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Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: Tide hour

(This chapter happens right after Red Oath capture the fake bandits + real bandits, break the marriage is an Extra, not in storyline)

『It’s almost time for a tide …』(Rena)

Rena’s casual state, everyone nodded.

Yes, a tide.

It is about time to departure to the next town.

The girl already understood well enough about the hunter guild in this city.

They also just finished a big work (fake and real bandits) and their name was well known.

However, if they stayed in the same city, they couldn’t call it a 《journey of learning》

It was the time of departure when they got used to a city.

That is a 《journey of learning》

Because it’s not a journey in search of the place of indwelling.

Some hunters might settle down in the city they liked on their journey.

However, 《Red Oath》 still have five-year obligation working for the country.

And the girls are still too young to settle down in a city.

They still have their ambition…

『Well then, we will report to the guild,

say our farewell to the 《G.o.ddess’s servant》and Aura baron’s family,

and a notice of departure… to the inn…』(Rena)

『『『…………』』』(Mile’s trio)

Everyone has a subtle expression.

And especially the last one…, which means farewell to the Nekomimi.


『What’s that!

…No, because it is on a journey of learning so it’s average (normal)…』(GM)

Guild Master understand it is normal.

But understanding and accepting are separate issues.

『So, can’t you stay in this for some more time…?』(GM)

Because if the girls left now, which means his hunter guild have lost promising hunters.

Moreover, they are beautiful girls who can complete ”Mission Impossible” one after another intact and comfortable like a cake walk. (T.N: Mission Impossible in EN)

(I want to have these girls!

I want to have these as our ”signboard” party to show up!

d.a.m.n, what were young men doing?

Why don’t you try to impress these girls and make them stay… No, it’s is another “Mission impossible”) (GM) (T.N: this one in JP)

The Guild master reflects on that, it was an unreasonable request.

『No, we have stayed long enough, it’s already time to leave…』(Maevis)

Hearing the words of Maevis, the GM remembered when he was young, he also traveled around the country with a journey of learning. And he couldn’t detain the girls any further.

Besides, their must-be-hidden information and ident.i.ty also were forced to announce in the bandit’s trial the other day.

When he realized that the girls might want to leave before the information spread too far, he could not say anything else.

Because it was him, who requested that appointment request.

『…I see.

Too bad, but it can’t be helped.

I am praying for everyone’s further success.

When the trip is over, please come and visit this city again』(GM)

『『『『Thank you very much for your help!』』』』(Red Oath)

Four girls said their farewell and leave the guild master room.

(… It’s an amazing group of girls.

It was a short period, suddenly came like a storm, and suddenly left…

Someday, will you come back again…?) (GM)

The guild master expects so,

Because it was just a temporary visit, there was no guarantee that the girls could base in this town.

『We will silently leave without talking to any hunters other than the G.o.ddess’ Servant』(Rena)

Koku~koku (SFX)

Rena also has a learning effect.

She already learned that it’s bad.

『… and so, it’s about time we leave for the next city…』(Rena)

In the evening, the “Red Oath” caught the ”G.o.ddess’ Servant”, who just returned after finis.h.i.+ng their request in the guild and brought them to the room in the hotel.

When all the girls talking in the “food and drink” section of the guild, all the hunters’ eyes and ears concentrate on them, so there were no other options.

They also can’t enter a store somewhere to talk about it because talking at the store is just the same as talking in the guild.

『…I see.

I have learned a lot from you all.

Good luck on your training』(Telyucia)

Telyucia, the leader of the 《G.o.ddess’ servant》said that and smiled.

Other members also spoke farewell words.

And Lieoria…

『Good luck!

Someday, I am looking forward to the day when we can meet again somewhere.

By then, I will also become a first-rate hunter!』(Litoria)

It was a normal att.i.tude without retaliation or detention.

『… What does this mean?

Was that because she was acquainted with Telyucisan’s group, so, she was no longer obsessed with us?』(Mile)

『In a short period of time, did she grow as a human?』(Rena)

『It wasn’t so』(Pauline)

Three people, Mile, Rena, and Maevis were wondering, meanwhile Pauline smiled.

『It wasn’t so, I have asked Telyucisan about this before.

She told Litoria about the “journey of learning” for hunters.

And then after the journey ends, the friends meet again after a long time, telling each other about their grown.

The touching time of reunion.

I have devoted myself to do such a thing, tailor it to an emotional story …』(Pauline)

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『『『Ah!』』』(Mile’s Trio)

『Onee-chan, are you going away?』(Faryl-chan)


Mile is crying in her heart!

She thought that Faryl-chan would cry…

『 I see…

Thank you for your stay.

Next time, please use our inn by all means!』(Faryl-chan)


There is no moving or crying scene, Faryl-chan just calmly talks so.

『 Eeeeeeehhhh, was my existence just to that extent?

What’s about the hot night you spent with me throughout the night?』(Mile)

『 Do not say bad things that might mislead people!』(Innkeeper)

Bis.h.i.+~i! (SFX)

Along with the roar of the innkeeper, Rena’s chop burst into Mile’s brainstorm.

『 Do not cry out loudly something weird about Faryl!

What would you do if some strange rumors spread?』(Rena)

『Eh, but that hot night…』(Mile)

『That was because it was muggy and difficult to go to bed,

So Faryl-chan listened to your old stories till late at night!』(Rena)

『That’s why I said 《I and Faryl-chan had a hot night together》…』(Mile)

『It wasn’t just you two!

Everyone was there! Besides, it’s not《hot (s.e.xy)》, but it’s《hot(tempurate》!』(Rena)

Father of Faryl, the innkeeper of the inn has a fierce glare.

『Well, anyway, thank you very much, we were taken care of』(Maevis)

『The same for you, thank you very much for helping Faryl,

And if you came to this city again, please use our inn』(Innkeeper)

『Thank you for helping me』(Rena)

『Well, see you again someday…』(Mile)


Talking farewell words to each other, “Five” people leave the inn.

『……wait a minute!』(Innkeeper)

The innkeeper caught Mile’s back.

『Is there something wrong?』(Mile)

『What!? Why did you try to bring Faryl-chan out like nothing at all!』(Inn Keeper)

There was an empty figure of Faryl-chan, who is on the verge of being taken out by Mile and Rena from the inn.





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