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Chapter 270 - MONSTERS 3

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(But why were these Orcs so strong? …They aren’t High Orcs.

High-Orcs, high-Orcs…,

Ah, maybe because these Orcs eat high nutrient foods so their power output rose…) (Mile)

Mile was pondering about the power of the Orcs while maintaining the search magic to watch out for the enemy.

And eventually, the raid was decided to be continued.

The leader of this raiding party is the dwarf captain, and 《Red Oath》 is only the support party, so the decision right is in the captain’s hand.

However, when it was decided to continue, Mile strongly insisted that the Dwarves must move with her new tactic.

28 dwarves will divide into 4 squads, seven dwarfs for each squad.

Even if they encounter a group of Ogres, each squad of seven will deal with only one Ogre.

《Red Oath》 can freely do any action however the girls judge.

If the dwarfs want to ask anything, save it after the battle is over.

And lastly, Never ever talk anything about 《Red Oath》’s battle abilities and skills.

The Dwarves also knew well the meaning of 《cla.s.sified information》, the unspoken rule of hunters.

And they originally didn’t intend to order how the Hunter Party should fight.

They knew that everyone has different strengths and abilities, as well as how to fight as a team.

Even for the first condition, they didn’t complain after losing to the Orcs.

If more than five Ogres appear, they don’t know how many of Ogres 《Red Oath》 can deal with, but they won’t be of any help rather than stalling time.

The Dwarves know that the girls are much stronger than themselves from the fight against the previous Orcs.

They don’t have a choice but to follow the girls’ judgment.

And, when Mile heard the response from the search magic again, Mile stopped everyone with a signal.

『…(Wild) Monsters (appear) and they are huge.

They might be Ogres because they had a different response from the previous Orcs.

Their number is 11』(Mile)


a.s.suming that four squad dwarfs are dealing with 4 Ogres, 4 young girls of 《Red Oath》 are dealing with 7 Ogres.

Four girls, who are younger than their children, grandchildren, and grandson. Seven Ogres with strengths several times of an average Ogre.

『Not good, withdraw…』(Captain)

『Let’s go, everyone!』(Either Mile or Rena)

『『『Oh!!』』』(3 of Red Oath)

The command of the captain was blocked by the voice of Red Oath.

『Ice Barrage!』(Rena)

When Mile reported about the group of Ogres, Rena has chanted the ice magic ahead.

Many ice bullets flew toward the Ogres. The Ogres raised their arms to protect their faces.

Rena couldn’t release her special powerful fire magic in the woods and had to release ice magic that she wasn’t good at

But even though it’s not 《as good as Rena’s specialized fire magic》, it’s still powerful attack magic when compared with average magicians.

However, this magic is an AOE magic, its power is considerably weaker.

This magic can cause big damage to monsters like Kobolds, but it can’t injure monsters like Ogres.

However, this magic can still stop their movement, hinder their field of view. Rena’s purpose was sufficiently achieved.

When the ice barrage was over, the Ogres were late to notice.

Maevis and Mile, the two swordsmen were diving into a group of Ogres.

And they swung down their swords.

『That’s too hard!』(Maevis)

Mile could cleanly cut the Ogre just fine, but Maevis could only manage to shallow cut it.

Mile cried out as she saw it.

『As expected, these Ogres are…

Everyone, please be careful when fighting them!』(Mile)

Although they followed《Red Oath》, the dwarves didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the battle but stood behind at the back.

Rena was chanting the next attack magic, and there was no one who could shout at the dwarves.

The dwarves were suddenly shouted at by Mile, who had been polite with them so far. They were surprised, but of course, they noticed it was their faults to stay on the sidelines while idly watching their allies fight against the powerful enemies.

When they realized, they hurriedly partic.i.p.ated in the fight.

『Stick with the plan, fight with four quads of seven!

Don’t think about extra things!』(Mile)

When the dwarves are divided, it will be difficult for them to fight. Mile thought so and reminded them of the plan again.

Rena is about to complete her next chant.

This time, because the allies already charged in, she didn’t use the AOE magic, but a single target Ice Javelin.

Pauline didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the attack role, she monitored the whole battlefield to save the dwarves in time (CC and healing magic)

There is no need for everyone to attack the same enemies at the same time.

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They stuck to their roles.

But others can not do that.

With this kind of unique Ogre as the opponent, anyone will get instant death by a single blow.

Because of that, Mile constantly checked the situation of her party members and the dwarves.

Actually, Pauline was handling this role but Mile still worried to leave it to Pauline alone.

It’s good to cover other’s back but it’s bad that she doesn’t believe in her friends…

Although the Ogre tried to head towards the Dwarves, they could do anything.

Rena continuously shot Ice Javelin at the Ogre’s head as she slowly moved backward little by little.

Pauline also shot the same Ice Javelin at the back of the Ogres that the Dwarves were fighting and checking around the entire battlefield before starting the next magic.

『Maevis, your right!』(Mile)


As for Mile, after killing the 5th Ogre, while restraining the Ogre not allow them to head towards the dwarves, she informed Maevis about the Ogre in her blind spot.

They brought down the Ogres one after another.


『… It’s okay with this』(Mile)

Stored all the Ogres’ bodies.

The girls were finally able to catch their breath.

However, this time Mile wasn’t leisurely doing it like usual, she seemed to be restless.

That would be inevitable.

Ji~~ (Stare SFX)

Jiiii~~ (Stare SFX)

Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~ (Stare SFX)

Since the battle with the Ogre was over, the hot eyes from the dwarves were concentrated at Maevis.

No, to be precise, Maevis’ waist.

…her short sword.

(((Ah, I see…))) (Red Oath – Maevis)

(T.N: Anyone got tricked and thought about the meme “I see you’re a man of culture as well”?)

Well, it can not be helped.

Thinking so, three girls gently stepped away from Maevis to avoid the uncomfortable gaze.

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