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Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: Mysterious Kidnapper 10

***Morning of the next day***

Maevis returned together with people from the guild.

She arrived at the guild yesterday was rather late at night, around the time people gathering to drink at the bar, it is quite easy to gather hunters and guild members.

But of course, the guild still needed to prepare carriage and the coach, and most people were against the idea to enter the forest at midnight, Meavis also understood that.

So it was inevitable that the guild decided to depart the next morning.

At midnight yesterday, when everyone was resting. (T.N: rest, not sleep, which means sleeping in turn or something)

Mile woke up the rest of vanguards back there, gave them some treatment with healing magic to a certain.

It would be a waste to sleep on that night.

She also gave some food and water from the item box to the men.

When curative magic is applied, the hunger and thirst are increased.

Cells that proliferate and repair aren’t created from nothing.

After that, Mile continued to question the enemy leader and other men about the ritual.

Because other than Mile, the rest of girls couldn’t understand the story well.

Then the girls decided to leave all the report to Mile and were on standby.

Even though other girls thought they shouldn’t just rely on Mile,

however, they couldn’t do anything even if they continued to hear something that they had never heard before.

And in the morning, Maevis finally brought back the support staff.

The carriage seems to be parked somewhere near the highway.

『I am sorry for being late』(Maevis)

Although Maevis apologized, it wasn’t Maevis’s fault.

Mile’s trio smiled and waved their hands.

『It’s you girls’ doing again …』(Felicia)

And Felicia, the receptionist talked with an amnesty face.

『Why is the receptionist Felicia here?』(Mile)

『I heard that the criminal has many magicians.

I wonder if you were reaping all of them unconsciousness,

I came for that reason』(Felicia)

It was not explained at all.

However, as other guilds and hunters also nodded, the girl felt like they shouldn’t ask anything, and they ceased to pursue further.

『For the time being, I’ve heard the story from Maevis of the 《Red Oath》,

I would like to confirm the facts from the other party, the 《G.o.ddess’ servant》』(Guild master)

Somehow with this case, even the guild master also accompanied.

However, it’s unknown whether he was worried about the kidnapped loli, the hunter girls or his job if he did something wrong …

Certainly, this is a case about a large-scale girl kidnapping organization.

Attempted murder of the kidnapping beastkin girl by an anti-beast group,

The demon lord restoration or summoning, etc.

Whichever it is, It was a big problem.

Telyucia reported to the guild master.

『The innkeeper’s daughter, Faril-chan, was kidnapped in front of her friend.

And her father was putting an emergency request from his father.

Thanks to the 《Red Oath》, we discovered where the criminals are conducting a suspicious ritual.

After we defeated them, we rescued Faril-chan, who was on the verge of being sacrificed.

And the one that attacked first is the other side』(Telyucia)

It is too-brief of an answer, but details of the story should already be heard from the Maevis.

This was enough, as it is only a confirmation whether the matter that Maevis has reported is true.

Whereas the 《Red Oath》seem to be a party of skillful hunters, they are still a newbie party.

While the 《G.o.ddess’ servant》has been doing activities in this town for a number of years, it is a solid party.

『Well, thank you for your hard work.

From what I judged at this work, you girls have greatly enhanced the prestige of the guild.

The guild will give you all an additional rewards and achievement points

In some case, you might even get the reward from the country as well』(GM)

『Well, really ?!』(Telyucia)

Telyucia shouting with joy.

『Well … If you do this much work and we only pay a single silver coin, it won’t be fair』(GM)

While laughing, the GM says so.

Then the 《G.o.ddess’ servant》 girls holding hands with each other and joyfully jumping.

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Unlike the insane 《Red Oath》, the 《G.o.ddess’ servant》 went steadily step by step,

(((Ah ah ah, her face is red from any and about to explode!))) (Mile’s trio)

Mile’s trio were panicking.

They knew Rena disliked those the most:

Being treated like a child,

Pat on the head with a pon pon.

Saying even children can do it

It is a perfect three combo.

Then Rena got a little down and muttered.

『… Yeah, I got it …』 (Rena)

(((Who are you~ ~ ~ ~!?))) (Mile’s trio)

Yes, Rena had lived in a harsh and tragedy life.

Everyone who was dear to her, those who cherished her were all dead.

She trusted the comrades of the《Red Oath》

But they are all equal position.

They are naive, are not aware of common sense.

As the one whose hunter’s history is the longest among the group and the one with the most common sense. She thought she had to help them.

They are an important existence, the one she can leave her back to.

the one who will help her without worrying about themselves.

They are absolutely trustworthy, dependable, amenable existence.

But Rena, who lost her father and all of the 《Red Lightning Bolts》

She was seeking an existence she can depend on at the bottom of her heart.

An important existence, the one she can leave her back to or act spoiled with.

The one who will help her without worrying about themselves.

An absolutely trustworthy, dependable, amenable existence.

And then, someone saved her life

An older woman who stood up in front of the enemy’s offensive magic.

It was no wonder Rena was charmed.


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