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Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: Aura Family 6

「Ehh… Ah, go ahead, I don’t mind!」(Litoria)

Although she was surprised for a moment, Litoria immediately approved it.

「Hey Mile, you!

There is a limit of everything, even if it’s you, I’d say that it is unnatural!

What on earth are you thinking, picking a sick people’s meals?」(Rena)


Mile shouted back at Rena’s ridiculous condemnation with angry red face.

「It’s necessary to check the meal in order to investigate the disease! It is very rudimentary!」(Mile)

「Eh, is… is that so?」(Rena)

It’s rare for Mile to be angry. Rena backed down and lowered her tone.

「Honestly, geez…

Well, allow me taste a bit」(Mile)

As she said so, Mile stood up and came to Litoria’s bed.

「Let’s see, this is beef.

It was boiled instead of baked, just the juice and discarded almost all the meat…

This is an egg and mushroom.

Vegetables are also simmered, aren’t they…

Uhm, the drink after eating is wine diluted with water and milk…


While tasting little by little, Mile was pondering.

「Litoria-san, are you picky or disliking many things?」(Mile)

Heard the question of Mile, the baron replied from behind.

「Rather than like and dislike, Litoria is always eating this menu.

Because the amount she eats is small, whenever she eats bread or something, she can’t eat other things.

In order to eat meat and eggs, vegetables, mushrooms and milk, I have removed most of cereal food.

I wonder if it would be better to let she eat other foods as well.

And since the quality of the water around here isn’t good, I dilute the wine with water and let her drink it.

And drinking wine will also improve blood circulation.

Of course, I also made her drink milk.

So, are there any problems?」(Baron Aura)

「Well …」(Mile)

After thinking for Mile for a while, Mile said.

「I only understand that there’s no poison in the food」(Mile)

「「「「「Isn’t that obvious!」」」」」(Aura family)

Mile was yelled at by Baron and his wife, brother and sister.

All the aura families include servants are really caring about Litoria, they feel hurt when someone else gets suspicious of them.

「As I said, we are now having a 《bureikō》…」(Mile)

Mile was saying somewhat sluggishly, but for the time being, her checking was over and she turned back to their original purpose.

Yes, it was to entertain Litoria by telling a lot of interesting stories that the girls have experienced as hunters until Litoria finished her meal.

Although she wasn’t asked to do so, but she herself understands well how lonely it is as Adel.

And for Litoria who was hungry for entertainment, Mile began to talk about her《j.a.pan f.u.kas.h.i.+ talk》and it was a tough job to avoid Litoria spill the food she put in her mouth by surprised.

And when Litoria’s meal was over and everyone stood up to get out of the room.

「I have something to check with Litoria-san, so I will stay here.

Well, if you are worried, the mother or sister can stay behind…」(Mile)

《Until the poison comes to the plate》(In for a penny, in for a pound), this country also has a word that similars to the j.a.panese phrase

「… Willomia, we leave Litoria to you!」(Baron Aura)

Litoria’s older sister, a girl from 15 to 16 years old, Willomia nodded to her father’s word.

Everyone and the《Red Oath》also left except for Mile.

And there are only three people left in the room: Mile, Willomia, and Litoria.

「Please, take your clothes off」(Mile)

「「Eeehhh!」」( Willomia + Litoria)

As Willomia and Litoria heard the unexpected words from Mile, they shouted from surprised.

「What’s going on!」(Baron Aura)

And the baron opened the door roughly and rushed in.

「It was nothing!

And how could you blow the door away when I about to take her sleeping clothes away for medical examinations.

Even if you are her father, it’s too rude to jump in without a knock.

No matter what, Litoria is still a girl!」(Mile)

「Ah, I’m sorry …」(Baron Aura)

Mile was seriously angry at him, the Baron hurriedly apologized and went out of the room.

「That’s it! Because I have no funny hobby…」(Mile)

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「「Forgive us……」」( Willomia + Litoria)

Mile pulled her body back in a panic and apologized.


Something, Mile felt a sense of incompatibility.

「Huh? Something …」(Mile)

Yes, something is missing. Mile felt that way …


Mile suddenly shouted out and removed the sword from her waist.

Of course, it is still in its sheath.

Then, Mile grasped the sheath, hitting the sword handle against the Litoria’s knee.

Ko~n! (SFX)


Litoria screams in a cute voice.

「What are you playing around for?」(Willomia)

The sister, Willomia gets angry, but Mile doesn’t really care.

Ko~n! (SFX)


Ko~n! (SFX)


「Stop it!」(Willomia)

Finally, Willomia grabbed Mile’s shoulder.

「Ah, I’m sorry, it’s just …」(Mile)

「「After all, you just want to play around!」」(Willomia + Litoria)

…Both sisters were angry at the same time.

「No, I have found it! The name of the disease and its cause!」(Mile)

「「Eehh!」」(Willomia + Litoria)

Yes, fortunately it was such a famous disease that even average school girls would know, despite rarely actually seeing the patient, including its simple discrimination method.

Long ago, a disease that was said to be a national disease which caused many deaths for peoples in j.a.pan.

And somehow it was a disease that wealthy peoples were likely to suffer.

… Yes, it is 《Beriberi》


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