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Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Mysterious Kidnapper 6

『These people, we will just leave them here as they are』(Mile)

The 16 men lost their fighting power, their weapons were stored in Mile’s item box and they were tied up with Mile’s threads.

Because the thread is thin and strong, Mile tied those men’s thumbs together with their hands.

If they forcibly apply force, their thumbs would fall off.

Those men thought that such a thin thread could be cut off and even thought about break it off with their power later.

They turned pale after listening to it.

They can’t stand it, for a swordsman to lose his thumb.

『Torture …?

We don’t have time for an interrogation,

The other kidnappers are also nearby,

We are going to pursue this as soon as possible,

Let’s go!』(Mile)

Mile tied up those men limbs and fingers, bound the men together, and attached them to a big tree so they couldn’t escape.

Unlike the rope, they were tied firmly with a thin thread so they couldn’t break free unless they cut it with a knife, no… there’s no knife can cut this thread.

And, of course, all the swords, knives, etc. were already stored in Mile’s Item box.

Mile and Pauline also cast healing magic on the men who seem to have bad wounds.

Of course, Mile and Pauline didn’t heal them completely.

Only heal them to keep them alive.

It’s《Red oath》’s average healing magic for bandits and the like.

Unlike《Red oath》, 《G.o.ddess’ servant》 don’t have a strong magical power magician to cure the enemies. The enemies were often left unattended.

As they looked at it, the 《G.o.ddess’ servant》 opened their eyes wide in surprise.

And, when Mile started walking ahead,《Red oath》and 《G.o.ddess’ servant》 followed after her in a panic.

At this point, Mile had already grasped the location of the kidnapper and Faril-chan by detective magic.

So, the previous battle was just 《eliminating the obstacle》, not for information gathering.

And, as she knew the fact that Faril-chan is still safe and grasping her location, Mile felt a little relieved.

Otherwise, she won’t take extra time to capture those men in the previous battle.

And even though she doesn’t want to kill anyone, but in an emergency, she could just break the bones in their body as long as she could still keep them alive.

It got quite dark, but it’s no problem for Mile to walk.

And after walking for a while Mile suddenly stopped at a certain place.

『… There they are』(Mile)

Because it’s really dark, everyone couldn’t see clearly.

They also moved in a line, so they crashed into the person ahead.

And everyone looked at the direction pointed by Mile from among the trees,

the place Mile pointed at is where there’s no tree, it a wide vacant lot.

The people there wore black cloak just like the men back there.

And there are nearly 30 men wearing a matching black cloak.

There seems to be no woman.

Around more than 20 people are standing in a circle surrounding the center of the vacant lot. The other 7-8 people are standing outside to look out.

Those men from the inner circle are holding staves, they seem to be magicians.

And the men on outer circle equipped with swords.

Apparently, they seem to be the vanguards for those magicians.

There are several bonfires here and there in the center vacant lot, to light up the surroundings.

And in the center of the circle …

『… Lattice Force Barrier!』(Mile)

After Mile muttered it in a small voice, she finally felt secure.

『With this, I am relieved!』(Mile)

Yes, in the center of the circle, there’s Faril-chan, who was laid on the ground with cloths cover her body.

Mile’s high-performance eyes could see Faril-chan’s chest moving up and down due to breathing.

After confirming the safety of Faril-chan, she cast a Lattice Force Barrier!

And now, the safety of Faril-chan is absolutely guaranteed…

No matter how fierce the battle will be.

『What shall we do…?

Apparently, the men on the inside are all magicians,

We will not be able to go straight to battle like before.

And if we go out carelessly, we will just get disadvantageous.

Besides, if they took Faril-chan as the hostage, we will not be able to fight.

And we can’t surprise attack with Renchan’s group’s magic,

Because we might also injure Faril-chan …』(Telyucia)

Apparently, the previous lookout personnel didn’t include magicians.

All magicians seemed to gather here.

Well, it was obvious that the ratio to vanguards in the last group was too high.

