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Chapter 186

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Chapter 186


『…Haa haa, It’s only a dream …』(Mirelina)

Fairy girl named Mirelina put her hand on her chest.

『Ahh, it was such a terrible dream…

Just when I thought that I found a stray friend, it turned out to be a monster,

And worse, next thing I have fallen into the hands of a human being,

I wonder why I get such a nightmare…

Geez, I felt so scared like a lifetime nightmare prepaid …』(Mirelina)

Knowing that it was a dream, after catching her breath Mirelina started smiling. However…

『Sorry, that was not a dream ……』(Mile)

A face of a huge human being appeared close to Mirelina’s field of vision.


『… Ah, she fainted again …』(Mile)

Mile felt somewhat troubled.

『… Haa haa, It was just a dream…』(Mirelina)

Mirelina stroked her chest.

『Oh, it must be a terrible dream …』(Mirelina)

『Too bad, that isn’t a dream …』(Mile)


『Ah, she fainted again. Geez, I have enough of this already!』(Mile)

There was no clue.

If this situation repeats over and over, it will be night.

Mile have to proceed as long as the surroundings are still bright, and Mile frantically swayed Little Fairy girl Mirelina.

『…that how it is』(Mile)

『Then, you don’t plan to catch us, make us a spectacle, or sell us?』(Mirelina)

『Of course! However there is something I want to confirm with the fairies…』(Mile)

Although Mirelina was frightened of how big Mile is, but after Mile started explaining for a while, it seems that Mirelina finally calmed down

a bit.

『You also don’t take our liver, don’t take away the s.h.i.+rokodama? (Kappa’s imagination ball)』(Mirelina)

『Why do you involve a Kappa here!』(Mile)

Apparently there seems to be a strange hoax flowing in the fairy land. It was libel.

『It is said so among the fairy, that humans are doing that kind of thing!』(Mirelina)

It’s not a lie. Because those things indeed happen in j.a.pan folklore.

And it’s also true that Kappa is said to be a fallen G.o.d or a kind of fairy.

But as Mile heard Mirelina said those words, Mile raised a shout of anger.

『No, no! It is a terrible hoax! It is a harmful rumor!』(Mile)

『It’s this lineup!』(Mirelina)

After ten minutes, the discussion resumed.

『So, I’d like to talk to the chief, elder or anyone else who is the most familiar with things from the past in your village…』(Mile)

『I have no reason to take you there!

Taking our liver and s.h.i.+rokodama might be just our misunderstand,

But it’s trye that humans had captured and sold us!』(Mirelina)

『No, that’s wrong…

wasn’t that《they had tried to capture and tried to sell》?

instead of《captured and sold》?』

A few decades ago, many rogues and merchants came hunting fairies in the forest.

Before that, humans and fairies had a gentle coexistence…

And unlike how they are caution with Mile like now, the fairies from that time were kind and friendly with human beings, majority of fairies were caught.

『A lot of fairies caught, but for some reason,

the carriages and

and tents of those who caught them were on fire at night,

the captured fairies also disappeared.

And when those humans finally returned to the city with empty hands

somehow, their shops and their homes, and of those who ordered to catch fairies, rich houses and warehouses, all burned down with fire.

After that, there seems to be no one dare coming to catch a fairy.

Well, after that the fairies disappeared from human beings…』(Mirelina)

Mirelina felt proudly as she heard that.

Indeed, the fairies can fly, are really small and almost have no sound when flying, they are the best race for spying.

((Oh, they can not be found easily…

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It’s an Essay (Yōei) no, I mean faires (Yōsei-tachi)


Even Mirelina shutted her mouth, she couldn’t help but raised surprised voice after saw it.

Yes, the new figure looked exactly like Mirelina.

『Is the voice sample okay?』(Mile)

『Help me! Help me!』(Golem)

In respond, instead of an answer, a golem gave a voice that exactly like Mirelina.

『Ah, aah! AAHHHHHHHHHHH……』(Mirelina)

Mile ignored Mirelina who shouted, Mirelina who shouted, trembled with a deep blue face. And Mile ordered.


『Roger that』(Golem) (Roger in English)

And then the Golem flied again with a thread on the back…

『… So, what should I do …?』(Mile)

When the forest became completely dark, there were 47 fairies tied up beside Mile.

Yukikaze was fainted at the time the arm and threah came out from the monster looks like her friend, Mirelina’s back.

『Well, it seems like I don’t need to ask you to show me the 《Fairy’s village》anymore, I guess』(Mile)

In the middle, Mile forgot asking other faries because Mile is someone who enjoyed fis.h.i.+ng, she was in a good mood and continuing to the end.

『Ah, I have to dispell the silent magic…』(Mile)

Mile covered the surroundings of the catched fairies with sound insulation field magic, to prevent them disturb her fis.h.i.+ng.

And as Mile dispelled the silent magic, the fairies became really noisy.

『What are you planning to do?』(Fairy)

『Release us quickly, this rotten human!』(Fairy)

『I don’t care what happen t me, at least release my wife and daughter…』(Fairy)

『Burn it! I will burn it all with fire!』(Fairy)


…That was so noisy. It was extraordinarily loud.

『No, I told you a little while ago, I just want to talk with you, I hope to build a friendly relations.h.i.+p …』(Mile)

『『『『『Don’t toy with us!!』』』』』(Fairies)

Even though it was a friendly offer, Mile was scolded and mocked.

No, it’s natural.

They were all suddenly caught and tied up, there was nothing《friendly relations.h.i.+p》about this at all.

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