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Chapter 244 - The Road of Return

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Chapter 244 The Road of Return

“For now, let’s complete a quest after going to the guild. Mile, bring out a general quest medicinal herb or ingredient from your storage. We will pay with that.”

Reina said to everyone the moment they crossed the border and went from Mile’s motherland, Blundell, to Maevis and the others’ motherland, Tyre.


“What are you being surprised for? In exchange for letting us into the training school for free, there’s a minimum amount of years we need to be active in this country. And so, for now we will complete an easy quest to get the track record of ‘we have returned to this country’ and start the ‘being inside the country’ counter, as fast as possible.”


As expected of Reina. Of course, the others also knew about the minimum amount of years they need to be active inside the country but they hadn’t thought that far.

“Besides, if we take a subjugation quest and submit the part of the monsters we hunted outside the country, that would be fraud, right? And so we need to do a quest for medicinal plant, ingredients or edible meat.”

“I-is it that Ms. Reina is actually smart?”

“Are you making fun of me!?!”

Reina snapped.

“Mile, you need to phrase it properly!”

Pauline instructed.

It is true, Mile was in the wrong this time. And so she panickedly apologized.

And then, at the closest city with a hunters guild, they submitted 5 horned rabbits from Mile’s storage and successfully started the ‘in the country’ counter.

….Incidentally, because they had taken an escort quest when leaving the country and that request continued even after they entered Tyre, it meant that they were also doing ‘work inside the country’. They were even planning to inflate the number of days worked by confusing the quest completion date.

It’s being cheap but you know what they say, many a little makes a mickle. It is only natural for them, as hunters, to want to get rid of the unnecessary bindings and be free.

Well, it isn’t something to worry about much since this country is Maevis and Pauline’s motherland and they both have their loving family here so at the very least, as long as these two are here, they will want to work in this country.

And now that they did some activities inside the country, they could head for the capital freely.

They also did some hunting and collecting but didn’t stop by any guild nearby as they would get a higher price at the capital. And as they were planning to keep moving forward quick, they didn’t accept any subjugation quests. After all, subjugation quests are meaningless unless they are ones which specify that the ‘subjugation will be effective even when done anywhere in the country’.

They could easily fool the quest as anything stored in Mile’s item box, or as they call it– the storage — is maintained at top quality, but that doesn’t sit well with the 4 of them, including Pauline.

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Speaking of Pauline, she was in a bad mood these few days. Or rather, her behaviour seemed weird.

It’s because she had to distribute most of the money she earned when she fought against the empire’s soldiers to the count’s territory and Ascham’s territory.

“3000… 3000 gold coins……”

She had also been unconsciously saying stuff like that.

“Geez! Pauline, you also agreed to it, didn’t you? That it would look bad for us if we took that money all for ourselves. A 1000 gold coins is more than enough, isn’t it?!”

1000 gold coins. It’s like a billion yen to a j.a.panese person. It was way more than enough. And officially it was like this–’we distributed all the money we earned’.

After all, no one would find out.

Even then, it seemed to be an overwhelming sorrow to Pauline.

“You should give up already, Pauline. We can’t go retrieving the money we already distributed, after all. Thanks to Mile’s special storage magic which can stop anything from degrading once inside, we are earning a lot more compared to other hunters already so we will make that much money again in no time. Let’s earn by a legitimate way.”

“B-but…… with that money, I could have gotten a step closer to my aspiration……”

Hearing that, Reina frowned.

“….’my aspiration’? Not ‘ours’?”


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The two of them unconsciously let out such a voice. Maevis, with a vacant expression and Pauline with a ‘oh shoot’ kind of expression.

“So like from the very staaaaartttttt!?!”

Mile, who had believed that she successfully deceived them for this long was now dolefully hanging her head down.

“Wh-what exactly was all my effort so far for……”

(….but, with this, there’s really nothing left for me to hide. Nothing except the reincarnation and about the magic’s true nature……)

Mile felt like something was not going good.

However, inversely, she was also feeling somewhat happy.

(Well, I guess it’s fine……)

She decided not to worry about the small stuff.

And, it was also Mile who didn’t worry about the quite big stuff, as well.

(So we will be working at the capital of Tyre kingdom for a while, eh? And after that… I wonder if we will go to the opposite side, to the east. Speaking of the east, about the kidnapping of Faril…)


That’s right, the country towards the east. That was, according to them, the origin of the suspicious religion and that mysterious legend.

It’s not like she would hurry there but she was interested in what might happen with the nanomachines.

…Or rather, considering how the nanomachines which don’t really show much concern about individual human lives, panicked, it might mean that the problem is universal. And in fact, there were sentences like ‘this world will fall to ruin and rebuild and this will continue’ and ‘the cause of civilization’s destruction’. That is the reason Mile decided to go out on the journey and it might have something to do with the mystery of those old dragons.

Mile pondered. And then…

“‘While Mile was still Adele, at the east of Tyre kingdom, the suspicious religion was spreading……’… a religion looking for money, is it?! Or is it the swastika party searching for diamond bells?!”

And in response to Mile’s solitary retorts, the other 3 just stared at her indifferently.

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