It was because the magicians all gathered here.

And when everyone was wondering with Telyucia’s words …

『Well, shall we go?』(Mile)

As she said that, Mile walked ahead.

『『『『『Huh?』』』』』(G.o.ddess’ servant)

The 《G.o.ddess’ servant》were stunned by looking at it while the 《Red oath》shrugged their shoulders following after Mile.

『Wha…wha…, what are you doing!

Are you out of your mind, have you lost your normal judgment?


Meavis turned back and replied to Telyucia who is trying to stop Mile and other.

『Well, it’s an average thing for Mile, so ……』(Maevis)

『What… is it!? It is not explained anything at all!』(Telyucia)

Telyucia is still not convinced by Maevis’ words.

And the《Red oath》 are walking right beside Mile,

It’s inevitable, the 《G.o.ddess’ servant》 panic and following after.

『Geez, I don’t know and don’t care about it anymore! Whatever happens!』(Telyucia)

Safety first, that is the motif of the 《G.o.ddess’ servant》

They have been always gone into action after preparing everything and a backup plan.

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And now, they have an uneasy face for the 《dangerous act without preparing an escape path》

But the magical power isn’t related much to their age or experience. A young genius magician can still win an elder magician.

So, 3 magicians aim their fireball magic at the 3 girls who holding staves and seems to be magicians.

And other 2 magicians also release fireball to the vanguard girls of each party to distract and cause damage.

Fireball is a flame bullet type, it will explode even if the vanguard girls blocks it with a sword.

And it can still cause damage just like that.

And the last magician holds a defense magic in preparation for a counter magical attack from the girls …

It is a perfect tactic.

As for the 3 fireb.a.l.l.s flew towards the 《Red oath》, 2 fireb.a.l.l.s were blocked by Rena and Pauline’s defense magic respectively.

And the 3rd fireball that headed to the vanguard girls: Mile and Maevis.

『…Anti-magic sword!』(Maevis)

At the moment when Maevis slashed it by the sword, the fireball fades away without any sound.

Maevis stood before Mile and slashed the fireball.

She excitedly waiting, showed off her first anti-magic sword at the beginning of the battle, expressing a joyful expression that this day has finally come.

On the other hand, the《G.o.ddess’ servant》’s only magician girl Raselina is kind of weak, but she could still manage to prevent the fireball with a fire bolt that she desperately trained before.

At the same time, Tasia shot her arrow to the last fireball and make it exploded in the air.

Fireb.a.l.l.s are much slower than bow and arrows and firebolt,

So, there’s no difficulty for a high perception archer and magician to intercept the fireb.a.l.l.s that won’t change its trajectory.

『『『『『『Huh…………』』』』』』(6 Magicians)

However, it was quite a shock for enemy magicians that all 5 magic attacks were handled easily.

Especially, Maevis’《Anti-magic Sword》

They could understand if it was magic defense.

Because it’s common sense for magicians to use magic defend to block enemy’s magical attack.

So, in order to avoid the magician girls to protect all the girls, all the magicians have attacked at the same time.

Even the magician girls can use magic to defend themselves, they still need more times to cast the next magic defend.

During that time, they can’t protect the vanguard girls from magical attack.

If the vanguard girls were injured or distracted, the vanguard men would be easier to attack and defeat all the girls.

They thought 5 fireb.a.l.l.s magic was enough to do it.

However, everything is completely prevented, the girls are certainly still intact.

Moreover, the interception of explosive system magic 《Fire bomb》with bow and arrow.

… Well, that is nice.

There is such a method,

and it requires a great perception to do it.

But there was something strange here.

Someone slashed the explosive system magic with a sword, and not causing an explosion.

The magic disappears as if nothing happened.

There cannot be such thing. It’s impossible.

Including the defense magic, the magical warfare which started with six magicians were completely prevented by 3 magician girls and a bowman … and a swordsman.

And there were 6 magicians who were dumbfounded at the unbelievable fact that 8 vanguard swordsmen lost the timing to attack.


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