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Chapter 251 - FRONTIER CITY 1

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This is a small city of the frontier, which is very close to the eastern part of the Marein Kingdom.

It’s also the border with the neighboring country.

Although it is small, there are branches of the Hunter Guild and commercial guilds.

It’s still a nice city.

It’s a 【city for the countryside people】

It’s about 2 ranks or 3 ranks lower than the big city.

Yes, it’s in the countryside.

It’s a place that 【 Elders would want to spend their time with a grandchild after retiring】

Actually, the common civilians of the frontier, who are not merchants, won’t abandon their hometown.

Some of them didn’t even go to the Capital once in their lifetime.

This is a realistic 【city】 for them.

That was a small city in this remote area, Mafan

It’s not too rural or too poor.

There’s a river with fresh water running through the city.

It’s not so bad for a peaceful life.

Although it’s really close to the border with the neighboring country and the relationship with the neighboring country isn’t that good.

But it wasn’t so bad that they would have war any time soon.

It wasn’t a big problem.

And this city got profit as a relay point of the trade route with the neighboring country.

『Somehow, it looks like a nice city to relax』(Mile)

『We are on the journey of training, how can we afford to relax here?』(Rena)

Rena retorted to Mile’s carefree remark.

【Red Oath】 took a room in an inn.

They have decided after carefully observing other inns in the city.

…Well, if they don’t like it, they can change the inn anytime.

Prices, room facilities, and cleanliness, cooking etc. are no problem.

… However, there was no nekomimi.

There was no nekomimi here… (T.N: Mile repeats it twice)

The inn’s staff is the owner couple, one chef around 30 years old, and a waitress about 17 to 18 years old.

Their children seem to have gone to live and marry in the Capital City.

They have no choice but to hire a cook and a waitress.

And when Mile asked if the owner couple can cook.

They looked away.

For normal humans, there should be one or two things that they don’t want to tell other people.

So, Mile couldn’t hear anything more than that.

The waitress Mitera is quite ruffian, she doesn’t care about children like Mile.

She has red hair and freckles, her face is somewhat good-looking, but her mouth is bad news.

No, it’s still fine to be enthusiastic

…Yes, that girl seems like an ideal 【waitress at a Liquor Bar】

Because she is about the same age as Maevis, 18 years old

She wants to get involved with Maevis.

No, apparently she doesn’t seem to be bad.

She just tried to force going shopping together on a day off, meet up when she is in trouble, persistent following…

『…Why did she only aim for me…?』(Maevis)

『Well, it’s because she wants to go around with you instead of a lover』(Rena)

Rena gave a ruthless answer to Maevis.

『What …』(Maevis)

Maevis is shocked to hear it.

『There’s also a girl with red hair and bad mouth here as well!』(Maevis)

『Wh….what!? Who was that!?

Who was that again!?』(Rena)

As expected of Maevis, she hated badmouthing others, and she was kind of blind to the obvious fact.

And Rena, who is kind of hot-headed. She can talk quite intense about people.


Come down Rena-san, Maevis-san!』(Mile)

Mile is panicking.

Pauline gave up and just shrugged…



『Well. It’s time for the first request in this city. Is this okay?』(Rena)

Kokukoku (Nodded)

And 【Red Oath】 tried to receive their first request in this country, in this Hunter Guild.

『Well, to the reception desk…』(Rena)

『Please wait!』(Mile)

When Rena tried to pick a request, Maevis and Pauline also agreed to it but Mile stopped them.

『Please look at that!』(Mile)

『『『Eh……』』』(Red Oath – Mile)

Rena’s group looked at the direction, pointed by Mile.

There is a paper pinched separately next to the request board.

【Constant request: Subjugation the outbreak of monsters in the forest

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Reward: one gold coin per person】 (Notice)

『However, Army soldiers and hunters have bad relationships.

Disputes frequent occur.

And there are some hunters hate to follow the soldier’s order …』(Rena)

The receptionist nodded with Rena.

『Yes. The Army soldiers hate doing such requests.

They are prideful and hate getting hurt.

They used the hunters, who joined in as requested, for the dangerous roles.

And the soldiers also don’t want to support the hunters.

No matter how many such lives they have,

Normal hunters would not bother to receive such a request,

Unless they have big trouble with money,

Some maniacs who try beyond their limit,

Or some idiots…』(Receptionist)

The receptionist’s face changed with her anger.

『This is completely hara.s.sment by neighboring countries.

They purposely drive monsters to our country!』(Receptionist)

『『『『Ahh…』』』』(Red Oath)

Rather than the “situation” (In EN), it’s more like the result.

And of course, the reply of 【Red Oath】 is…

『We would like to take that request』(Rena)


The receptionist was dumbfounded.

『No, no. Didn’t you listen to what I just said?

Or are you in trouble with money that much to receive such a request?』(Receptionist)

『That’s wrong!』(Rena)

Rena denied the receptionist, who shouted unintentionally.

『It’s the third one』(Rena)


Rena grinned and continued…

『Yes, the third one.

Because 【we are some idiots】

Is it a good enough reason to try this request?』(Rena)


The receptionist, other guild staff members, the hunters in the guild heard it and got quiet.

The inside of the guild was wrapped in silence…

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