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Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: Aura family 5

It’s already a while since the girls left the inn, so it didn’t take long before lunch.

The 『Red oath』was informed that the meal was ready and headed for the dining hall with the guide of Dunbine.

Whether the addition sweets have been digested long ago, everyone seems to have room in their stomache.

In the dining hall, the baron couple, a girl and boy aged about 17 to 18 years old, and one girl aged 15 to 16 were seated.

Aura Baron, the wife, … No, all three children seem to be healthy, there is no figure of a girl who seems to be sick.

「Thank you for inviting us today」(Maevis)

(T.N: This part seems to be the Baron’s POV)

As she entered the dining hall, Maevis greeted the n.o.bility.

Because she wore pants, so her greeting isn’t as a n.o.ble lady, but a gentleman instead.

She isn’t a knight yes, so she can’t use the knight’s greeting.

Following that, Mile also showed her courtesy.

In fact, the purpose of lowering the body, picking up the skirt is only an action to prevent the long skirt from touching the ground,

so there’s no need for Mile that not wore a long skirt, but Because of the habit of Adel’s time, Mile picked up the skirt.

Well, the action itself is cute, so there’s no problem.

But she showed her leg too much.

Rena and Pauline are commoners, so they only lower their heads normally.

As the baron saw that, he seemed to be quite surprised.

People will not give thanks to aristocrats for imitating n.o.bility.

It is a rude behavior against aristocrats.

So, just like Reina and Pauline, they only give thanks as a commoner.

But the other two are familiar with aristocrat’s greeting, they did it naturally

What is that meaning…

Yes, among the hunters, there were former n.o.bles,

and those who become temporary hunters to enjoy the short liberties,

or temporarily to train themselves until they succeed their parents.

Also, for those n.o.ble childs with low position like third son or lower,they aren’t notice-able,

it’s not rare from those people, who don’t fit with hard work such as civil officials or knights to become hunters.

But a young girl is really rare.

However, no matter how surprised he is, he couldn’t ask about it since the Baron also knows about Hunter’s past right.

「Oh, welcome, thank you for your hardwork helping my daughter, Litoria,

and prevented the aura family from being shame before the merchant.

Please have a sit and enjoy yourself」(Herval)

Even Baron Aura was surprised, he still urged the girl to sit down.

His wife and children even suprised still gently lowered their heads greeting the girls.

Even though Baron is a low rank aristocrat, it’s unusual for a n.o.ble family to lower their head to the commoners.

It would only mean that the girl named Litoria is loved a lot by her family.

And that was also the reason why Maevis and Mile showed they were from aristocrats from the start.

The cooking is delicious.

The family is only a low rank n.o.ble, baron, that’s why they can’t eat luxury meal every day.

Because they aren’t royalty or high rank aristocrat.

Besides, if they do everything in gastronomy and satiety, they will be fattening and won’t be able to lead soldiers during wartime and they can’t live long.

Today, even though there was no time to purchase new ingredients, but it seems that they used a lot of foodstuffs cereally, and various dishes were lining up.

Rena and Pauline were gracefully for it.

Mile was eating a meal silently with manners in the previous life and manners that she had acquired before her mother died… at an unusual speed.

「Haha…」(T.N: I don’t know who speak / laugh / a wry smile)

Only Meavis ate and talking to people of the Aura family with ordinary aristocratic manners and speed.

「Hoo, Maevis has 3 elder brothers and you don’t have any sisters?」(Baron)

「Ah, yes, that’s right.」(Maevis)

And only Maevis collected information from the baron while the other three were obsessed with meals.

No, Mile also listened to it although she kept eating food one after another.

There is no need to hide even if the Baron family know that Maevis and Mile were a n.o.ble’s children, unless they are declared both their country of origin and family name.

If this is the other hunters or clients, they will not disclose such information,

but if the Baron knew they are also n.o.ble, he will have a sense of obligation and he can’t mock the n.o.bleman of another country.

In the first place, if they don’t want to be known, they will not behave like the n.o.bility from the beginning.

And there was a reason why Mile and Maevis didn’t hide their ident.i.ty of being a n.o.ble.

Yes, it was necessary to confirm the condition of the girl named Litoria who was ill,

and just in case, Mile wanted to cure her, they must make the baron to trust them.

Otherwise, there’s no way the aristocratic would leave his important daughter’s body to some commoner girls.

After eating to a certain extent, 3 girls finally got a comfortable feeling and partic.i.p.ated in a conversation with the barons at last.

Since Maevis was already talking about things such as what came from other countries, about the experients as a newbie hunter party, which is likely to be accepted by the aristocratic young children.

Of course, they didn’t talk to the baron family about (average things like) the Beastkins, Ancient Dragons or Devils.

Of course, Mile wasn’t not talking as a hunter party member, but as a heir.

And finally, it is the main subject.

「Well, where is the young lady who needs medicine …」(Mile)

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Finally, Mile asked straight.

The Baron, his wife and also children also looked happy.

(It was nice, thank to Dunbine…) (Herval)

The baron thought so, but it was still too early.

「Sir Baron, I have a favor to ask, can you allow an invalid lecture now?」(Mile)

「Eh, what is it, what is it?」(Herval)

Heard the sudden request of Mile, the Baron was dumbfound without knowing its meaning.

Invalid lecture.

It sounds as if it’s okay to be rude, but of course, that’s not the case.

Unlike normal, it’s『a banquet that didn’t tie with fine rules and manners by the rank of attendees』

Everyone would not care about the difference of status or manner so much.

It was a disrespectful lecture that was held in the interest of having a fun party.

In other words, it means『I do not care about others being rude』and『enjoy everything without any detailed rules of the lecture』

Sometimes, a newly employee getting involved in the section chief or striking the bald head of the director that was a serious thing, but that’s how it was.

This time it’s not a banquet, but Mile couldn’t find a suitable word, so it couldn’t be help.

However, in the first place, the word 『Invalid lecture』did not ring any bell to the baron, no, it didn’t make sense to anyone in this world, so it didn’t mean anything.

After that, Mile explained 『It means that even if you make rude actions, other people should forgive it』which was different from the real meaning in j.a.pan, but the Baron acknowledged it pleasantly.

And Mile went into action.

「Uhm, could I taste it?」(Mile)

As she said that, Mile pointed to the meal of Litoria, which still remains because of her slow speed of eating.

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