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『『Excuse me……』』(Monika + Oriana)

While saying so, Monica and Oriana bring the chair from their room and enter Marcella’s room. Marcella also arranges her chair in front of the desk, and everyone sits down together.

『How is the fight against the Albarn Empire…?』(Monika)

『Because our Army has an overwhelmingly force, I think there will be no problem』(Marcella)

Monika worried asking about the situation and Marcella calmly replied so.

Actually, it’s not a lie. Marcella, who was originally a n.o.ble’s daughter and has become the princess’ friend, now has many connections with the royal palace, so she can obtain quite accurate information.

Of course, not everything can be told.

But this time, it was a serious incident concerning the Ascham territory, so the princess was able to tell Marcella without problems. Besides, in the first place, it wasn’t secret information, so there wasn’t any problem.

It’s not a large-scale military force dispatching with a secret mission. It is a sortie to defend the aristocratic territory of the frontier from the invasion of the enemy. So notifying that fact will prove the Kingdom will neither abandon the territory nor its citizen. It was ordained for the commander of the Kingdom Army. It was a great opportunity to raise the name of the first Prince.

『And, before that…』(Marcella)

Marcella stopped talking and looked around the room. Suddenly, she protruded her right arm to her bed.

『There you are!』(Marcella)


『『Hi~iii!!』』(Monika + Oriana)

On the bed, a shadow appeared while screaming. Monika and Oriana also screamed as well.

『I knew you were there…』(Marcella)

『Ho…how …?』(Mile)

Mile Vol 5 Page 09

Marcella grabbed Mile’s clothes around her neck and shaking her.

『Didn’t I tell you before?』(Marcella)

And Marcella told Mile casually. The same word as before.

『Adel, do you really think that I can’t find you?』(Marcella)

『A… haha, hahaha …』(Mile)

Mile had a dry laugh, no, Adel. And Marcella gently murmured in her heart.

(Because the bed cushion was dented unnaturally in the shape of the b.u.t.t last time and this time…) (Marcella)

(T.N: So Mile’s b.u.t.t made her bust?)

Then Adel and Marcella report each other’s things from each other. Even so, there are not many topics for Marcella who just stays at the school.

The talks are mostly from Adel.

『And then, to Junou, the commander of our land military, that word…』(Adel)

『『『There’re Devils (Ak.u.ma) in the house!!』』』(Wonder Three)

Adel omits G.o.ddess Phenomenon part.

『Sell one cup of water with five silver coins…』(Adel)

『『『There’re Demons (Oni) in the house!!』』』(Wonder Three)

『We earned totally 4000 gold coins, half of it was given to our soldiers to repair the damage, another half of the remaining 2,000 gold coins spread to the villages in the Ascham territory that we asked to move, and Pauline is half-frustrated…』(Adel)

『『『Ahahahahaha…!』』』(Wonder Three)

Even she is also a daughter of a merchant, Monika seemed to not attach much to money. If this is Pauline, even if it’s not her own money, she will get excited just by listening to the story of sprinkling roses.

『… … and what about the remaining 1,000 gold coins?』(Monika)


Adel deviates her line of sight to Monika’s question.

『『『…………』』』(Wonder Three)

『Anyway, that’s why, There were no deserted Imperial Soldiers became bandits. Our land security wouldn’t get worse. the Imperial Army withdrew with no major plunder. Even if they plan to invade next time, I think that they at least will avoid the Ascham territory』(Adel)

Adel explained that the transformation scene was 《just disguise》and the storage of goods by the item box 《carried out secretly》, but of course, Marcella has already guessed the truth.

However, she will not mention it in front of Mile, that’s what friend for.

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『That’s probably the case. Everyone from both sides managed to survive at the last minute because of the disappearance of the mystery of supplies, the appearance of the G.o.ddess, and the compa.s.sion of the saintess. If there was no G.o.ddess, Ascham might also lose to the Imperial Army. And then there would be a large-scale battle between our Kingdom Army and the Imperial Army. Anyway, if both sides don’t suffer serious damage and the Ascham territory is stable, there is no problem』(Marcella)

(Papi, yo~n!) (Mile)

… By all means, it seemed that Mile couldn’t be serious. Is it because Mile has such a personality? Or…


When Mile opens the door of the room, the lamp is still light, Rena’s trio are still talking.

『Oh, you all are still awake?』(Mile)

『We waited until you get back. If we went to sleep first, weren’t you lonely then?』(Rena)

『… ….』(Mile)

Here in this group, I have my whereabouts. A girl named 『Mile』’s whereabouts…

『Oh, come on, do not hug me, it’s hot!』(Rena)

Rena tried to push off Mile while her face became a little red. However, she used no power at all.

Mile Vol 5 Page 08

『Rena is getting it this time…』(Pauline)

Pauline is muttering so while smiling.

And Maevis is wondering while extending both hands. Why did Mile always embrace Rena, who always seems to be annoyed with that, but not her.

Actually, when Mile clinged to Maevis, her face would be caught between Maevis’ chest and her hands, so instinctively Mile avoided her.

As a result, it was unlikely that Miles would hug Maevis unless there was some extra like Pauline.


And it was long before Maevis knew it…

『I will sleep … …』(Rena)


Marcella: Just so you know, the first one Adel ever hugs is ME.

Rena: But right now, she wants to hug ME.

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