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Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: Engagement Breaking Plan 1

One day, when the 《Red Oath》came back from the journey of learning, the girls stayed in Maevis and Pauline’s home country and also where Mile registered hunter.

When they finished their work and were carrying out procedures for completing the request at the guild counter, and then one staff called Maevis.

『Ah, please wait, a letter has arrived for Maevis-san』(Guild Staff)

After receiving the letter, Maevis checks the sender by looking at its backside.

And as it is, she can not think anyone other than her family.

And she couldn’t have read a private letter in places where there were a lot of irrelevant people.


After returning to the inn, Maevis started reading the letter.

Her eyes didn’t seem to be focusing on the letters, her eyes were wide open out of focus.

『What’s wrong, Maevis-san?』(Mile)

Hearing the anxious voice of Mile, Maevis turned her face towards Mile with an awkward movement.

『It seems to be a marriage…』(Maevis)

『Eh, is your brother married?


Ah, but is it that much of a shock for the Bro-con Maevis-san?

That’s is a little…』(Mile)

『…No, it’s not…』(Maevis)


Mile is teasing Maevis as Bro-con,

She couldn’t catch the voice of Maevis replied in a whispering,

Seeing Mile was in doubt, Maevis told her answer clearly this time.

『It seems to be my marriage…』(Maevis)

『『『Eeeeeeeehhhh!!』』』(Mile’s Trio)

It seems she has no mind to explain to everyone, Maevis handed out the letter from her parents’ house to Mile’s trio and depressedly sat down in a chair.

Mile’s trio received the letter and read it…

Apparently, there seems to be an arranger for marriage from the second son of a Marquis somewhere.

Although he is the second son, he seems to have favor from his family.

And the Marquis wanted his second son to become a link to the Austin family,

which he has a good relations.h.i.+p with.

『Congratulations, Maevis-san!』(Mile)

Pa~an! (SFX)

Rena hit Mile’s head, it makes a good sound out loud.

『… so what are you going to do…?』(Rena)

Rena’s question was heard in silent without being able to reply.

According to the letter, the Austin family couldn’t refuse from on personal and standpoint basis.

Besides, although her father and brothers said that they don’t want to marry Maevis away,

Maevis also doesn’t plan to go back to the house.

However, it’s rare chance for an Earl’s daughter to become a wife of a Marquis’ son.

So probably, her parents got motivated and ignored the elder brothers’ option.

『How about just ignoring or refusing it?』(Pauline)

『If I do such a thing, it’s the same as looking down on the other family.

Our Austin family will lose face.

Not only our house, it will cause inconvenience to the other party …』(Maevis)

Pauline’s suggestion was dismissed.

『Now that my father has received an invitation from the other side.

That means I and the second son of the Maquis house have become fiancee.

And once my parent already accepted, I couldn’t refuse without any reason.

There is absolutely no place for my will in this talk…』(Maevis)

So saying, Maevis drops her shoulders in depressed.

『『『…………』』』(Mile’s Trio)

This is not the story of the n.o.ble’s daughter’s desire.

It’s related to the honor of the house, even though Maevis’ father is sweet to his daughter, he won’t accept this.

And above all, Maevis, who is the daughter of a n.o.ble family and loves her family, she couldn’t escape or ignoring it.

Rena also understands that and becomes depressed as well.

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『As it is, only the Austin family cannot refuse anymore, right?』(Pauline)

For two days until the meeting, Maevis received the special lesson from her family tutor to remember the etiquette that she had forgotten

Rena’s trio didn’t have anything to consider for sightseeing in Austin land.

Of course, Rena’s trio didn’t stay at the Earl’s mansion but taking an inn in the town.

The tutor of Maevis and her family tried to make a wig for the short hair Maevis, but because the Austin family is a militant aristocrat, so being short-hair as hunter still have its merit.

It’s the expectation and suggestion from Maevis.

If Maevis wore a wig and the truth got out, it would give some negative effect instead.

Everyone was convinced and the wig was canceled.

Even though her hair is short, the dressed Maevis is still beautiful enough.

And finally, the day of the meeting of the two families.

Of course, it was impossible for Rena’s trio to attend there, only Maevis, the second son and parents of both families were in attendance.

Brothers and sisters are out of the match.

『First time meeting, my name is Jasfen, I am the second son of the Marquis WightDyne』(Jasfen)

『Earl Austin’s eldest daughter, Maevis…』(Maevis)

The other party was a youth about 22 to 23 years old who seemed to be straightforward.

His face is not too bad.

Considering his family rank and the possibility that the second son might succeed to the rank of the Maquis, this marriage is rather unexpected.

It is no wonder that Earl Austin received this marriage.

With such a rank, he might aim at the second princess or a duke’s daughter.

So, for a lower rank n.o.ble daughter or an average girl, she might jump in happy

However, unfortunately, Maevis was not an “Average girl”

Right now, she prefers to exercise more than love.

From her family’s influence, she aims to be a knight.

She had a magnificent plan that became a knight and showing her great success.

And together, she will have a great love affair with a fellow knight who fought to protect the country together.

… Maevis was a dreaming maiden …

And when Maevis first told other girls about that plan, Rena’s trio had the soul out of their mouth.


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