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Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: Avenger 2

『…sorry, It’s my bad』(Rena)

Rena now realized the circ.u.mstances and apologized.

No, that was a fair-play game, she didn’t not think that she was really at fault, but there was no use to argue with a loli.

Rena chose an adult behavior.

『Do you think you can get away with apologize!』(Loli)

『Hey, you brat! Don’t get over your head just because I’m being nice to you…』(Rena)

『『『Calm down…』』』(Mile + Maevis + Pauline)

And Rena’s 《Adult behavior》ended in but a moment.

『But, isn’t it a bit too early for Meiril-chan to come here from Devil Kingdom? Your brother should just get back a few days ago』(Mile)

From what she heard earlier, this loli seems to have that name.

And, in order to save time by settling in Rena’s place, Mile tried talking to Meiril…

『Don’t treat Meiril like a child!

Because Devil like us grow much faster than human!』(Meiril)

『Ah, I’m sorry… NOT

Uhm, isn’t that make you actually younger than how you looks?』(Mile)


Meiril was stuck with Mile’s simple question.

『…So, how old are you?』(Rena)


『How~ old~ are~ you~?』(Rena)

『Uu, se~ven years~ old…』(Meiril)

Meiril lost the Rena’s pressure and said her age.

『What, aren’t you just an infant, I thought you are about 10 years old』(Rena)

『How rude, who is an infant? I am a fine lady You know!』(Meiril)

『Yes yes, I get it I get it…』(Rena)

Rena lightly agreed with Meiril’s objections.

Of course, Rena wouldn’t want to argue with Meiril anymore, now that she knew this little devil girl is just a 7 year old child even younger than she thought.

『So, what is the anwer for Mile’s previous question?

It certainly is a bit too early for you to make a trip from Devil country to this place…』(Rena)

Meiril answered to Rena swiftly.

『Well, Beldetes-san came to see the situation with Kyle nii-sama’s group.

He brought the five persons who battled with you back to Devil Kingdom for a direct report.

And then Sherara got interested by listening to the story, she took me who happen to be there on board.

She waited me on the rocky mountain, to take me back home after I’m done.

Follow me, because you will also go back with me!』(Meiril)

Meiril pointed at Rena as she said that.

『『『『Ah … ….』』』』(Red Oath)

To cure her brother’s trauma, it seems that Meiril is trying to bring Rena, who is the culprit along.

The girls understand that feeling.

However, whether Rena would obedient follow or not was another problem.

And even if Meiril took Rena back to the Devil country and met with her brother Kyle…

Mile’s trio were able to a.s.sert with absolute confidence.

『『『His trauma would get worse and end up irreparable!』(Mile’s trio)

『What’s with that!』(Rena)

Although Lena protested, everyone’s judgment never changed.

『But, I need to cure Nii-sama…

Since then, I can’t hug him anymore.

Sometimes he behaved strange,

it was fluffy or something,

sweet smell or something,

scorching body and mind or something, etc …

Kyle nii-sama just kept muttered those things that I don’t understand…』(Meiril)

『『『『Huh…………』』』』(Red Oath)

Mile’s group were dumbfound.

Yes, even someone as dull as Mile could understand the situation somewhat.

Of course, Maevis and Rena algo got it.

Pauline? Paulin doesn’t have to notice it.

『Well, that… is…』(Rena)

Unusually, Rena was nervous.

Well, she has always been treated like a child or a dangerous being, and have never been treated as a《girl》

Actually, only Rena herself didn’t notice, it’s not like there wasn’t anyone aiming at Rena.

It was always Rena, who didn’t notice it and was just breaking the flag herself.

However, Rena remembered that the other person is also a child that looks like 12 to 13 years old.

And Meiril actually is only 7 years old when she looks like about 10 years old…

『How old are your older brother?』(Rena)

『Nii-sama is 16 years old』(Meiril)

『『『『Whaaaaaaaat!?』』』』(Red Oath)

7 years old looks like 10 years old, 16 years old looks like 12-13 years old.

What’s going on, the growth rate of the devil family!

The 4 girls thought so, but it isn’t unusual for wild animals to grow rapidly until they can be self-reliant in order to survive.

The devil chilren will continue rapid growing until their body was about 10 to 11 years after they were born.

After that, their growth slowed down.

Yes, it’s the same pattern as elves.

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『Oh, the same age …』(Rena)

As Meiril said that, she pointed at Maevis this time.

『Ah, me?』(Maevis)

Maevis was surprised.

『It’s about the swordsman who fought with you.

He told me that he wanted to see you again.

I was asked to invite you and will bring you along if possible.

Sherara-san also agreed that she would take you along because it seems to be interesting…』(Meirin)

『『『『Whaaaaaaaat!』』』』(Red Oath)

As for today, 《Red oath》was able to train their throat a lot,… unwillingly.


And, Meirin casted the signal magical bullet towards the sky, a moment later, Sherara came.

『This time, you had taught me a lot, so I will withdraw this.

But in case everything that you taught me was ineffective, I will come again!

Because you still didn’t take responsibility yet!』(Meirin)

As she was saying that, Meiril started (climbing) riding on Sherara.

『Also, if there is an interesting story, please call me!』(Sherara)

Rena shouted at Sherala who was saying so.

『Urusai! Besides, this time… no, we will never call you!』(Sherara)

Sharara was giggling and laughing at Rena who was angry, and flied away with Meiril.

…Of course, Maevis didn’t ride on her.

『What’s with all that…』(Rena)

『I’m tired……』(Maevis)

Rena and Maevis seemed to be tire.

And Pauline was sullen.

『Why didn’t anyone ask about me!

No, I don’t want to be a devil or anything.

But both Rena and Maevis were asked out, so why didn’t I have anything?

What was my opponent thinking?』(Pauline)

『『『…………』』』(Mile’s trio)

Pauline’s opponent is that man who has tasted h.e.l.l like in lower body and hot magic.

(((No, that’s absolutely, perfectly understandable…))) (Mile’s trio)

Yes, it was absolutely impossible for anyone to ask Pauline.

『Shall we go home …?』(Mile)

No-one refused Mile’s suggestion.

And, unusually, with zero prey, 《Red oath》party were heading back to the capital.

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