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『However, those girls were brave…』(NCO)

The officer murmured while marching.

Yesterday, the【Traveling Canteen Saintess Shop】 girls brought water and food to our soldiers just when we were in need. Certainly, the price was expensive, but considering it’s what those girls brought with their lives, I can’t complain. They were also saying about supply and demand, too. Even if it’s the same item, but the price will be different from when buying in our Imperial city, towns, in the village of the remote area… no one can complain.

And as the Kingdom’s Army might still chase us, they had brought us hope and life for our soldiers with those water and foods. It’s exactly as the Saintess in the shop name 【Traveling Canteen Saintess Shop】 Were those girls following our army from our country? Or were they the daughters of those who have married to the Empire? In any case, I am thankful for their help.

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While the NCO marching, he thought about such things, suddenly, the front unit stopped and the road was blocked with soldiers.

『The Front unit, what are you doing? The back became cramped…』(NCO)

As the NCO ran to the front shouting, something unbelievable reflected in his sight.

The tent, the long table, the girls he has seen yesterday, and the signs is almost the same as what he has seen yesterday…

【Traveling Canteen Saintess 2nd Shop】 Mile Vol 8-3

『Are you serious……?』(NCO)

Ale and wine have disappeared from the sale. Apparently, it seems that those things didn’t sell well yesterday.

『Hey, can I ask you a couple of things?』(NCO)

I ran over in front of the tent and asked the girls I met yesterday.

『Oh, you are the one who helped us yesterday. Yes, what is it?』(Rena)

The redhead girl replied so, for now, I asked what I was concerned about.

『Yesterday, you sold water and food to our army, right? If possible, I would like you to sell more for the soldiers who weren’t able to buy yesterday…』(NCO)

『Oh my (Ara) you would like to buy everything?』(Rena)

The red girl replied with an out of focus answer.

Maybe she didn’t get the question, I will explain then.

『No, I don’t mean that. After confirming, I’ve heard that the soldiers only got around ten percent before the stock ran out』(NCO)

Because yesterday, after our soldiers finished, we didn’t stay in the vicinity of the tent but moved away to be efficiently handled.

I wasn’t able to confirm things around because the soldiers went back to their groups.

『So, you wanted us to keep selling until all soldiers of the Imperial Army could buy food and drink?』(Rena)


The amount that can be carried by 3 young girls cannot be enough. If only 3 girls can cover the supplies of our Army. Every military army in this world will have their supplies organized by 3 young girls like this.

No doubt.


There are many things I want to say and want to hear.

But right now, I decided to ask another question I would like to ask earlier.

『… and what is it?』(NCO)

The place I pointed to… Apart from three girls who sell water and food on the long table, there was another figure that seemed to be a girl.

I used the word 《seemed to be》 because that figure somehow looks like a child with a donkey doll carrying objects.

And on the head was a dog, a cat, a chicken, She was singing outrageous songs while playing instruments that I have never seen before…

Sū sū sūku ikūtoe~i! (Mile) (T.N: Bremen’s music)

『Ah… something like《If you sell water, you have to sing this song!》 Otherwise, I won’t give you any…』(Rena)

A redheaded girl explained such, with a face that she didn’t know anything.

『Well, then, what about the clothes?』(NCO)

The other girl seems to have a proper dress. So there can’t be such thing as she has no money.

And the redhaired girl replied with a troubled face.

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『If we sell water outdoor, we don’t have to be that way. No, that child insists, well, it doesn’t matter to us. Anyway, those clothes that are going to be sc.r.a.pped, 《clothes to throw away》…』(Rena)

It was a value equivalent to almost 50 million yen as a sense of j.a.panese yen (500.000 bucks)

『This is helping people, this is service activity!』(Pauline)

『『『…………』』』(Rena’s Trio)

Rena’s trio didn’t believe Pauline’s words at all.

And yesterday, Miles who played a donkey, as usual, had been thinking about something else.

(This is a different world, and this tent is my temporary house which is a donkey. A donkey with a temporary house. … 【Roba Aru Kariie】 ? ) (Mile) (The nameless city)

Even though she was thinking about something like that, there was no one who could understand.

『Mile, why did you put both hands on the ground for?』(Rena)


For Mile, that fact is, “that fact is” x 7times. It’s a very sad thing…


Imperial troops on the way here knew full well, that the lower part of Ascham Land faces the border with the Empire, The villages around the highway are unmanned, there is no food nor water, wells.

If there is no water or food at all, all await is just death, the soldiers will survive will one after turn into bandits and worsen the security of the Kingdom.

However, right now, they have a little free water that is created by magic. And once a day, water and food obtained from silver coins and small gold coins.

With this, somehow the Imperial Soldiers can return home alive Now, they don’t have to choose the way to become a bandit or can’t see their family again. The Imperial Army was able to keep the military prowess at the last minute.

The 【Traveling Canteen Saintess Shop】 continued to sell water and food every day until the Imperial army crossed the border and entered the imperial territory.

『It’s helping human help service activity, it’s awesome!』(Pauline)

『…after all, it’s Pauline…』(Rena)

『It was really Pauline … ….』(Maevis)

『It was Pauline alright…』(Mile)

Mile Vol 8-10

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