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Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: Rival appearance 2

《Contract’s Guardian》, 《Silver claw》, even after hearing the names of both party, it doesn’t ring any bells with the 《Red oath》

And, as for they weren’t at the scene, the story the《G.o.ddess’ servant》heard from various peoples and rumors not match with what actually happened.

And, the hunters who were happened to be at the scene of the day, came out and explained about the situation in detail for all the girls.

… Of course, they didn’t just do it from kindness, but used it as a chance for the girls to remember their faces and become closer to the girls.

「Well, thank you for the explanation.

In other words, those guys who were saying 《I’m not impressed with you receive such a dangerous request with many uncertainties alone》 and tried to be cautious with the request are the the《Contract’s Guardian》

and the suspicious guys who followed us are 《Silver Claw》, right?」(Rena)


As she heard Rena said that, Telyucia lost her words.

「Jones of 《Contract’s Guardian》isn’t such a weak party!」(Telyucia)

「Don’t treat the old gentlemen of 《Silver Claw》like some perverts!」(Tasia)

Both Telyucia and Tasia were angry and refuted, but then again, there is a poisonous tongue Pauline in the 《Red oath》

「Then what do you call a party that don’t even dare to take the request that we took.

As they saw we received that request, they forcibly brought a joint-party, or easily withdrawn as they saw Maevis and Mile’s copper coin slash demonstration?」(Pauline)


「And what about a male party who secretly followed young ladies’ party at a regular interval, what can we call them beside some suspicious persons?」(Pauline)


As Pauline told them that, Telyucia and Tasia couldn’t say anything back and stayed quiet.

Other hunters looked at the counter thinking that Felicia would save the 《Contract’s Guardian》and 《Silver claw》’s face because she was the one ordered them.

However, Felicia didn’t even change her complexion, she arrived at the reception desk without moving an eyebrow.

((((It’s truly 《All this Felicia》!!)))) (Hunters)

The fact that the 《Contract’s Guardian》and 《Silver claw》were both absent in this place was their only salvation…

「Is that alright? it’s already clear that we have nothing to do with the two parties, so you don’t have any other business with us anymore?」(Rena)

「Well …, we are convinced about you have no involvement with 《Contract’s Guardian》and 《Silver claw》for the time being.

No, I’m still not convinced that they are such people.

I just said that I understand that you didn’t harm them!

But I still have the important business with you!」(Telyucia)

Rena wanted to end it soon, however the leader of the 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》Telyucia had a face like want to tell it’s not over yet.

Or rather, she clearly said so.

After that another party member sent a word of challenge.

「We want to make clear which party is better!」(1 of G.o.ddess’s Servant

「「「「Oo!」」」」(4 other members)

「「「「Ah … ….」」」」(Red Oath)

Contradiction with《G.o.ddess’ Servant》that raised their tension, the tension on the 《Red oath》side was going down.

Separately, it doesn’t matter if what party is stronger.

Up until now, male hunters have been fascinated by《G.o.ddess’ Servant》not because they are strong.

It’s simply because 《They just wanted to have the girls to become their lover》. More or less.

Initially, the girls just became C ranked, so they were lower rank than C rank hunters before this.

If any party put these 5 girls at a party, the jobs that they can accept are limited and the shares are halved.

In other words, unlike the 《Red Oath》which 2 girls have the sword skills similar to the B rank or 2 girls with battle level magicians.

Unlike the 《Red oath》, the solicitation or merge of the whole party of《G.o.ddess’ Servant》 have too many demerits.

Then, how about they recruit only a few people they like? If they can so, they can easy get closer to the girl they choose.

However they will buy anger from the remaining members of the 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》…

In the first place, it is unlikely that any members would turn her back again against her party’s fellows.

And even if that girls agree to transfer, that girl would cause terrible conflict around…

Well, if they really did something like that, there was no doubt that their party would collapse.

They all came from the same village, they are childhood friends, even though there’s no problem if one or two of them have private action, joined other party for a joint-request but…

No, even in that case, it still can effect their relations.h.i.+p.

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In other words, unlike the 《Red oath》, a competent party a.s.sociate,《G.o.ddess’ Servant》was all about 《lover candidate for private relations.h.i.+p》

Maybe they have achieved their purpose: complain and make themselves superior to 《Red oath》, the leader of the 《G.o.ddess’ Servant》was going away as she was saying so. The four other girls followed after.

((((Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!)))) (Hunters)

All the other hunters and guild officials who were in the guild had the same thought.

(Although outsiders like us also heard it a while ago, the《Copper coin slash》that broke the《Contract’s Guardian》’s spirit!

And the march speed that《Silver claw》can’ even follow, completed red request, got nomination request from aristocrat!

So why did you think you are better than them!) (Hunters)

As expected it is the people who jumped out of the village with a hinoki stick in hand. (T.N: In JRPG, it means newbie players with first weapon Hinoki stick, dream to become adventure)

It seems that the blood was on their head, they didn’t even remember a little from the previous conversation.

No, from the beginning their purpose was《to inform that they are better than Red Oath》, and didn’t take in any contradictory information… (T.N: I thought English word would be “selective hearing” or “Biased”)

Anyway, that was what all the hunters and guild officials thought.

(Well, it can’t be help if they are that prejudice…) (Hunters)

And everyone went back to the their original work, the guild staff returned to work, the hunters returned to the request board or eating and drinking.

Meanwhile the 《Red oath》is …

「Today, in order to help Maevis practice, we will take monter hunting quest!」(Rena)

「「「Oh!」」」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

It looked like Rena has thought ahead. As expected, the party leader … was Maevis?

「By the way, about what you all did to be eariler, would you mind explain it to me now?」(Rena)

(T.N: Rena used polite word “kas.h.i.+ra” in this talk)

Apparently, Rena seemed to hold grude about what happened earlier.

Then again, as a leader, Maevis is better.

Mile and Pauline thought so.

And, everyone didn’t say it out their thinking.

((((Those girls earlier, it looks like they are going to involve with various things from now on …)))) (Red Oath)


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