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Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: Ascham Viscountess 6

『d.a.m.n it, where are the Ascham people!?』(Enemy Commander)

The commander of the Imperial Army shouted out loud, not trying to hide his anger.

Yes, he ordered his army unreasonable marching, aimed at local villagers to steal, but that all ended up with nothing.

Neither food nor water, not even the villagers can be found.

And no well is found. Perhaps, the wells are buried.

The local even removed the traces to prevent the Imperial Army from using it.

Well, if the local bury their wells, it won’t be a big deal to dig up again later.

With the soldiers’ help, they can recover in a few days.

But now the Imperial Army can’t afford to find that place and dig up for days.

If they have such time, it’s far better to go ahead and capture the main town quickly.

In the first place, if the buried wells are elaborate hiding among other fake bury sites, how long it will take for the Imperial Army to find it.

So, they have no choice but to keep going forward.

『Where is the Ascham army…

Don’t tell me, they really go around behind to attack the supply troops?』(Enemy Commander)

『No, doing that won’t prevent us from invading the main town and they won’t be able to dispose of the water and food in front of us at the same time.

Besides, if they lose their main town, Ascham will be fallen, no matter how many hundreds of soldiers are still hidden out there.

As for our army are marching to the main town, they can’t do anything with only about a few hundreds of soldiers even if they recruit the farmers.

As best, they could only do something like this to slow down our marching』(Enemy Staff)

And the commander agreed with his staff member.

『Then …』(Enemy Commander)

『Should we ignore the disturbance of hidden enemies and head for the main town quickly…?』(Enemy Staff)

『Well, in the first place, it was a mistake to adopt the idea of crus.h.i.+ng the opponent’s command system and undamaged occupation.

Our army is overwhelmingly stronger, we can dominantly crush them down by force, occupying the main town and having a good drink …』(Enemy Commander)

Although the staff members advised the strategy of operation to him, the commander was the one decided everything.

It was him who thought that strategy was reasonable and used it himself.

And this time as well, even he was a little grumpy, he agreed with his staff.

『Okay, moving out!』(Enemy Commander)

Imperial troops also finished their big break for lunch and resume their advance.

However, only the officers were provided with exclusion foods that had been placed near the headquarter rather the 5 supply camps.

Other soldiers only have wild edible gra.s.s harvested nearby.

They also tried to hunt animals and monsters for food, but somehow there was no prey.

Well, maybe because the soldiers marched in a large number, the animals and monster got scared and hid away.

The soldiers thought so and didn’t have any doubts.

『Gya~!』(Enemy soldier’s scream)

『Guaa~a~!』(Enemy soldier’s scream)

Again, some soldier screamed.

『d.a.m.n it, again…!?』(Enemy Officer)

The officer leading a unit raised his angry voice.

Yes, his soldiers were caught on a trap.

The trap was so obvious that the soldiers thought it was just a child’s small pitfall prank, but there was a poisoned pointed wood placed at the bottom of the hole.

Some traps that looked just like an obstructing pebble, but when the soldiers kick it out of the way, it was actually fixed to the ground and got fractures on their toes.

There were also some fallen trees that blocked the way, and when soldiers tried to move the fallen tree by lift it.

The lower side of the fallen tree has the spikes that stabbed their hand. And of course, those spikes have poison.

There are also threads that were placed in a low position, and when you touched it, arrows or wood tie to a rope would fly toward you

Most of it is just some childish gimmick but there are also dangerous traps mixed in.

And then there are still dangerous traps mixed in, whether the soldiers want it or not, they have to pay close attention to all traps and move on carefully.

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Normally, they would have arrived at the main town in a few hours.

No, if Mile gets serious, she can kill all 5000 enemy soldiers without even breaking a sweat.

However, once she does that, Mile will never be able to obtain her 《average happiness》again.

Mile has calculated.

300 vs 5000.

4 vs 5000.

Both of them are battles that have no chance of winning.

Then, if it’s 300+4 vs 5000?

No matter how strong the girls are, it’s difficult for 4 girls to capture 5000 soldiers.

However, if 300 soldiers vs 5000 soldiers have been weakening by four girls (Spike pebble, spice…)?

Bet on that possibility, Mile and Pauline have used various measures to weaken the enemy.

This place will become the final battle now.

In order to weaken the enemies more effective, the girls planned to attack from the back of the Imperial army while they confronting the Ascham army.

『…here they came… Imperial Army!』(Mile)

『They came…』(Rena)

Lying in the shade, Mile and Rena confirmed enemy shadows.

Then, Maevis asked the two.

『I can see the figure of the Imperial Army… But where are the Ascham troops?』(Maevis)

『『『…』』』(Mile’s Trio)

And then, Maevis aware of what she just asked everyone and also became silent.

『『『『…………』』』』(Red Blood is Justice)

Yes, between the main town and the imperial army, there was no Ascham army.

…The girls could not see the figure of the Ascham Army.


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