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Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: Litoria 3

『You tricked me, you meanie!』(Litoria)

When the 《Red Oath》came to the guild looking for an interesting request, there was a girl whose face turned red shouted at them.

『Ah, Litoria…』(Either Rena or Mile)

Yes, it was Litoria, the daughter of Baron Aura.

『Why are you not visiting at all whilst saying that you are my friends!

Besides, I heard it! I can register with D-ranked from the beginning!』(Litoria)

『『『『Oh c.r.a.p, we forgot!!』』』』(Red Oath)

『Speaking of which, I had registered hunter. D-ranked heavy spiked club magic user, 《Litoria the crusher》, remember to come and pick me everyday』(Litoria)

『『『『What’s with that~~ttt!!』』』』(Red Oath)

Heavy spiked club.

Usually, it is a hardwood, such as yew, that was made into a hexagonal or octagonal thick bar, adding a lot of iron spikes.

Weapons that mostly made of metal are very heavy, it is difficult to use it freely, especial with its length and thickness.

However, what Litoria used was made all by metal with the length and thickness that no average girl can use.

And Mile muttered unconsciously.

『Pipiru pirupirupi pirupi…』(Mile) (T.N: click the link if you want to understand)

Behind the Litoria,

The butler Dunbine shuddered his face, he wore leather armor that didn’t suit him at all,

A girl in a maid dress that can only be seen as an amateur by any means, she was standing with an “about to cry” face.

No, that’s wrong, it’s not “about to cry”, she was already crying.

She wore the maid clothes of the Aura family with the white brim worn on her head, she also wore the leather armor and holding a cane.

Perhaps, this girl, unfortunately, has magical talent, so the baron orders her to accompany Litoria.

In order to take care of Litoria’s personal belongings and be a s.h.i.+eld with her own body in an emergency case.

『『『『So cruel!!』』』』(Red Oath)

The Red Oath raise their voice.

If she was ordered by the Baron, it’s a clearly illegal act.

However, the baron probably wouldn’t do such a thing, she might be a “volunteer”

But it wasn’t clear whether she really volunteered with her own will or she didn’t have a choice.

No matter how good n.o.ble the baron is, he still finds his daughter more important than a servant who is still a commoner.

It can not be helped.

『But if you care about your daughter, please stop her in the first place!』(Rena)

Everyone in the guild nodded with Rena’s cry.

Including Dunbine, the butler, and the crying maid.

『Litoria, one thing, I have something I want to ask, is it okay?』(Maevis)

Maevis asked Lietora with a serious look.

『Yes, what is it?』(Litoria)

The voice of Maevis echoes greatly in the quiet guild.

『Please tell me what did you do in order to get your family to accept both you and the other two registering as hunters that fast!』(Maevis)

『『『『What’s with that!!』』』』(Many people)

************And after a few minutes*************

Litoria, Dunbine, the maid girl got their seats at the food and drink corner of the guild together with the 《Red Oath》

And Rena started talking.

『For now, if you don’t want Litoria to have a bad aftertaste, that maid should be returned』(Rena)

Dunbine nodded at Rena’s instructions and ordered the maid with a signal.

The maid lowered her head with the highest grat.i.tude to Rena and ran away like a rabbit.

It seems that Dunbine also thought it was an unreasonable request.

『… … so what are you planning to do…?』(Rena)

Rena tried to talk at first.

『Of course, I will try hard as a member of the 《Red Oath》 !』(Litoria)

『『『『 As expected …』』』』(Red Oath)

The four girls were troubled.

No, plus Dunbine as well, it’s five people.

Including those who are in Baron Aura’s mansion, more people.

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And guild staff, including Guild Master, who will be troubled if the daughter of the aristocrat got injured or died.

With her current state, she could be married to an Earl’s family, no, even Marquis’ family.

『『『『………..』』』』(Red Oath)

This is one tough enemy.

And it seems that she came prepared.

Why did she want to go together with the《Red Oath》?

If this is an average girl, it will be out of the question.

She will not be able to follow the marching speed of the 《Red Oath》,

and there are also a lot of problems with fighting ability, confidentiality, and various other conditions.

However, Litoria seems to be able to use magic and multi-attribute on top of that.

Not only she had recovered from sickness, it seems that her muscular strength and physical strength have risen drastically for some reason.

She also uses the weapon that doesn’t need much skill, she is one pretty powerful close combatant.

She will not betray the 《Red Oath》 that saved her life, and pride as a n.o.bility wouldn’t allow the innocent Litoria to do so.

… But even with all that still didn’t make it easy to welcome her to the 《Red Oath》

The 《Red Oath》is a party of four people, Mile, Rena, Maevis, and Pauline, connected by their souls and friends.h.i.+p.

They must escape here at all cost…

Four people of the 《Red Oath》 are desperately thinking.

Pirin Pirin* (Door Bell SFX)

At that time, the sound of the doorbell sounded, and a party came into the guild.

『Oh, isn’t that everyone in the 《Red Oath》What about the recent economy?』(G.o.ddess’ servant)

『『『『 It’s little by little …』』』』(Red Oath)

It seems like Rena’s trio was imprinted with the 《promise》 in Mile’s 《j.a.panese f.u.kas.h.i.+ talk》

『What… what’s that strange reply …?』(G.o.ddess’ servant)

Somehow, the 『servant of the G.o.ddess』felt a little drawback.

((((This is it~~~ttttt!!)))) (Red Oath)

In that moment, the hearts of the four people are united.

… In an evil way.

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