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Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: Fairy Hunting 1

Today is the rest days of the 《Red oath》

Regardless of the average calendar day, that the rest is one per 6 days,

it’s just their holidays.

There is no need to purposely adapt to the rest days of the public.

So, they had set the breaks freely according to the situation of their orders received.

And this time, the girls decided to have five holidays,

everyone could take a free action individually, no need to do it together.

No matter how much the girls get along with each other,

some private time is needed occasionally.

(It should be around here…) (Mile)

Mile, based on the information she has looked up here and there, went into the deep forest near the small village of the distant territory, away from the capital that 《Red Oath》was staying.

If Mile went alone, she could move in a short time by high-speed movement, even this place is quite far.



『We will start around here』(Mile)


And the nanomachines started activities, the ground in front of Mile was shaking, the soil started forming a figure.

It was about 20 centimeters tall, the shape of a girl with feathers.

A very precise fairy figure that Mile designed based on information studied from old books and properly colored.

Well, since the nanomachines knew the fairy’s actual figure, they instantly modified with Mile’s instructions and made it closer to the real thing.

Because Mile didn’t listen well to the nanomachines from the beginning, the nanomachines some turned that way.

Nano-machines wanted Mile to rely on them more, but of course they also knew the reason why Mile didn’t do so. And they respected Mile’s will, however they still tried their best to help Mile as much as possible.

And, for some reason, the feathers of this fairy figure are tattered, her clothes are red stained like blood.

*Flap* (SFX)

… And it worked. Apparently, it seems that it wasn’t a figure but a golem.

『Is it sufficient?』(Nano-chan)

『Yeah, perfect! 《A perfect mother》!』(Mile)

《A perfect mother》, it’s a quote from TV show that from Mile had watched in her previous life.

And Misato’s life has ended before she could used it even once, but Mile could use that j.a.panese word exclusively for the nanomachines who could understand the meaning from wave-thought.

Then Mile tied down a thin, invisible and st.u.r.dy threads to the back of a small fairy golem. She made it, with the thin line using for fis.h.i.+ng she saw before, in mind.



The fairy type golem, which was controled by nanomachines according to Mile’s thought, and jumped up with the thread.

『Golem golem…!?

Gowappa 5 Gōdam!?』(Mile)

And Mile muttered something she didn’t understand well.

Yes, Mile couldn’t use the way to obtain the information 《Listen to the nanomachines》

So, she must do it indirectly with the help of nanomachines.

Because she is in the《Red oath》, she must be cautioned when to use.

In the case of human life, she must not cause annoyance or bad influence to other people, not for profit purpose but just for enjoyment of herself, she established a rule whenever she could ask the cooperation of the nanomachines.

… It’s also because she noticed that the nanomachines would be reluctant unless they could take part in after a long time.


『It is useless …』(Mile)

Mile has changed places many times and repeatedly, but the situation does not change.

Yes, others could only see fairy type golem (with thread) flew around, Mile was hidden with camouflage.

Mile thought that she wanted to see them someday from the time she learned that the fairy really exists in this world.

In the past, it seemed that human had met fairies, and various stories are kept in the record.

A lost child in forest who got nectar, food and was guided back near the village. A villager in trouble got taught a solution by the fairies…

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However, it seems that some fairies have gradually disappeared in front of humans because some humans captured and sold fairies, or trying to make money using fairies as spectacle.

It is a devil.

It’s no doubt that the fairies will lose trust in human more and more.

『Help, please! Don’t eat me!』(Fairy)

Because the opponent used limbs and threads to capture the prey, the fairy seems to think that this is a spider monster with fairy appearance.

And for what purpose the monster that mimic the prey catch the prey?

1 Eat.

2 Made prey stop moving with paralytic poison and lay eggs.

The fairy can only think about 2 options.

But although she was caught, the predator didn’t try to hurt or kill her, it seemed trying to catch her alive.

The fairy imagined its purpose was most likely《number 2》, she screamed more loud to her destiny that worse than death.

『GYAHIIII! Help me! somebody, help me please!』(Fairy)

Seeing the fairy got panic, Mile tried calling out to calm her down.

『Don’t worry, I’m not a demon. I am an average human being. So, you don’t need to worry…』(Mile)

As she heard Mile’s words, the fairy stopped screaming.


『Yes, I’m a human!』(Mile)


The fairy screamed with a voice louder than the previous one, and then the fairy suddenly became quiet.

As Mile looked the fairy again, the fairy had white eyes and blown the bubbles, she seemed to be fainted.

Apparently, for the fairy, it seemed much more frightening to be caught by humans than being eaten alive or being sp.a.w.ned with a spider-shaped monster.

And Mile thought.

(Are fairies afraid of humans this much!) (Mile)

The fairy should not appear before human beings.

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