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Chapter 276 - The Village’s Tribute

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Mile Chapter 276: The Village’s Tribute

『Well then, shall we return?』(Rena)

It was all finished, Rena tried to return proudly.

『No, I’m sorry

But I want to destroy the dwelling place of the special Orcs, too.

Even though we might be able to do it alone, but

I don’t want to miss the opportunity to destroy Orc’s nest without injury like right now.

So, please help us!』(Captain)

As the captain of the village’s soldiers, it’s a natural request.

And, of course, it’s also within the scope of the contract.

…When the raid unit destroyed the Ogres’ nest, they also asked to destroy the Orcs’ nest as well.

Even though《Red Oath》accepted it, Rena accidentally forgot.

『…Ahaha. We really agreed to help with that. Sorry. It seems like I was a little forgetful!』(Rena)

Rena admitted her mistakes and was somewhat apologetic in… a Tsundere’s manner?

Then, with the guidance of the dwarves, the girls went to the Orcs’ nest.

… Time attack.

No, Pauline cast a《slightly weak red breeze》at the Orcs and then Mile blew it away with a strong wind. After that, the dwarves rushed in immediately.

《Red Oath》 didn’t join in but surveil the entire battlefield in order to protect the dwarves when they are in danger.

The last raid is the strategy to give credit to the dwarves.

If the girls don’t do this much, the dwarves won’t regain some confidence.

And to make it true that the dwarves have defeated many special monster species number to protect their family and the lover.

But that wouldn’t mean they should be overconfident with their power.

Well, they should understand that well. After all, they have learned it the hard way.

…Yes, each of《Red Oath》also understood the concept of service to others.


『… Mile, what is the result of search magic?』(Rena)

『It’s okay. There were neither the special Ogres nor Orcs’ reactions.

There were some reactions from the average ones from far away, but it would be okay for the dwarves to handle them.

After all, they have been living here for hundreds of years…』(Mile)

Rena silently confirmed with Mile in a low voice that the dwarves could not hear.

Although it’s not《Red Oath》’s business and the dwarves should handle their own work.

However, it won’t be pleasant to hear the news《there are dead in the Dwarves’ Village when fighting monsters》

However, Rena isn’t going to tell the dwarves that the Mutants have been wiped out

Because she thinks that would be better for their future

And apparently, Miles also agreed.

…and they triumph returned.

It’s a complete victory for defeating powerful herds of demons without death or serious injuries.

The village was blessed with the news, and preparations for the banquet began immediately.

『 You didn’t betray my trust! Everyone, you have done well!』(Mayor)

The mayor and villagers came and praised the raid unit.

From the perspective of《Red Oath》, women who look like little girls are also gathered in the crowd.

Youngsters of the raid unit, especially those who are still single, are *Tere~ tere~* (in nine clouds) because they have become popular.

… However, even if they are young, they still have the bearded-old-man face.

The sight of bearded old men blushed in front of little girls is somewhat disturbed.

『…Hey, that girl…』(Mile)

When Mile looked at the girl’s crowd, there was also the figure of the dwarf girl she first met when arrived in the village.

And she is talking with a dwarf old man with a sloppy face…

『…hey, that girl, is she really 10 years old as she looks? How can that old man lay his hand on her like that?』(Mile)

The captain tapped on Mile’s shoulder when she shouted so.

『I don’t know how humans like you look at it.

But he is only five years older than his childhood friend,

He is 15 years old.

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Please be kind…』(Captain)

Luckily, they can afford food and drink.

If they don’t celebrate now, then when?

The food was made by each family and brought out, only the meat was grilled right in the square.

They also brought out Liquor and Ale made in the village to the festival.

That Ale was usually sold with a high price, but it’s free today.

…And of course, no matter how big the celebration, no one took the Distilled Liquor they bought from Mile here.

That’s the only thing they need to drink with care.

They couldn’t afford to bring it to this place or it would be consumed instantly by others. Definitely.

No matter the amount, with such high-quality Liquor, the dwarves will chuck it down right away.

『Oh, you don’t drink it?』(Captain)

『Oh, Mr. Captain …』(Mile)

『 We don’t drink!』(Rena)

After the captain had eaten and drank to a certain extent, he came to talk with《Red Oath》

And just as Rena said, Mile’s group was eating and specialized not drinking alcohol.

『I can’t drink the strong Liquor like this, it’s discomfortable!』(Mile)

Yes, Mile and Rena, in particular, still don’t feel so good about drinking. Even if they drink, they will feel sick and vomit later.

That’s why they are only drinking a little bit of sweet, weak alcoholic fruit liquor.

There’s no such thing as 《enjoying alcohol》 or 《enjoying drunk》

Therefore, the Liquor here, which has strong alcohol and heavy smell, didn’t fit the taste of《Red Oath》

The reason is that this village doesn’t have the concept of keeping the produced Liquor for a long time without drinking it.

『Oh, that’s right!』(Mile)

Although he came to《Red Oath》’s area, he has talked plenty with the girls on the way back so he didn’t have anything to talk again.

The dwarves have shown their grat.i.tude, so he has no intention of repeating it again.

But Mile remembered something she wanted to hear.

『Well, can you tell me the myths of the dwarves?』(Mile)

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