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Chapter 214

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『Even though the seller isn’t a hunter, you can still buy it, can’t you?』(Rena)

Ident.i.ty spoofing for guild staff is subject to punishment.

However, Rena doesn’t lie.

She just asked such a question, she hasn’t told a word that she wasn’t a hunter.

『Oh, yes, that’s fine.』(Receptionist)

The person in charge of purchase was usually an old man, and it was no exception here as well.

If it’s a young woman who was in charge, some idiots might come out and demand to be paid more. (T.N: like in sword sensei reincarnation)

So the guild mostly use retired hunters because of injury or age, the price of a strong man has more pressure.

And, even a strong male hunter retired from injury or age, he wouldn’t lose to some youngsters.

So, there were no hunters who dared to resist or was rude to the purchase receptionist.

Besides, the hunters weren’t sure when they might injure themselves, and one day, they would be old as well.

In that case, as a re-employment place, for a staff of a very attractive guild, even a rough man acted quite politely.

Anyway, if you do something or you are hated by the guild, there will be nothing good.


『Uncle, how much is this, …Ummmmm!?』(Rena)

『Excuse me, can you a.s.sess this?』(Maevis)

Even this is just an act, but it won’t be good. Maevis stopped Rena in a hurry and closed her mouth.

『Mister, please give me a good price!』(Pauline)

Outright awesome Pauline who used to something like this.

If the number of money she can get with an amiable smile increases, Pauline can give you as much as she can.

And …

『Mister, please!』(Mile)

While saying that, Mile winks, but because she isn’t used to it, Mile closes 2 eyes at the same time.

Well, that was the same as when the lightning magic 《Angel’ s Blink Shot》 was launched.

『… You don’t have to push yourself』(Receptionist)

The uncle in charge of purchase told so with a bitter smile.

『But, it’s amazing. It is the first time I see it.

Besides, this orc also drops its neck with a single blow, and there’s no other injury…』(Receptionist)

『Oh, we bought it at a cheap price from a hunter who hunted three Orcs but wasn’t able to carry all of it』(Mile)

Mile followed so quickly.

Most of Orc’s material price is the transportation fee from hunted place to town.

As Mile told so, that explanation was somehow persuasive.

But it was a bit too much.

Almost all of the hunters who were listening to it were imagining a little delusion, imagine the increase in their revenue when they got Mile in their party.

And even if Mile is the daughter of some low cla.s.s n.o.ble, as long as Mile becomes a newbie hunter, there will be no problem to have her in the party.

It’s everyone’s freedom to fantasize and enjoy.

『Well, the result of the a.s.sessment is this.

Do you have any complaint?』(Receptionist)

The coin placed in the stay on the counter,

It was just the right value for the 《good condition of two Orcs》.

So Rena nodded and Mile held hands over the coins.

They went through the trouble to show everyone that they have the money.

And many people have never seen storage magic before.

It was a little service.

『Well, we will take an inn, and tomorrow we will leave for the Kaldyl town at second bell in the morning (9 am)』(Rena)

『『『…Yes!』』』(Mile’s trio)

After Rena told out an outright explanation line in a loud voice, everyone left the guild to take the inn.

And in the guild where four people are gone.

『『『『『…………』』』』』(Everyone in the guild)

Somehow, there were those who were taken astray and those who were worried, …

There were figures of disturbing people.

『…we might be doing good there』(Rena??)

『 Isn’t that a bit overkill?』(Mile??)

『No, for an idiot daughter of a rural aristocrat,

Isn’t that good?』(Rena??)

『Who is 《a foolish daughter》? Who?』(Mile) (T.N: I only sure that Mile said this line)

Everyone was walking in peace to the backstreet.

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『 The inn is also an important point』(Rena)

Mile suddenly lost her motivation, left the choices of the inn to the other three.

『I wonder if it’s good here …』(Rena)

Rena stopped in front of a suitable inn.

Actually, there aren’t a large number of inns here, there are only a few options.

Besides, this time the girls aren’t looking for a cozy accommodation.

It’s just a one-night stay.

『Yeah, maybe something like this』(Maevis)

『It looks depressing, it looks stinky … well, just fine』(Pauline)

『Everywhere is the same, Haaaaa!』(Mile)

And, unanimously, the girls decided to stay at that inn.

It was a bit overstatement to say that it was shady.

Actually, the inn isn’t so shady.

However, Compared to the type of inn that 《Red oath》 was selected until now

《It’s pretty, it seems safe to stay with only girls, it might be a little expensive but a cozy inn》

This inn is only a little 《mainstream》

Ordinary travelers would try to stay cheaply, there’s no problem actually.

And the front counter.

『Welcome, would you like to stay?』(Shota)

A pretty boy, 7 to 8 years old, was greeting them.

『Wait a moment, I will stay, I will stay!』(Mile)

With how Mile changed the color of her eyes in an instant, the boy was pulling back.

Yes, Mile has always wanted an (Otouto) younger brother from the previous life.

She also wanted an (Onii-chan) older brother, but it was physically impossible.

No, if her parents got divorced and remarried someone who has a child, she might even have (Onii-chan) older brother or (Onee-chan) older sister.

However, for that love couple, they can’t divorce.

And there’s no reason to say that 《 I want you to divorce because I want an (Onii-chan) older brother》

So she was narrowing down to one younger brother, but when she became a high school student, she was giving up.

Yes, Mile was weak not only for young girls but also for young boys.

And Rena had astounded eyes looked at Mile that was suddenly improved.

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