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Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: Ascham Viscountess 4

『What does this mean!』(Enemy Commander)

The commander was shouting at the battalion officers at the scene.

『I will ask the details about the security posture that allowed such a thing happened later.

If you couldn’t spot the enemies and allow them to burn or destroy the supplies. It was still understandable.

But what exactly is this?』(Enemy Commander)

Yes, it is impossible to bring out all the huge supplies, without being noticed by anyone.

How many workers are needed to bring all the goods out without using the wagon?

Did the enemies carry all the supply in a small amount of time without being noticed by the surrounding people?

Such a thing can not be done… normally.

『… Don’t tell me, you guys…』(Enemy Commander)

The officers of each battalion who realized what the commander thought and changed their complexion.

『No, absolutely not!

We were not foolish enough to do such thing, stole the supplies in the frontline!

If we did such a thing, we couldn’t even live to return to our country for a chance to sell those supplies!』(Enemy Officer)

Let alone the chance to return, the soldiers and officers can’t fight properly due to the lack of supplies, the enemies in the territory might be able to kill them

And the commander, of course, had no choice but to be convinced with that explanation.

『Then, what exactly is that …?』(Enemy Commander)


『You got plenty of military supplies…』(Pauline)

Pauline has a satisfied smiling face.

『But how much are there for your storage …?』(Rena)

Rena has a disturbing expression.

『Well, it’s Mile, so …』(Maevis)

It’s a waste of time to think about it.


Mile smiles to distract.

『But, it’s bad, isn’t it…』(Rena)

Yes, as Rena said, it was a foul play.

Mile with invisible fields, sound blocking, odor blocking, obstructive blocking overflow, casually walking in the camp, storing items in the item box, and walking back as if nothing.

It was a very easy job.

Transport units, whether they carry heavy equipment supplies, foods or ammunition, they must use a wagon or a cart.

Or because the supplies are always on board, even at the time of resting, it’s impossible for the Empire to hide the goods on the way.

So, in order to spread damage suddenly, the girls aimed for the day during the movement.

If the front and back of the highway were blocked by fire magic or soil magic and the wagon was attacked from the side,

Supply transport personnel will surely jump off from a wagon which can’t move, in order to hide from the attack.

After the personnel went away, the girls could use fire magic to burn the wagon easily.

… Yes, the raids on the imperial transport troops and the mysterious disappearance of supplies on the supply camps are all the works of 《Red Oath》, no, 《Red Blood is Justice》

Because Mile knew about the importance of supplies from the reading in the previous life, the movie of the war thing, the overseas drama etc, which proposed to stop the supply of the enemy, that it attacks the supply corps and the supply camp

But, Pauline has added a further twist.


『…What does this mean!』(Enemy Captain)

『That’s our line!』(Enemy Captain)

Despite being in front of the commander, the atmosphere of the emergency meeting is very bad. The attendants glare each other.

『Would you hurry up and return our goods?

Even though we are the same regiment,

if your goods, after being allocated, were stolen by the enemies,

it’s self-responsibility. We will not share our supplies with you!』(4th Captain)

『It’s our line!

While the 1st battalion wasn’t lost anything.

The 2nd battalion, the 3rd battalion were lost all their supplies.

But the 4th battalion and the 5th battalion only lost half of their supplies. It’s obviously unnatural.

It must be because the enemies have reached their carry limit when they carried the supplies from the 2nd battalion to the 4th battalion.

And after the enemy troops withdrew, the 4th battalion discovered that their goods were stolen, and then the 4th battalion soldiers brought half of the supplies of the 5th battalion back to their supply camp!』(5th Captain)

『 That word should be returned to you as it is!』(4th Captain)

『 Then, why would the enemies have stolen goods from the 2nd and 3rd battalion,

bother to steal half from the 4th and half from the 5th battalion?

If anything, it would be easier for them to steal all the good of the 4th battalion.

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And because the enemies didn’t touch the supplies from the 1st battalion, it was natural to think they avoided the camps from both ends which were easier to be spotted than those in the middle!』(5th Captain)

『Well, what’s the ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the next supplying corp?』(Enemy Commander)

『For the next supply, we have planned to increase the escort number and carry a large number of supplies at once enough to cover the last two which were robbed.

So, they would arrive a little late, the ETA will be in 4 days』(Enemy Staff)

『Okay, in the morning after 5 days, we will start the invasion …

d.a.m.n it, because I planned for surprise attacks and now we must waste many days waiting…』(Enemy Commander)

And that evening.

One of the staff members with a blue face ran into the tent for the commander.

『Com…Commander! the sup… supplies at the supply camp…』(Enemy Staff)

『What’s wrong! Calm down and report properly!』(Enemy Commander)

『All of our supplies are gone!』(Enemy Staff)

『What did you say!?』(Enemy Commander)

And in a hurry, when the commander rushed to the storehouse, there were still supplies of goods that he saw during the daytime.

A wooden box filled with food and other things, a water barrel as well.

The staff explained to the commander in a hurry.

『No… there are only boxes left… empty wooden boxes, empty barrels.

When we were checking during the day, there was definitely content, there was no mistake!』(Enemy Staff)

『…………』(Enemy Commander)

He doesn’t know the reason.

But this is clear.

『 We can’t afford to wait for supply troops,

It’s too dangerous to wait for four days without food and if this is all the enemy’s work,

they will attack at when we are weakening

And if they could do this so far, no matter how many escorts are attached, the next supply troop will still be attacked,… if that happens …』(Enemy Commander)

The staff swallows his salvia with a gulp.

『In the morning, we will start invading the Ascham at once.

Our route will head towards the river first, after refueling water, aim for the main town, inform everyone now!』(Enemy Commander)

The staff member ran in haste.

And little did they know when they arrived in the river and tried to replenish water to many barrels.

All of the barrels were sabotaged, the parts of the wood are being cut little by little, so no matter how hard they try to fix later, they can’t prevent the water leaks…

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