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Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: Litoria 5

『Litorichan, did you just register a hunter?』(Telyucia)

『Yes, I got D-ranked with skipping!

The examining officer said that my magic is as good as C-ranked,

And even my close battle with heavy spike club is also about C-ranked.

But I don’t know the knowledge as a hunter and common sense.

No, I have never experienced real fights with demons, nor real interpersonal fighting.

So, I start with D-ranked first …』(Litoria)

The eyes of the four other people of 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》 are sparkling (kira kira)

It’s as what they have heard from Mile.


Too tasty prey … no, tasty party candidate.

(T.N: Only 4 people because Telyucia must keep her appearance)

『 How nostalgic.

I remember the time when we formed this 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》party and registered a hunter …』(Telyucia)

Telyucia successfully connected the topic to their introduction.

And, as it is, through various stories, she naturally conveys their characteristics and charm as a party.

(((As expected of an elder, knowledge of age!))) (Mile’s Trio)

Three people, Mile, Mevis and Pauline, were impressed with that thought.

And Rena murmured with a small voice.

『As expected of Onee-sama ~desu!』(Rena)

(((You, who are you !!))) (Mile’s Trio)

And then, after a lot of sweet talking, the decision words were released at last.

『Litorichan, Do you want to enter 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》?』(Telyucia)

((((Here it comes (Kita kita)!!)))) (Red Oath)

Four people of the 《Red Oath》 get nervous praying for the success.

And, with a sudden unexpected invitation, Litoria blinks.

『Well, I’m happy with your invitation but I want to be with my friends, 《Red Oath》…』(Litoria)

Litoria replied so in a panic.

Telyucia, of course, had expected that reply.

So, she turned to Mile and smiled asking.

『Can we get Litorichan?』(Telyucia)

『『『『Please do!』』』』(Red Oath)


Litoria heard Mile’s group reply and got shocked.

Looking at Litoria so, Maevis followed in a panic.

『Oh no, we mean, we already have 3 people as magicians.

If we get you, it will be 4 people magicians, and that would be hard for only 1 vanguard like me…』(Maevis)


She, of course, doesn’t know that Mile can do vanguard role as well.

She thinks that Mile can use the sword a little like how she uses her weapon, and her profession is a magician, so, Litoria couldn’t object to it.

In any case, Litoria’s great spike club was evaluated by its destructive power, it doesn’t really need technique.

One swing can blow away the enemies’ swords, s.h.i.+elds and may even crush the enemies’ bone and meat.

And it’s not something that the 『user』would like to use many times.

So, for Litoria, the great spike mace is only recognized as a means of self-defense.

And furthermore, Rena and Pauline explain that they are going to wander from now on,

but the 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》is based in this city,

and it would be better to stay near her family as much as possible

And in the end, Telyucia released her final weapon.

『Litorichan, you want to enter the 《Red Oath》because you want to be with your friends, right?』(Telyucia)

『Yes, my first friends …』(Litoria)

Telyucia smiled gently to Litoria.

『Indeed, if you enter the 《Red Oath》, you can be with 4 of your friends.

But if you enter the 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》, you can have 5 new friends.

You can stay with us forever, you can also live with your family. Meanwhile, you can keep your friends.h.i.+p with four friends from the 《Red Oath》, and you can meet them at any time』(Telyucia)


Litoria used both hands to cover her opened mouth.

((((((How skillful!!))))) (Red Oath + Dunbine)

Four people of 《Red Oath》and the butler Dunbine was amazed at Telyucia’s skill.

For Litoria, 《Red Oath》 is her benefactor who cured her disease,

but it has only been a few days since they meet,

and only a few hours talking.

They didn’t do anything together yet, they just talked while sitting on a bed or a chair.

Yes, 《Red Oath》are only 《girls of the same age who talked to each other equally》

Litoria is obsessed because they are her 《 friends that she made for the first time》

And by no means, it must be the 《Red Oath》and no-one else.

And Telyucia gently stretch out her hand while Raselina holding Litoria’s hand.

Tas.h.i.+a is smiling at her.

『We need you, Litoria…』(Willine)

Willine whispers a killing phrase to her ears.

And Firii is just upset with everyone already steals every line and role.

『Uuu… I… I am…』(Litoria)

(((( Go go!!))))) (Red Oath + G.o.ddess’ Servant)

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It seemed that the voices of the hearts from both 《Red Oath》 and 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》could be heard to the surrounding people who were aware of their intentions.

『Eh? Litoria, were you ill?』(Telyucia)

Telyucia looked worried, Litoria swiftly shook her hands in front of her face.

『No, no, I have been already recovered!

Because I understood the cause now, there’s no worry of recurrence anymore, I have a perfectly healthy body!

This is also thanks to every one of the 《Red Oath》!』(Litoria)

『Oh, is that so, I’m glad…』(Telyucia)

Telyucia was relieved for a moment before…

『Yes, it’s all thanks to the 《Red Oath》, my illness …』(Litoria)

Yes, Telyucia remembered hearing that story. It’s only recently.

『Well, as this story goes, no, don’t tell me…』(Telyucia)

It got out. What Mile and others have kept so far, but now they have no problem talking about it.

『Yes, this girl is Baron Aura’s daughter, Litoria Von Aura』(Mile)

『『『『『Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrk!!』』』』』(G.o.ddess’ Servant)

Yes, the people of the 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》did not think that Litoria was a n.o.ble lady.

The maid already ran away, at most, they only thought about Litoria that apparently looks like a mistress, perhaps as per daughter of a medium-sized merchant.

Even so, she must be a low priority daughter, a child of the concubine.

Otherwise, she will not become a hunter, and there is no reason that a n.o.ble family won’t stop their daughter.

So, they thought she might be a 《 regrettable girl》

She is surely a beautiful girl, so, they were wondering if there are more negative elements that made her can’t be a bride.

For example, she might have a lot of weakness…

For a hunter, she can be covered by others, so if she has the fighting ability, there isn’t much problem.

If it doesn’t exceed the limit.

However, as a bride of the merchant, it will be a bit of a problem, or it may be a fatal mistake.

Besides, there was no such thing as an aristocratic daughter who can swing a great spike club made of all metal in the first place.

And they were also thinking Dunbine is just an acquaintance.

They have never expected her to be the n.o.ble’s daughter of the main wife.

『We’ve been had…』(Telyucia)

Naturally, Telyucia glares at Mile who knew about this information but didn’t offer.

But Mile hasn’t told any lies

She just didn’t tell something that didn’t seem to be a benefit to lure the《G.o.ddess’ Servant》

So, there is nothing with Mile.

And Mile also thought, even if she told that Litoria is the daughter of a n.o.ble from the beginning,

She thought that the 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》 would still probably accept Litoria.

Because 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》is such a party.

However, Mile imitated a whistle and removing her eyes from the glaring Telyucia…


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