I Said Make My Abilities Average!


Chapter 259 - FRONTIER CITY 9

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『This time, we became the ones who got looked after instead.

Well, if there is another opportunity, I will repay you!』(Wolff)

『Yes, once again, nice to meet you (Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu).

Thank you for helping us!』(Maevis)

On behalf of 【Red Oath】, Maevis responded to Wolff, the leader of 【Evil Spirit Utopia】

Then they went part-way with her, returning to their party’s base.

It seems that only the veterans have a base, it’s not an inn but a proper base.

… 【Base】, whether it is a rental house for sharing between members.

Everyone has already finished the process of reporting the request and received rewards.

It seems that 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s Friendship】 decided to withdraw quickly because others hunters kept praising them or asked for drinking.

But they are tired today.

As for 【Red Oath】

『You are lucky this time, more than anything…

After this, I would like you to receive the request that is suitable for your average ability…』(Lethesy)

(T.N: Sorry, I want to use the “average” joke here again)

The receptionist, Lethesy said that to 【Red Oath】

Apparently, Lethesy meant to say thanks to 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s Friendship】 that 【Red Oath】 was safe.

And then she tells 【Red Oath】 to behave themselves.

【It was thanks to me because I asked the two hunter groups to accompany and saved you girls!】

It seemed like she thought like that.

As expected, the Captain couldn’t praise a single party only.

He seems to have praised the entire hunter parties.

Also, since soldiers also know about the【Hunter’s taboo】, he couldn’t praise the actual action of 【Red Oath】 while hiding their abilities.

So, it was natural that the guild thought that he praised the two veteran parties.

『『『『Ahahaha…』』』』(Red Oath)

And because they also wanted to hide it, 【Red Oath】 couldn’t do anything but having a bitter smile.



『Well then, we will relax here for a few days』(Rena)

Three other girls nodded with Rena.

For a local city like this, they only need to pay 3 small gold coins per day the inn and meal’s fee.

Now that they earned 7 to 8 gold coins with business, it is natural for them to take a rest for several days.

Even though they aren’t injured nor tired. Anyone, who receives requests continuously without rest, can’t live long.

Besides, what good will it do if they keep working without rest until they get injured or dead, while their purpose is enjoying life and live happily?

Even though they aimed for early promotion, if they were impatient with it, it would be bad if they got injured or failed requests.

However, Mile’s group spent little money besides the inn’s fee.

They don’t need to replace arrows or throwing knives. They don’t need medicines or bandages because they are this world’s best healer.

There are plenty of meals in Mile’s storage such as meat, vegetables, wild vegetables and the like by hunting and collection. And now, there are also considerable stocks of fish.

【The money we have stored will not be used unless there are special circ.u.mstances】 is a policy of 【Red Oath】, but it was unlikely that they could use more than their earning money.

And, the four of them went sight-seeing around the town leisurely, looked for specialty dishes, and bought souvenirs for Reni-chan.

Normally, souvenirs are something that people only buy just before the time they return home. Because they will become luggage, that’s why people tend to avoid that.

But it has nothing to do with Mile.

The girls can buy it when they find anything they want to buy.

…It was too convenient.

Storage magic with a monstrous capacity


4 days later


【Red Oath】 visited the Murein kingdom’s Regional city Mafan’s Hunter Guild Branch.

『Well, I guess there’s nothing interesting here…』(Rena)

Rena muttered so, but of course, that was natural.

For the local cities, there’s no reason to put on 【difficult, interesting and high reward requests to entertain the newbie hunters】

Even if there is, every hunter will rush to take that request at the moment the request was posted in the request board.

Yes, this world isn’t so sweet.

『…It can’t be helped.

Shall we receive a constant request or an escort request?

We can study the geography of monsters and materials around here.

When we receive the escort request, we will need to work with someone, who is familiar with the geography around here.

We can get acquainted with other parties who received the request.

We might be able to learn more and it will be useful for our promotion.

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In any case, at least we can get some reward』(Maevis)

For a small village, normally, there are only peddlers coming to trade, it’s unusual for a proper merchant group to go there to trade.

Unless there are some reasons behind.

『 The route is a steep mountain path, in addition, there’s also too many monsters and bandits appearances』(Lethesy)

『『『『Hooray!!』』』』(Red Oath)


Normally, there is no escort pleased when they hear that bandits and monsters appear there.

The receptionist Lethesy and 【Red Oath】 just keep responding to each other with 【Eh?】 and 【Eeehhh!】

The story doesn’t progress.

『Anyways, the Merchant group came to the dwarven village, Gledmar

to sell daily necessities and purchase metalworking products,

It has a higher risk than other escort requests.

It’s not very popular.

The reward is also small.

Only the “Veteran party” with “volunteer” spirit would take it. (Both is in EN)

It’s actually a fact』(Lethesy)

『If that is the case, then it’s a request we should receive!』(Rena)


Once again, the receptionist who replied with another 【Eh】

『Because we have high volunteer spirit!』(Pauline)

Pauline also joined the talk with a smile. The receptionist gave up.

『Yeah yeah, I get it I get it. You will accept regardless, right?』(Lethesy)

Meanwhile, Mile was trembling with her hands.

(Dwarf… Dwarf!

I did it, I can meet a dwarf !!) (Mile)

Yes, Mile had met the elves, beastkins, fairies, devils, Ancient Dragons, and various races, but she had never met dwarves only yet.

Perhaps, there might be some in the royal city, but they aren’t someone that she can meet so often.

Most of the time Mile is at the inn or at work.

『I did it, it’s “Full Complete”!』(Mile) (In EN)

『『『『Full Complete?』』』』(Red Oath + Lethesy – Mile)

The other three of 【Red Oath】 and the receptionist Lethesy didn’t know what Mile was talking about and raised their question.

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