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Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Engagement Breaking Plan 2

Maevis didn’t intend to act in order to be hated deliberately.

It might be okay to tell a lie if it’s for deceiving a bad person, but it’s contradicting to her belief to tell such a lie.

Besides, acting like that will be considered as rude att.i.tudes and might cause trouble for her family.

Not only her father but also her big brothers’ lives will get affected.

Besides, Pauline says 《It’s not necessary》

So, Maevis says her greeting and talk normally to the other party.

The second son of the Marquis, Jasfen, talked about how much he desired the daughter of the Austin family because he had the memories of seeing her martial arts.

It seems that he had met Maevis once met when she was 15 years old when she was still long-haired.

It seems that he was concerned about Maevis ever since.

As he investigated, he knew Maevis went out of the house and became a hunter,

After that, he heard the rumor that she did well at the hunter training school graduation test, 《Red request》 and so on.

When talking about detailed information, he showed a face as if he was really interested in Maevis…

(After knowing that Maevis had left home and gone all over the places,

He still said that he wants her. Jasfen might be still young, but it seems he is a good man) (Earl Austin)

Earl Austin was more motivated, thinking that man was a better man than he thought.

After talking briefly, the parents of Maevis and the Marquis WightDyne’s couple were also smiling happily.

And the talk took some time.

『Well, I thought that’s about it for today…

Would you have lunch with us tomorrow?』(Earl Austin)

Earl of Austin said the word to end today’s meeting.

This is on schedule from the beginning, and of course, the WightDyne Marquis side approved it.

The first meeting will often make youngsters be tense with each other.

So, parents will often stop after a short time and the actual talk will start at the lunch of the next day.

After that, the youngsters will have time for themselves, and if needed, they will be arranged to meet again at the dinner party.

After that, the parents also planned to make a good atmosphere of light drinking.

Therefore, it was a schedule that today the parents started a meeting around noon 2nd bell (15 o’clock) and finished before evening.

The 2nd son of the Marquis has only met Maevis once at a party some years ago.

Maevis didn’t remember about him at all.

But Earl Austin and Marquis WightDyne have kept meeting each other many times in the royal parties and when working in the castle.

Sometimes they exchanged words of private after the meeting in the royal palace as well.

And when the Marquis family tried to stand up.

『Ah, everyone, how about we have dinner together?』(Maevis)

『『Huh?』』(Earl + Marquis)

Hearing the sudden invitation from Mavis. Earl Austin and Marquis Wythdyne couldn’t help but surprised

The Marquis’ family were supposed to have supper at the restaurant in the town because they also would get tired and tense for the first time meeting.

At dinner time, it was supposed to be the time for each family to have private talks to relax.

So, when Marquis Wightdyne heard a proposal different from the schedule, he didn’t know how he should do.

Earl of Austin gave out a helping hand.

『No, No, Maevis. If you give such an invitation suddenly, the Marquis will be in trouble and even for our family who need suddenly preparing…』(Earl)

Yes, for important guests, the owner must prepare the meal as best as they can to show their hospitality and it takes time to prepare.

Even n.o.ble family like an Earl won’t always have luxury food ingredients available, they must be planned ahead to buy fresh and best ingredients.

Even though the Earl is very pleasing to see a positive proposal from Maevis, but as a matter of fact, it is a slightly problematic proposal.

『No, I don’t plan to hospitalize at home.

Actually, my hunter party has come to this town together.

I think that I would like to introduce everyone to everyone to make them at easy…

Although it is a restaurant for commoners, I wonder if it’s okay,…』(Maevis)

Maevis said that she would like to introduce the Marquis family to relieve her comrades.

Maevis’ party members that Marquis Wightdyne has heard from the report.

All party’s members are women, and by talking with them, he might be able to know the usual appearance of Miss Maevis.

The Marquis thought so and was willing to accept that offer.

『Oh, that’s nice, we will take on that offer!』(Marquis)

And when the Marquis has said so.

『If the Marquis has agreed to it, we also…』(Earl)

『Oh, I only invited the Marquis’ family, Otou-sama and Okasama are un-necessary』(Maevis)

『『Huh……?』』(Maevis’ Parents)

Earl Austin’s couple was dumbfounded.

『Because you already met with my comrades, and you were dissatisfied with the fact that I was a hunter. I only invite the Marquis’ family this time』(Maevis)

『Well, that kind of … ….』(Earl)

The Earl is grieving but Maevis ignores him.

Her way of calling him isn’t the usual ”Chichiue” which is the most respected and admired for his power.

Maevis returned to her former way of calling “Otou-sama” and said ”he is unnecessary”

His heart hurt to an extent of feel like crying.

『Well, I will show you the way, please come…』(Maevis)

Then, Maevis and the Marquis’ family got in the Marquis’ private carriage, which was waiting outside.

Maevis told the driver the way to the restaurant.

The restaurant looks decent although it’s unlikely to be compared with the aristocratic restaurant in other large cities.

But at least, it’s at the level where you can invite the aristocrats for meals.

And when Maevis told her name, everyone was guided to the back room…

Three girls were waiting in the private room everyone was leading to.

And of course, everyone stood up from the chair to greet the Marquis’ family.

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『Ho ho …』(Marquis)

『Yes, be it magic and sword, I can use both』(Mile)


Heard an unknown cla.s.s for the first time, the Marquis was surprised with rounded eyes.

However, as he knew what it meant, he opened his eyes even wider.

Just like the Austin family, the Wightdyne family also didn’t give birth to many magicians.

Sometimes a magician might be born, but that child is just average. Those magicians at most could use some life magic.

Even the talented magician who was born in a very rare case would only become 《 an average offensive magician》

In the first place in the whole history, there wasn’t anyone who reckless challenged to become someone excellent at both 《magic and sword》

Even one of them should be extremely difficult.

And also in this world, there was a proverb of the same meaning as 《You will get no rabbits for those who chase two rabbits》

There are things such as those who can use a little magic become swordsmen, magicians who can use swording of degree of self-defense, but there is never seen a person who fights with both sword and magic.

『I… I want to see it, once …』(Jasfen)

『Ah, that’s okay. I will be free tomorrow.

If you don’t mind accompanying me, shall I show you?』(Mile)

『Is it okay?』(Jasfen)

Jasfen got “hooked” on the bait named Mile.

The Marquis also seemed to be curious.

And then, even after the meeting was held for Maevis, somehow the question from the Marquis’ side involved many things about Mile instead.

Mile blurred her family name and country name to those questions but honestly answered almost other questions.

The business situation of the territory has no problem,

The King and Princess were looking for her is avoided,

The successor of her family, no problem,

There is no fiancée, etc … etc.

Mile hasn’t told any lies.

Certainly, her family successor is really her, no fiancee, etc.

She just didn’t come back to get the t.i.tle yet or her family’s land yet. (line)

No-one would lie about something like a t.i.tle, it is a felony.

Also, even though Mile was weak against the common sense of the world, but she was strong against anything that is 《not the common sense of this world》

In other words, everything in the books that she read in her previous life, agriculture, taxation, commerce etc.

She was able to nail everything down. (Sinker)

Apart from whether it matches this world or whether it is feasible or not.

And the Marquis wasn’t impressed by whether it was practical or not but he was impressed with her ideas and thinking power.

Jasfen also talked about various things with Mile, and Mile was smiling as she responded.

In addition, the story from Rena about 《Mile Good Life》continued…


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