I Said Make My Abilities Average!


Chapter 203

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Chapter 203: Transmission

(…, what does that mean?) (Mile)

On the way home, Faril-chan was robbed by Firii. She played a role putting Faril-chan on her shoulder.

Mile although was dishearted, she still questioned the nanomachines in her head.

Because her friends realized Mile was in despair, they left her alone without talking to her, so there’s no harm in conversation with the nanomachines

Everyone learned that they shouldn’t talk to Mile when she is in a bad mood.

『What do you mean?』(Nano-chan)

(Don’t act like you don’t know.

You are the one told me

《This is bad, Mile-sama, please stop it!》!

Nano-chan, what do you know?

And, somehow, it seems like s.p.a.ce was split for a moment, what was it?

What was being summoned?

And is it vulnerable to chili pepper?) (Mile)


After a while, the nanomachine answered.

Perhaps they were consulting with other nanomachines or the central system.

『Although information on disclosure is limited to average residents, Mile-sama has a privilege level of 5 and isn’t 《average》

So, excluded the prohibited matter, other information will be provided』(Nano-chan)

(What’s with that!? I am an average girl!) (Mile)


(Okay, I understand! I won’t argue about it anymore so please talk!) (Mile)

Somehow, Mile has a tone like Rena.

And the 《informations》taught by the nanomachines was the truth of the legends about the G.o.ds.

The 《G.o.ds of the world》which are conveyed in the legends aren’t someone like the G.o.ds who revived Mile and the creator of the nanomachines,

but those who built a prehistoric civilization that was extinct in the past.

It seems that those G.o.ds are the people (scientists) who were drawn on the mural painting of the first ruin.

From the perspective of the people nowadays, the legend of the isolated scientific civilization seemed to be a country of the G.o.ds.

And about the《different G.o.d》

『Of course, there’s nothing like that』(Nano-chan)

(That’s good!) (Mile)

Yes, the people who built civilizations that are more advanced than the Earth are called 《G.o.ds》

If 《something》 that can defeat those《G.o.ds》, it would be a real G.o.d or an Evil King.

The 《G.o.d》 here is just an ordinary intellectual life ent.i.ty for which science technology has advanced pretty far. It won’t be easy to defeat such scientific power.

Is it a bad news creature, or a ridiculous monster …

Either way, the true G.o.d is someone like that《G.o.d-like being》who reincarnated Mile to this world. If it was him, and the threat from other worlds might be no different with Daphnia.

However, that《G.o.d-like being》said he could only give small support, indirect support. He couldn’t give large-scale support or direct a.s.sistance.

So, the struggle was done only by the human parties, until their civilization was ruined,

I guess that he wasn’t the one who did the 《Large-scale interference that combines relief and experimentation》

Yes,《Scattering of the nanomachines》, large-scale interference …

And, it ended in a great failure,

After the 《Intellectual living body of this star, who were now called the G.o.ds of this world》 escaped from this planet just before the ruin,

That《G.o.d-like being》 also lose interest in this planet due to long-term stagnation of civilization due to experimental failure,

Although he felt regret, he abandoned the interference and disappeared.

(Well, then that summoned magic is…) (Mile)

『That wasn’t a summoning magic, it was a dimensional magic, a magic connecting the world with other worlds.

Even if something comes out, it only happens that the creature that happened to be near the s.p.a.ce-time gate and came in by chance…

However, usually, there are not too many wild animals or intellectual life forms would risk going through such rippled s.p.a.ce』(Nano-chan)

Although somehow the situation has been known, the most doubtful point has not been resolved yet.

Mile asked another question to the nanomachine.

(So, why were you so impatient?

It is just some ordinary creature, not a disturbing Evil spirit, even if a Dragon comes out, it won’t be a trouble to you. Because Nano-chan is the source of any magic.

Although it may cause some damage, but weren’t Nano-chan panic too much?) (Mile)

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『… ….』(Nano-chan)

(Surely, that …) (Mile)

『We thought that there was still time, but it isn’t clear anymore, now that people in this world were acting to hasten it.

And to prevent it, what this world need isn’t 《us》but 《people who can use us to do it themselves》』(Nano-chan)

Many questions that spring up rapidly in the heart of Mile.

(Was this world is the only suitable place for reincarnating me?

Was my average ability really a misunderstanding or a mistake of G.o.d? Something fishy here …) (Mile)

As usual, Mile was in her own world again, but of course, nanomachines can read that.

They can also read what Mile felt suspicious about.

(And, that《cause》is …) (Mile)

『The service ends here』(Nano-chan)

(Eh……) (Mile)

『From now on, authority level 7 or higher is required.

Even we said that we were already providing information beyond the limit of Mile-sama’s authority level 5.

This is because Mile-sama already had a direct talk with the creator,

He said that he had already provided some information, basic knowledge enough to understand even things that can’t be understood by those in the world.

And this time, considering the roles and the like played in the matter,

that amount of information provision is needed』(Nano-chan)

There is no point in arguing when being told so.

Normally, Mile would say 《I don’t like hearing everything from the nanomachines because it won’t be interesting》

She has no position to 《google》 on nanomachines here.

Besides, even if she asks for such a thing, the nanamachines will answer with《no》 to cover.

Nanomachines are flexible enough to have thought by themselves, but with regard to what they have once decided, they are quite stubborn.

(… Well, well, please tell me if there is any information you can provide. I’m in your care) (Mile)

『As your will』(Nano-chan)

And a group of escorts arrived from the capital.


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