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Chapter 252 - FRONTIER CITY 2

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『Are you the hunters who received our request …?』(Captain)

Two days after 【Red Oath】 received that request.

They came to the garrison of the Lord Army, which is also the gathering place.

And first of all, it was a greeting to the captain of the Lord Army.

The partic.i.p.ating forces of this time were 55 people with a platoon of 40 soldiers and 15 hunters.

Yes, besides 【Red Oath】, there are two parties partic.i.p.ating.

Actually, in the guild at that time, the receptionist had no choice but to process the request for 【Red Oath】

These two hunter parties didn’t want to receive such a request.

But they also didn’t want young female hunters from another country dead or get violated by the soldiers, idiots or not.

And that’s why they went through the trouble to partic.i.p.ate in this dangerous request.

『So, if anything happens, please rely on them.

Both of them are trustworthy parties』(Receptionist)

When the receptionist told 【Red Oath】 so, they felt like they have troubled other parties.

In the worst case, some hunters of other parties may die or get severely injured.

The girls’ mood was lowed.

『Since many people partic.i.p.ated this time, I am saved.

Although some of you may feel disgusted, however, this mission is for the farmers.

Even the lord also knew the benefits of agricultural crops and livestock for the farmers.

That’s why I ask you to bear with it and finish this mission safe and sound!』(Captain)

Surprisingly, the captain seems to be an understanding person.

Well, whether the Yakuza or the soldier, many people have common sense…

(T.N: let us count how long common sense-chan will last)

『【Red Oath】

We came from the Tyrus Kingdom.

And we are on a journey of learning.

Please take care of us from now on!』(Rena)

After reporting to the captain, 【Red Oath】 start greeting other parties as well.

From what the receptionist said, those hunters seem to be good people

So, we should properly greet them.

And for whatever reason, Rena was wearing a cat (猫) outfit and warmly greeting the hunters.

Moreover, she did it with a smile.

Apparently, Rena seems to have learned a bit of 【service】

『Smile and lip service are free after all』(Pauline)

However, it was spoiled by an unnecessary comment from Pauline…

『I’m Wolff, leader of 【Evil Spirit Utopia】party

And this is Vegas, leader of 【Flame’s Friendship】party』(Wolff)

As Wolff introduced, another man raised his right hand according to the part his name mentioned.

Rena also lightly lowered her head and responded to it.

『We are hunters and also monster’s experts.

Therefore, there’s no way we would be slower than the military.

So, if we don’t work 2-3 times harder than them, we will lose our face as the hunters.

We, 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s Friendship】 will work 3 times harder.

As for you girls, you just need to work about 2 times harder.

They are only good at fighting human warfare, and they don’t want to get hurt.

That’s why they will do it worse than some Average (on purpose) C-ranked hunters.

It will be an easy win.

Don’t worry too much!』(Wolff)

Both of the two parties are mature guys, from the early 30s to around 40s years old.

That was the age people care about young girls.

Perhaps because 【Red Oath】 is only about the age of their daughter, so, they bothered to accept this request.

They should have families of themselves to protect and to think they bothered to receive a dangerous request for the sake of some strangers.

… They are idiots.

However, 【Red Oath】 didn’t say anything about that.

They didn’t hate such idiots.

However, they thought they must not allow those nice idiots to get injured.

(【Flame’s Friendship】 …. somehow, that name is like a flag to be beaten by monsters… I should pay attention to them…) (Mile)

And as usual, Mile was thinking something that no-one in this world can understand.

(Even so, I’m somewhat worried about the naming reason for 【Evil spirit Utopia】…) (Mile)



And one day later.

It’s the decision date of 【Pushing back the monster】 mission.

To tell the truth, the soldiers know the day when the neighboring country will chase the monsters to hara.s.s.

As the neighboring country also hire hunters for reinforcement, information comes around from there.

Information flows between the Hunter Guild branches, and the Lord of this city isn’t stupid.

It seems that he hired someone, who belongs to the Hunter Guild Branch of the other place, to send information.

And 2 days after the other side starts chasing the monsters, the soldiers from this side will start the mission.

The soldiers need to work fast and deal with the monsters before they come out of the forest and attack the village…

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『Why don’t we start pushing the monster back at the border at the same time they chase monster to our side?』(Mile)

It’s also meaningless to let the hunters, who the Lord hired to reduce the damage of soldiers, to act independently.

That’s why the soldiers let the veteran hunter protect the front and back.

They arrange the squad having the command function in the center.

…It was a good formation.

When fighting, they will expand to the side and fight.

When moving, they will proceed with 2 columns tactic.

If they moved in 1 column, it will dangerous if they got ambushed.

During the move, 【Red Oath】 was sandwiched between the soldiers of the 2nd squad and the Captain squad.


They are just some average young girls. We can’t use them as our shield…』(2nd squad soldier)

The soldier, who walked in front of the 【Red Oath】 muttered so.

In front of 【Red Oath】, that is, at the end of the 2nd squad soldier.

It’s obviously a non-commissioned-officer (NCO) serving as the captain of the second squad.

If it is the army of the earth, this will be serious troubles…

Basically, during battle, the hunters will fight as the command of each party leader.

If it’s the soldier, they will receive instructions from the small Captain, Deputy Captain, Senior Officer, and the captain of the squad to which you are a.s.signed.

In the priority order, they are supposed to follow that instruction.

Of course, they won’t follow too unreasonable instructions.

【Fight and stop the enemy until you die to earn us time】

Invalid because it’s outside the contract

【Hit the enemies on the right side】, 【go to reconnaissance】

… That’s why the captain often used such formation, they could still legally 【guide the hunter in a direction of high risk】

And it’s not like they don’t need to pay the fee when the hunter is dead.

The fee has already been deposited in the guild, and it will be paid to the surviving party member or bereaved.

Even if the hunter party is totally annihilated, the guild will pay the fee for the dead hunters’ family.

Therefore, even though they had bad relationships, the soldiers would rather have the hunters to stay alive and become their shield than trying something funny.

Even so, two parties 【Evil spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s Friendship】 worried about another danger and received this request.

Although, it doesn’t seem to be the case for 【Red Oath】 and those soldiers…


On the contrary, we have to protect these girls instead.

They became nothing but luggage…』(2nd squad NCO)

Apparently, the soldiers seem to worry and try to protect the girls instead.

『『『『A hahaha…』』』』(Red Oath)

【Red Oath】 can’t do anything but having a bitter smile…

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