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Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: Role

『Which city will we go next?』(Mile)

Mile doesn’t know the geography around here so she leaves it to the other three in regard of the route for traveling.

And although Maevis and Pauline also had some knowledge, they decided to respect Rena’s judgment, because she had actually traveled around the neighboring countries with her father.

『It takes time to go around small towns and villages and it’s inefficient to spread our name there.

We only visit those places unless there is some interesting request.

As the big request basically only placed in a big town, city, our aim is either the capital or big cities』(Rena)

It is a reasonable judgment.

Mile’s trio nodded to Rene’s explanation.

『For the time being, let’s aim for the capital of the neighboring country.

We will visit a small town in the middle, stay for 1 night and check the information, request in the guild branch.

We will move if there is no interesting request.

If it’s a big town, we will stay for about a few days for information gathering.

Depending on the situation, we will not visit a village and go camping, it’s a waste of money to stay in the village’s inn』(Rena)

Everyone nodded, the policy was decided.

Normally, camping is a very bad environment compared to lodging.

Even the latest tents for 4 people of the modern Earth are quite bulky and heavy.

And when it becomes the thing of this world, normal people can’t carry that very heavy tent without a wagon.

At best, hunters often carry a somewhat good waterproof big cloth and one thin blanket.

Even with just that, it’s already considered as heavy, people can’t hardly carry other baggage.

Sleeping with such thin blanket on the ground will deprive your body temperature and the hunters also afraid the threat of monsters.

They can’t have a nice rest to fully restore their physical fitness, etc.

So the hunters often stay n a high-ground to avoid monsters as much as possible, but if they have the opportunity to stay, they will stay at the inn.

It is a foolish thing to do, saving a little expense and lose a life on the next day’s work.

Even a small village often has an inn.

If that village doesn’t have an inn, the hunters can still ask the villager head to borrow a private house, or even a barn to sleep.

And, meals.

The reason for staying at the inn is not only for good sleeping but also for a decent meal as well.

Meals is one of a few pleasure in the hunter life.

When camping, the hunters have to eat a poor diet, but if they can, they still want to eat good stuff.

There will be no hunter who doesn’t think so.

For such a number of reasons, except for those who concerned about money,

There is no hunter who wants to camp… except for the 《Red Oath》

a.s.sembled, big tent.

A sufficient number of thick blankets.

Clean magic and occasionally a bath with a bathtub.

Cuisine made with fresh material by Pauline was more delicious than the food in the inn.

Insect repellent barrier.

Movement plan that you can freely combine without concern for village and town location.

They can keep moving until it gets dark.

Don’t need to spend unnecessary money just to go to bed.

For other hunters, while moving, 《staying at an inn, not camping》is to speak as 《common sense》to raise the probability of survival,

while for 《Red Oath》they stopped by for the shopping, entertainment, etc.

So, there was no meaning to stop by a small village without much information and stay there.

If they want to stop by a place, at a minimum, it must be town with a guild branch.

『…Can I ask you all something?』(Mile)

Mile started the talk with a question.


『Why did you all wear those clothes?』(Mile)

Yes, as Mile asked, everyone was wearing the clothes they bought with the guild’s budget at the time of the bandit’s case.

Pauline wore maid clothes, Rena and Mavis wore normal clothes,

Although they didn’t use it last time, they bought it.

Those clothes are slight fluffier than the hunter’s clothes.

It was pretty well suited for the girls.

Especially, Maevis who usually only wears male-like clothes now is in a girl-like clothes, bought with forcibly recommended by Rena and Pauline.

『『『……』』』(Rena’s Trio)

And the three girls remain silent with Mile’s question, they don’t know how to reply.

『…did you all like those clothes…?』(Mile)

『『『…………』』』(Rena’s Trio)

『…Well then, how about keeping it in the next town!』(Mile)

『『『Eh?』』』(Rena’s Trio)

『Anyway, because the next is just a small town, which doesn’t have many requests.

We will check the request board at guild for once, but with the sisters of the rich house somewhere and maid of the guard.

Why don’t we spend a day just like?

The so-called Role-playing-game』(Mile)

『… Oh, it looks interesting…』(Rena)

Girls are often longing to be a《Lady (Ojou-sama)》

Rena is also a girl, although she is already 16 years old, can be called an adult.

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But she wasn’t once experienced such a thing.

Everyone seemed to have no objection to Mile’s proposal.

However, there was a problem for Maevis.

『Um, but I don’t have a sword …』(Maevis)

Unlike Rena and Pauline, with or without a cane won’t affect their magical casting, a swordsman like Maevis without sword has no mean to attack or defend.

And when she thinks about anything, it’s natural to feel uneasy.

『Well then, then, how about Maevis-san using a dagger?

Because the escort alone can’t protect both the ladies and the maid by herself,

Although she doesn’t have the experience of using a sword, she can still use the dagger for self-defense』(Mile)

『Oh, that’s nice. If I have this dagger, there is nothing to worry about any danger in life!』(Maevis)

Mile felt that the dagger was trembling (nano-chan) as Maevis said that but Maevis didn’t seem to notice it.


And the girls arrived at a small town where there was the guild branch at last.

『Okay, here we come!』(Mile)

That said, Mile pushed the door of the guild branch and the 《Red Oath》 went into the guild.

Chi~rin (Door’s bell SFX)

The sound of the familiar doorbell and the eyes of hunters who are concentrated on the girls all together.

And it was also divided into the eyes which were returned immediately and the eyes which kept staring interestingly…

However, not all the eyes staring at the 《Red Oath》 were from amazed, there was some from confusion as well.

Then one guild staff stood up and rushed up the stair in a hurry.

((((?)))) (Red Oath)

The girls didn’t understand well, but they couldn’t stand still as they were.

They have to confirm the information board and the request board for the time being.

『Okay, lady, I will check the information, so the lady please also look at the request board and kill time』(Mile)

『Okay, please do it』(Rena)

Mile replied so and heading to the request board with Maevis and Pauline.

And other hunters and guild staff started staring at Mile’s group silently.

((((They are concerned~~!)))) (Red Oath)

And before the Mile’s group finished checking the board, a middle age man who seemed to be the guild master came down from the second floor and talked to Mile’s group.

『 Did anyone ask you girls for a request?

However, in our branch, we are all clean, we don’t sell information for the bandits!』(GM)

((((Busted!!)))) (Red Oath)

Yes, the greatest ever incident, that a hunter guild staff and hunters have committed in the neighboring town, has widespread.

With information of those who played the central role…


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