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Chapter 257 - FRONTIER CITY 7

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『 Don’t you dare make me angry?

Don’t think that your crime could go unpunished.

Well, it would be a shame to sink the whole continent.

Maybe I should settle it by destroying the country only…』(Mile)

(((((Uwaaaaaaaaa!)))))) (E. Soldiers)

The soldiers were trembling.

But Eyes See… the G.o.ddess thought.

Even if the soldiers here believed it, there was no point if the higher-ups, who received the report didn’t believe it.

Then she walked up to the soldiers and pulled out the sword from the waist of a rigid soldier.


And she kneaded the sword with her fingers, swirling and swirling it.

((((Why didn’t it break!?)))))) (E.Soldiers)

Yes, the sword should be broken.

There’s no such thing as deforming like clay.

And then, she punctured the soldier’s breast armor with one finger.

With a very light feeling.

Supon. Supon. Supon. (SFX)

After that, she punctured three more holes beside the one created by her index finger. There were total four holes with four fingers at the same time.

『Gyaaaaaaaa!』(E. Soldier)

Even though his body is still fine, the soldier screamed out lord in exaggerated.

Then the G.o.ddess pointed her finger toward the rock a little further away…

Dogon (SFX)

They are truly the soldiers of the National Army.

Only a few of them fell down to the ground.

However, the rest of them are only standing.

Even though they are standing, they are in no condition to move at all.

It’s a complete, rigid state.

『…Now go.

And tell your emperor.

What will happen to those who go against my will…』(Mile)

Then Mile interfered with the downward gravity, flew to the sky and away from that place.

『『『『『『『…………』』』』』』』(E. Soldiers)

After plenty of minutes pa.s.sed, the soldiers finally regained their mind.

If they stand still in such a place, they will be killed by a surprise attack from the monsters.

… If it is normal.

But for now, they don’t need to worry.

All the monsters have run away for their lives to the left and right.

One senior soldier raised his voice.

『No, the runaway monsters will overflow from the forest!』(E Senior Soldier)

However, in order to make everyone feel secure, the commander denied it.

『That should be fine.

In preparation for such a case, we left 2 platoons there, on the outer edge of the forest.

They will definitely stop the monsters! We aren’t here for playing.

While we processed in the past few days, they should make a blockade in preparation for it.

Besides, the runaway of monsters must have weakened, exhausted their physical strength when reaching the outer edge.

They shouldn’t be able to run anymore.

They won’t be a big threat.

More than that, we are the one who must be careful, because we may collide with that flock of monsters when they turn back.

We only need to prepare for it.

…And you do not have to think about the G.o.ddess.

I will think something about it, the reason for turning back, a believable story so that they won’t suspect our sanity, and also relaying the G.o.ddess’ will.

I will manage to do something, it’s my job』(E. Commander)

The commander said that with a fragile face, but at last everyone could be a little relieved.

Yes, it’s their job to report the matter of the G.o.ddess.

They just have to talk to other female servants and tavern’s waitresses.

That is the privilege of lower soldiers.

『Okay, we will resume moving! Get in the line!』(E. Commander)

And a mixed group of two-platoons, mercenaries and hunters went back.

With heavy mind…



『Why is there no stored girl? Where has she gone?』(Allied Captain)

When the captain shouted so, the girls of 【Red Oath】 have a troubled face.

『Well, about that.

She planned to give a bit of a lesson…

so that the enemies will never dare to do something like this again…』(Maevis)


Don’t tell me, she has invaded enemy territory across the border at night?

I have told you “Absolutely do not cross the border”

What in the world are you thinking?!』(A. Captain)

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When the night is over, after breakfast, when everyone tried to withdraw the camp,

The remaining time to return is a day and a half when they still have of foods.

Of course, they don’t plan to throw away water or portable food.

It won’t waste to be careful when marching in the woods where you don’t know what will happen.

However, they couldn’t carry so many foods.

In the end, they only carried up to their capacity.

The soldier will have meat for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow morning.

… Of course, because it takes time, they have no plans to take lunch.

And around noon.

『Sorry, I was late!』(Mile)

『How can you catch up so early!?』(A. Captain)

Seeing Mile, who wasn’t tired at all after catching up with the group, the captain has a face like giving up everything and don’t bother anymore.

『Ah, at the camp, I also collected barrels and meats that were left behind.

I’m sorry, I should have kept everything in storage and leaving only breakfast.

I didn’t think it through.

I’m sorry.

Your luggage, I will put them all in my storage!』(Mile)

(I don’t care anymore.

I’m tired.

Most tired in my life…) (A. Captain)

And the Captain issued instructions to everyone.

『We have a big break!

Give your meat and luggage to the storage girl!』(A. Captain)

Bufu~u! (Blow out air from the mouth SFX)

『Wha… what’s with that 【storage girl】?』(Mile)

『Ah, my bad …』(A. Captain)

The Captain apologized to Mile because he careless called Mile which the nickname they used to call her in a moment of brain tired.

And at night.

『Come on.

We have the sauce for grilled meat, salt, and pepper.

Lemon juice with ice.

Apple that you can ask for storage and eat again if you don’t finish.

Besides, because you were banned from alcoholic beverages,

We have cold【Mocked Ale】which doesn’t get drunk.

1 cup 5 small silver coins!』(Pauline)

『『『『『……d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it all! My special allowance. Aaaaaaa!』』』』』(55 people – Red Oath)

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