idiot (Baka Yaro)

There’s no persuasive power if you said it like that!』(Gorasen)

Gorasen yelled at the honest line of the guild master.

『Just stay silent already.

Well, if anyone wants to try it yourself, line up and cut in order.

There are a lot of bodies to test here』(Gorasen)

Gorasen led the hunters again.

Meanwhile, Mile’s group and the guild master left the demolition site and returning to the main building of the guild branch. Then everyone returned to the Guildmaster’s room again.

『Well, I would like you to accompany one of our carriages to the Royal Capital.

As the escorts and witnesses.

If there were involved parties coming along, it would be easier to explain.

Of course, we will give out big rewards』(GM)

《Evil G.o.d’s Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》 stared at 《Red Oath》 all at once.

Only 《Red Oath》has fought with special monster species and they were also the 《swordsmen with cool magic that can cut the special Ogres》

It’s natural that 《Red Oath》 should accompany the carriage, there’s no better option.

『I don’t like it』(Mile)

『We refuse.』(Maevis)

『No thank you』(Rena)


It was an immediate answer.

『Why, why …』(Wolff)

Wolff asked back the four instant rejections that he didn’t expect.

『Because we are from the capital city.

We don’t want to go back and forth in the middle of the training journey.

If we choose the route to go back, it will be a waste of time』(Rena)

『 Our choice must be an unknown road.

We are the hunter party who was on a training journey after all』(Maevis)

They are veteran hunters, they also had a training trip when they were young. So they can’t deny Rena and Maevis’ statements.

Of course, the guild master also has that training trip.

Therefore, although everyone thinks that 《Red Oath》is the most suitable party, they can’t force them.

Well, even though it’s also that《Red Oath》 doesn’t want to go back to the Royal Capital because it’s a waste of time. The main reason is they want to avoid that Guild Master.

((((Who would want to go back to the place where the GM had our figures and knew our ident.i.ties!!)))) (Red Oath)

There was no possibility that 《Red Oath》 would receive this request.

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『Well then, excuse me』(Mile)

Then Wolf explained the origin of their party’s name.

『In fact, we planned to save money as hunters, we wanted to use it to make an orphanage …』(Wolff)

『『『『Eh?』』』』(Red Oath)

《Red Oath》 was dumbfounded by the unexpected explanation from Wolff.

They had never thought that Wolff had such a great purpose. And they couldn’t understand why it would lead to the name 《Evil G.o.d》

『So, when we make a party,

The receptionist asked us the meaning of our original name,《G.o.ddess’ Utopia》

It wasn’t necessary to make our party’s name.

It was just some idle talk.

And we answered honestly:

《We want to save money and we will make an orphanage, literally, an Ideal G.o.ddess’ Utopia》…』(Wolff)

As Mile’s group heard that… They though the party name was wrong.

『And when I explained in detail:

《It’s the Orphanage for only Lolies (young girls)

If possible, I would like to take only cute Elf and Kemonomimi Lolies and so on…》

Then, the face of the receptionist distorted.

Before I knew it, our registered party became 《Evil G.o.d’s Utopia》…』(Wolff)

『『『『…』』』』(Red Oath)

This man…

Impression lost…

Die… ee…

This man is a h.o.r.n.y-san!

Wolff somewhat felt uncomfortable with four pairs of cold eyes looking at him like trash, he urged the leader of 《Flame’s Friendship》 to get out of this place.

『Let’s go, Vegas!』(Wolff)

(Tech Setter: テックセッター) (Mile) (The only thing I found Tekkaman: The s.p.a.ce Knight)

Mile was thinking about something that people couldn’t understand as usual…

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