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Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: The Seven Faces Woman~ Daze! 13, 20:45

(It is almost time at 20:45 ……) (Mile)

Mile thought so.

That’s right, it’s about time for the last scene.

Of course, Rena, who accustomed to Mile’s 《j.a.panese f.u.kas.h.i.+ talk》 was thinking about the same thing.

『Do not worry, we are the hunters who came from the capital upon the request of the master of Commercial Guild Salbaf branch.

So, we don’t need to say but I fully understand the rules of hunter…』(Mile)

『『『『『Huh……』』』』』(Everyone excludes some person)

Not only the members of 《Twin Heavenly Flying Dragon》but everyone from the audience seat also surprised.

But there are no surprises among the judges and the lord.

Apparently, they seemed to have been reported in advance.

The flag of 《Sir Officer, please do it!》was broken.

『… Ident.i.ty spoofing!

Those who belong to the guild have various obligations!

So, if you hide being a hunter…』(THFD’s Leader)

『Well, we have never said that we aren’t hunters at that time.

Is there a rule that we must shout 《We are hunters who have been registered and worked etc.》every time we go into a guild?』(Mile)

As Mile said so, she turned towards the Guild Master. The Guild Master was shaking his head sideways wryly.

『But what’s about portraiting as n.o.ble?

Even if you don’t misrepresent the ident.i.ty of the n.o.ble clearly,

Your att.i.tudes will make everyone misunderstanding that you are a n.o.ble.

The person who dares to make a speech or the like of aristocratic is subjected to severe punishment!

So you are also criminals!

Now, capture these girls quickly!』(THFD’s Leader)

Trying his best to make the girl party, no, the hunter girls who came from the royal cities the criminals, to make the girls’ words losing credibility.

Bet everything on that, the leader shouted triumphantly, other members also ride on it and gamble.

(Well, it’s finally the closure!) (Mile)

Mile thought so and signaled Rena’s trio with her eyes, and then the girls stepped forward.

『At one point, she is the daughter of the Viscount.』(Mile)

『At one point, she is the student at a school pretending to be a commoner』(Maevis)

『Another time, she is a newbie hunter』(Pauline)

『And at a certain time…, she is the daughter of the Viscount…』(Rena)

Though the words of Rena is double, Mile still continues.

『However, her present ident.i.ty is…』(Mile)

Mile threw away her cloak that covered her body. As usual, she wore hunter equipment.

『The apostle of justice and truth! C-ranked hunter, Mile of the 《Red Oath》!』(Mile)

『Likewise, Maevis Von Austin!』(Maevis)

『Likewise, Red Rena!』(Rena)

『Likewise, Pauline!』(Pauline)

『 Our souls…』(Mile)

『Were Bound with immortal friends.h.i.+p』(Maevis)

『The four of us are comrade!』(Rena)

『 Our name is』(Pauline)

『『『『Red Oath!!』』』』(Red Oath)

Chi~yudo~n! (SFX)

Because it’s indoor, Mile only kept the sound effect and 4 color lights without an actual explosion.


(T.N: Everyone.ext has cracked, restarting…)

And it took a long time before people restart, Rena is trembling with *Purupuru* as she stayed in her decided pose…

『Because the girl is a n.o.ble herself, there will be no spoof…

As I mentioned earlier, the four people of 《Twin Heavenly Flying Dragon》will get ranked lifetime criminal slave punishment.

In addition, we will attach notes to the doc.u.ment that you have no reflection on your crime and you are malignant persons trying to make innocent people into the criminal to avoid your sins.

You will be placed in a workplace suitable for it.

Now, take them all away!』(Judge)

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In response to the judgment of the judge who finally restarted, criminal hunters, or rather former hunters, were taken over by guard officers.

And at the same time, the girls have captured the bandits, who the hunter guild couldn’t capture with all their force.

Yet, the girls are still minors.

If he dares to complain about it, he will just bring shame to the guild.

His guild will become the laughing stock.

SO, how to manage this…

『Well, please visit the guild, I will pay the prize』(Guild Master)

『Eh, is that okay?』(Mile)

Hearing the words of Guild Master, the 《Red Oath》 girls are full of joy.

They don’t have much trouble with money, but the reward from the guild is a proof of their achievement, unlike ordinary remuneration.

Upgrading credibility, and obviously a big achievement point.

And for the guild branch 《Even though the guild had some bad members and need other city hunter’s help. But the guild master deal with it handsomely》, they can maintain some respect.

It was a proposal with mutual benefit.

Guild Master didn’t notice at all about the possibilities of the insiders.

And he also thought he shouldn’t obviously suspect his subordinates.

Somehow, he planned to carry out the survey peacefully, but before he could do it, the commercial guild has done it.

(Failed……) (Guild Master)

He will not lose the status of Guild Master, but his rating will be lower.

Learning from this failure, he planned to do his best in the future.

And then the Hunter Guild Master shook hands with the Commercial Guild Master while watching the four girls who seemed to be receiving invitations from the lord for dinner.

And behind them, two sets of B-ranked hunters in this town, who were listening to watching the defendant Hunter, were stunned.

『… Hey, it’s the capital’s hunters,

I wonder if there are also other aristocrat hunter’s party…』(Hunter)

『Well, aside from that.

Could it be that the hunters from the Capital, with just four newbie C-ranked hunters, they can capture nearly 20 bandits intact?』(Hunter)

『Capital hunters are scary…』(Hunter)

Hot reputation damage to the hunters of the Capital had occurred.


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