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Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: The Seven Faces Woman~ Daze! 12

『C-Ranked Hunter group 《Swirling Flame》 had committed bandit act 2 times.

However, since the actual victims are only from the first thief act.

They didn’t kill the victims but capture all of them as illegal slaves

They would get a B-ranked punishment life-time criminal slave.

And, your cooperation is a big help for finding and destroying the illegal slavery, we will consider reducing the punishment to C-ranked lifetime slave if all the victims return safely』(Judge)

《Swirling Flame》 bowed down their heads overflowing with tears to the judge.

For hunters which have done bandit act 2 times and dealing with human trafficking, this punishment is rather light.

Well, the judge went easy on them because of their help for finding the slave traders, and also because they didn’t kill men who can only sell cheaply and tend to become a source of troubles. They also show their sincerity in cooperation…

If they got the C-ranked life-time punishment criminal slave, their treatment won’t be so bad.

There’s almost no danger of death, and the work is bearable.

If they are lucky they may even be able to get a regular job as a model prisoner.

Even more, when they become criminal slaves, they can’t receive payment but their lives aren’t so bad.

If things don’t go well, they might get an ranked life-time punishment criminal slave.

It’s understandable for them to overflow with tears.

Those who were sentenced to judgment were brought out of the room one after another.

The guild officials and the hunters were listening to the judge and seemed to have no objection to the sentence.

And finally, the last criminal group, the 4 woodcutters and 4 C-ranked hunters, 《Twin Heavenly Flying Dragon》

Then the judge reads the judgment.

『The four prisoners are unrelated to the bandit act, however, threatening the young girls as bandits for their profit purposes, it’s a severe punishment as an illegal act of monetary pursuit based on their will.

But part of the reason for their actions was deceived by others people.

So, I will punish you four a hundred blows.

Next time, I will not let you get away with just this.

And this is also because of the suggestion from the victims.

That it wasn’t good to punish you like bandits!』(Judge)

As they listen to it, the 4 woodcutters lower their head depressed.

One hit is never so light.

It is different from punis.h.i.+ng the kid by hitting his b.u.t.tocks.

A whip or a bamboo stick hits the exposed back and hips are really hurt.

But of course, the professional executor must pay close attention, so as not to cause bone fracture or the internal organ damage.

But the pain is unbearable and lasts for a long time even after the sentence is over.

They would have a problem sleeping on their back for a while.

But punishment like this must be done, so, those who committed minor offenses are frightened and won’t dare to repeat again.

However, compared with death and the lifetime punishment so far, it sounded like the best deal.

And finally, it was the hunter guys who wore the skin of a good party.

『C-ranked hunter party《Twin Heavenly Flying Dragon》

I will hand down ranked life criminal slave punishment』(Judge)

『It’s such a foolish thing!

We just tried to help the aristocrat who was attacked by bandits.

Not only we didn’t get any reward, you also gave us such punishment

We won’t accept this!』(THFD’s leader)

Yes, they were still in denial.

If they become bandits they won’t be able to avoid severe punishment.

So, they never admitted that fact.

They kept insisting that the woodcutters are the real bandits here, after getting captive the woodcutter just lied about it to avoid their sin.

They have continued to insist like that for the whole 3-day interrogation.

『But, regardless of who those woodcutter actually are, the attacked victims say you are the bandits.

No matter how much you deny, that fact will not change』(Judge)

Yes, in this world, no matter whether there is evidence or not, the judge has the right to decide the crime.

Even if there is no reliable evidence, if there is circ.u.mstantial evidence or just enough to judge it, it is enough.

But, on the contrary, they are good if they can make let the judge think they are innocent without evidence etc.

『That is just the woodcutter men, no…, I mean the bandits who lied to portrait as woodcutter men and deceived the aristocrat girl’s group.

They blocked the girls’ way and attacked them, we rushed there and saved those.

It’s an undeniable fact!』(THFD’s leader)

『『『『What!?』』』』(Woodcutter men)

The woodcutters raise the voice of anger, but the leader of 《Twin Heavenly Flying Dragon》 doesn’t mind.

He thought the aristocrat girl group wouldn’t bother to stay in a rural town.

The girls have never shown up during the last three-day interrogation, so, they should have left this town long ago.

The soldiers at this time couldn’t force the girls to stay at this town to be the witness.

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It will a big problem if they restrain an aristocratic daughter.

Thinking sweetly that you could catch us easily and sold us far away…

We were so stupid that we could be deceived easily.

And don’t you see. It is obvious from the fact that we didn’t get deceived by your lies?』(Mile)

The leader stares at Mile as he hears that.

『That…』(THFD Leader)

With the unexpected appearance of those who he thought should have left this town long ago.

The leader unwittingly cursed a testimony against himself, but this is also a chance for him.

If he can overturn the argument and convince the judge, his party can get away.

They are the trusted local hunter, the other side is some girls pa.s.sing by.

Credit quality is different.

Thinking that way, the leader placed everything on this bet.

『You heard those bandits’ explanation first and were confused by that.

It’s common for non-experienced civilians, especially some small girls like you.

I can forgive you for being confused after listening to those bandits sweet-talking.

However, being treated like some burglars is out of the question.

No, a false allegation is a criminal act!

Perhaps, because you didn’t want to pay the rescue fee, you planned to blame us on purpose?

If you do not accept the mistake obediently, you will be punished as a criminal on the contrary!』(THFD Leader)

Yes, it is impossible to convince or deceive those little girls anymore.

Because they clearly said everything back then.

However, there’s no need to convince those little girls.

It will be enough if he can convince the judge.

To do that, it was necessary to make the girls become the liars instead.

And the hunters, who are listening, become noisy.

They might have been also tricked by client’s selfish claims and lies,

Hunters don’t always have good experiences, they should have bitter experiences many times as well.

(…I can still do it!) (THFD Leader)

The leader was convinced that he grasped the opportunity of counter-attack.


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