I Said Make My Abilities Average!


Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 : Reincarnation 2

“Please make my abilities average!”


At Misato’s words, the young man claiming to be G.o.d has an agape look.

“No, the world that you’re going to be reincarnated into is far behind your own world you know?

The security is bad, thieves are also running rampant on the world with swords and magic, there are magical monster too. If you do not have an outstanding ability, the safety of your life…”

Even though the G.o.d is anxious, Misato’s decision did not change.

“No, it does not matter. My abilities and appearance, and everything else I’m born with, please make it the average of that world’s . Reincarnation means that I’m born as human of that world isn’t it.

Because of that, if I have the average abilities of that world, this time, I can be happy with my own power…

And also, even with only modern knowledge, it is enough advantage you know”

At Misato’s unchanging will, G.o.d nod.

“I understand. Additionally, at that world, a large scale interference and experiment case are performed, as the result magic can be used at that world you know. As you grow, a certain concentration of nanomachines will be sprayed automatically on you, which cause various phenomena to happen accordingly to a creature’s Vicious Mind1 wave.

Chemical change, physical change, various others , well, other unbelievable magical and unthinkable things for you. Actually, that world has greeted civilization collapse several times, because of the lost of all technology human barely survive, as the result of them messing around with large scale experiment that doubles as remedies, nanomachines in the form of magic beetle has become universal and some degree of civilization reconstruction is played out, unfortunately progress has stagnated.

The reason for that fiasco is that n.o.body has been looking out for that world. We do feel some responsibility, the resident of that world live as they please, it’s not a bad world. But, the civilization endlessly continue without advancing, bad security, huge danger, people die easily so to say… ”

Wait that is [not so bad] world?

Misato thought, well, it would be men who go out of town frequently for work, I don’t think there would be so much danger for a woman who does not go out of town, Misato convinced herself.

2, because I’m reborn again as a child of the other world, there is no need to hear the details about that world right now. Normally, she would learn it slowly as a child. She thinks so, Misato is not willing to listen too much about this and that. Therefore, after listening at the minimum explanation by G.o.d, Misato did not question it, especially about herself.

“Then, I will begin the reincarnation process. Married couple who would become parents, but it is not meant to be since the baby will be stillborn3, the original soul of the child, well do not worry about that. A fertilized egg has been prepared for you.

4, it is a bit strange isn’t it.

I’m truly grateful to you. In my appreciation to you, the day where people of the earth will climb into a higher order of existence will come.

May you have a good life…”

And now, Misato is Viscount Ascham’s house only child, Adele von Ascham, 10 years old… or supposed to be.

However, it is funny.

The memories return at 10 years old, it is not like it is bad. Although it feels a bit slow, it is a large burden to an infant’s brain and body to receive the spirit of a 18-years-old, please pardon the infant who wants to play, because remembering words are c.u.mbersome, a small growth caused by memory returning is a huge help.

But, as I try to ruminate the integrated “Adele’s memory”…

Two years ago.

On the day of a party on neighboring manor which my parents are supposed to attend, father suddenly has a bad physical condition. Hastily grandfather becomes the one to attend instead, at the way back, grandfather and mother are attacked by bandits and die.

Usually the security is good, few years have pa.s.sed without bandits appearing, it can be said that there is absolutely no damage, why is it bandits appear just that one time.

The day after the funeral, a woman come to the viscount house, that woman brought a girl in the same age as Adele.

And then, on the party which father and that woman attend, as I was introduced as daughter, the woman brought out a prissy girl.

Adele was left to the viscount house.

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The majority of the servant are replaced, the only one remains from old days, is the cook.

Either killing me or declaring that I’m dead will be good. Maybe as a spare, or to be married off in a marriage of convenience, it seems to be more advantageous to keep me alive.

In fact, at the time of admission, the parents announced to Adele [you are prohibited from claiming Ascham’s family name]. Apparently, prissy will be the eldest daughter and n.o.body should know about Adele. Adele is [might be useful, so let’s put her aside for the time being], thinking about that, I wonder if the alternative of being killed is more acceptable6.

Adele will learn a lot about that world in the span of 3 years in that school and after that is graduation and the dazzling future. Back at the Viscount territory, whether bullied or killed7, or sold to a middle-aged married man. Human trafficking in the name of [marriage of convenience].

Somehow, earn money and find a way to run.

That is Adele’s goal for school life.

But, I wonder why I’m born in the house of n.o.bility. I ask for average abilities, position, and everything else… aaaa!

Adele responds when she found the answer after thinking about it for a long time.

Royal Family, Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount. Slave, Commoner, Retainer, Baron, Viscount. Fifth from the top. Fifth from the bottom. Yep, certainly in the middle……. It’s wrong! What about the number(of people) distribution, the number distribution! And besides, it is far from the average value, it is not even a [median]. Median is the center from all of the components, it is not by anyway the center of categories. If it is not, at least leave it at “mode”…

8 should be “commoner”. Moreover, how did such way of thinking come to be.

Because she is tired of thinking, she starts to make a doll by cutting a piece of wood picked up on the second day. She gets the talent and hand dexterity from the previous life.

Daughter of aristocracy always carry a small knife.

One day, if you are attacked by bandits or man and commit suicide before you are defiled.

No, rather than used to commit suicide, this should be used on the opponent, when I think about it, this knife shouldn’t be used to cut a piece of wood. Though, this wood is easily cut just like b.u.t.ter, I wonder if it is due to the quality of the knife, or a weird type of wood…

And then the gradually finished wooden doll, rather than a rustic wooden doll, it can be called a [figure], it is a novelty for this world.

9, the other carriage pa.s.sengers’ mind is clouded… with worry that she’ll cut off her finger.

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