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Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: Mysterious Kidnapper 9

Circ.u.mstances changed.

Because the nanomachines are in a panic, it won’t be a light matter.

After guaranteeing Faril-chan’s safety, Mile thought that 《I can deal with it slowly》, 《I must let other people venting their anger, too》

There’s no other choice but speed up the game.

Mile was pretending to put a hand into her bosom,

However because the clothes she wore have the structure like leather armor, so, Mile has to put your hands in your chest from the top,

Pretending like grabbing a small package but actually took it from the item box.

Yes, it was from when Mile made the spices before, a spice hand grenade.

From behind, the girl of the 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》 muttering like:

Her chest is so small that she can stuff thing in that chest.

Mile could hear that whispered voice.

For some reason, her ears are too good, maybe in such case.

(U, urusai wa!) (Mile) (T.N: means shut up)

And then, she realized, because she didn’t hide her storage magic, there’s no problem to use the item box normally.

It’s meaningless action.

… she was ashamed in vain.

Even actually, there was no-one saying it to her.

However, a shame is still a shame.

With all the anger, the mortal work of Mile exploded.

『Battle fever! G.o.d Fingerrrrrr~!』(Mile) (T.N: all in EN)

And then, she thrusts her right fist that holding the packet into the barrier and breaks the packet inside.

『Red Tornado!』(Mile) (in EN)

As she cried so, Mile pulled her hand out of the barrier.

In the barrier, a tornado was rolling.

It’s not a strong tornado.

It’s a weak tornado to the extent that stirs the air inside the barrier at best.

… However, the tornado was red.

『『『『『『Gyaaaaaaaa~~!!』』』』』』(A lot of magicians)

And at that moment, in the vicinity of the center of the barrier, the s.p.a.ce around Faril-chan was lying down, cracked.

And the atmosphere seemed like something coming out from there,

but right at the moment when it touches the red air.

『Gyahiiiiiii~I』(Monster) (T.N: my condolences, monster, you don’t even have 1 second scene time)

With a loud scream of agony, the sign moved away, and the cracks in the s.p.a.ce closed, and the s.p.a.ce returned to normal as if nothing happened.

『『『『『…………』』』』』(G.o.ddess’ servant)

There is no indication of a moving person, within the barrier.

No, the barrier itself had disappeared long ago.

Likewise, there are no signs of moving people anywhere.

6 magicians were knock out cold still didn’t wake up yet.

16 magicians in the barrier were all felt down on the ground.

Only 2 or 3 Vanguard men are still consciousness but they don’t move at all with their eyes wide open.

Four people of 《Red oath》 didn’t move as well.

And 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》is…

『『『『『There are … a lot of spices … we don’t care … anymore~!』』』』』(G.o.ddess’ Servant)

And that’s it


And Mile asked Meavis to return and ask for a.s.sistance from the guild.

The remaining girls will carry out a camping operation.


Because this place has about 36 to 37 people together with 16 people back there.

It’s not the number of people that can be taken away only by 9 girls.

And in order to make them walk by themselves, the girls need to wake them up.

And it will be dangerous because there are about 22 magicians here.

If there is a magician who can use non-chanting magic or short chanting magic, the girls can’t deal with a surprise attack.

Besides, the men won’t be walking obediently.

The reason Mile ask Maevis to go is simply 《becuase it seems to be the fastest way》

Besides, I will not go to senior party 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》to run errands.

Rena and Pauline seem to be very late and out of the question.

Mile should be staying in preparation for an emergency.

There was no choice other than Maevis

Maevis herself also understood this well, she accepted it and went away.

To tell the truth, there was one other reason why Mile chose Maevis.

That was the 《with the power of the mind, let my eyes see well in the darkness night》

It was really dark right now, with bad vision like this other people can only advance with slow speed.

Also, if she used a torch, there was a concern about the fire, her speed might even further drop.

There are still 16 vanguards left back there, but those men won’t be able to escape by themselves.

In the first place, Mile and Pauline only heal them enough to keep them alive, those men are not in a condition that can travel long distances.

Even if they try to escape, they should aim here where there are a lot of their fellows, asking their magicians to heal them and they must think their fellows already finished the ritual.

And then Mile’s group went back and take all those men in one place.

Now, the girls needed to find the leader of this group and to have a talk.

The leader should be a magician and others are escorts.

After letting the magician smell the remedy to regain consciousness, these men seem to have high pride, they don’t even hide the leader, and the girls get the leader easily.

Of course, after the barrier disappeared, Mile erased all the capsaicin there.

Mile and Pauline also heal those magicians’ bodies to a certain extent, otherwise, they might really die.

『Well, shall we have a talk?

Why did you kidnap Faril-chan?

What were you planning to do with Faril-chan?

What do like about Faril-chan?

Where do you think Faril-chan is the cutest… (T.N: Raw is “doko” mean “where”, body parts?

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… by the way, what your purpose to do this ritual?』(Mile)

That seemed to be the basic philosophy of this religion.

(Huh, that is …) (Mile)

Yes, although the perspective of the story is totally different, as the event itself, Mile has heard stories that are very similar.

Actually, it was 3 times.

The first time she heard from Dr. Kulereia, the elf’s tradition.

The second time she heard from Beldetes, the tradition of the ancient dragon.

And the third time was from the fairly elder, the tradition of the fairy.

And it was a tradition that should have been lost among human beings whose life-time is short and generations are fast.

(Although it should have been disappointing among humans, why is there such a religion now…) (Mile)

『You all are just either a fallen n.o.bleman who couldn’t inherit the family.

A failure merchant who have high ambition without having a big shop,

Aren’t you just betting on a one-shot game of resuscitation?』 (Pauline)

『G.o.d of another world,

We don’t even know whether he could understand our words,

He may not be willing to adopt new believers from local, right?

And then he would bring believers from his original world,

Everyone in this world will be equally treated as a slave, food or something …

Believers in the original world, they might be orcs or ogres.

And a G.o.d who was wors.h.i.+ped by monsters, he is either evil G.o.d or demon king…』(Pauline)

『 Don’t say that~ttttt!』(Leader)

As Pauline casual pointed that out, the leader is screaming.

After all, he was concerned about it…

『Uhmmmm… where is… this place …?』(Faril)

Ba ba ba ba~! (SFX)

5 girls of the 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》 surrounded Faril-chan who seemed to wake up with lighting-fire.

Mile was completely late.

At the time she erased the capsaicin, she also erased the lattice force barrier which had covered Faril-chan as well.

『It’s okay. We already defeated the kidnappers, you are already safe!』(Telyucia)

『Ahh, the Onee-chan group from 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》』(Faril)

Faril-chan looked curiously at Telyucia who crouches and smiles.

『Whenever Faril-chan is in danger, we will come to help anytime, anywhere.

So, you don’t need to worry』(Telyucia)

『Yes, thank you!』(Faril)

As she says so, Faril-chan raises her body and tightly hugs Telyucia.

『Nooooooooo, that’s the reward I should receive!

It’s such a delicious meal.

It’s a foul play!』(Mile)

And Mile’s scream echoed.


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