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Chapter 169

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Chapter 169

MILE CHAPTER 169: AURA FAMILY 1 「Excuse me for a moment, what’s all this commotion about?」(Pauline) Was asked by a cute girl with big t.i.ts, there was no way any young male would feel bother. He was about 17 to 18 years old. He explained with pleasure.

「Okay, did you see 3 peoples over there. One of them is the store owner, the other one is a big merchant group chairman, and the last one is the baron’s butler.

The baron’s daughter was sick from long ago, and the butler was coming today to get the herbal medicine that they reserved that arrived today, however it seems that the chairman interrupted the purchase」(Young man) The young man pointed to the 3 men that were fighting against each other, and explained so. 「「「「Huh……」」」」(Red Oath) This shouldn’t happen.

The 4 girls thought so.

In the first place, the Store owner could just clearly decline with『it is an reservation item』

Pauline said to young man so. 「That should be the case, but it would be hard for a small merchant to go against a big merchant group chairman, who know what he would do in the commercial guild, partner, etc.」(Young man)「But that only happens with ordinary people, however this time is n.o.ble, can he go against the n.o.ble?」(Pauline) As Paulin asked, the young man shrugged his shoulders. 「Even if the partner is a n.o.ble, but he is only a mere baron.

It’s not weird for him to have a weaker position than a big merchant chairman. Not to mention, the capital isn’t his province territory, even if he is an aristocratic he can’t just use force against civilians. Not to mention the other party is a large merchant chairman that involve to the goods and money circulation.

Besides, that isn’t a n.o.ble, but a butler. His position is even weaker」(Young man)「…………」(Pauline) Pauline thanked the young man and turned towards Mile ang other girls. She was obvious discomfort that it showed up in her face. (((Oh, here she goes…))) (Mile + Rena + Maevis) Mile and other girls have seen this kind of expression from Pauline several times. Yes, it was the same as Mile’s expressionless face.

It looks like Pauline had a『dedication as a merchant』

Even Pauline had been doing quite a lot of things, but the girls still couldn’t grasp her criterion.

Also, 『as a merchant』isn’t correct, Pauline is a daughter of a merchant, she isn’t a merchant.

At the same time, other girls could understand the criteria of Mile’s judgment as well. Same goes for Maevis, she was doing with her own judgment of value in the position of a knight, but she isn’t a knight.

… The topic that should not be touched. The girls never tried touching them. 「As I said, that herbal medicine is what my master, the baroner had been asking for the our sick lady!」(Butler)「Even if you have signed a contract, but you still haven’t paid in advance, then selling it to those who gave high values ​​would be the right choice as a merchant.

That’s right, store owner?」(Chairman) Of course the store owner had no courage to made an influential merchant into an enemy, or to refuse a request from an aristocrat. That’s why the only thing he could say was… 「About that…, can you two decide it by yourself …」(Store owner) Yes, this reply of the Store owner was the source of stalemate. Paulin took a glance at the three people and confirmed that other girls nodded, and then she interrupted the conversation of the 3 men. 「Excuse me, can I have a word?」(Pauline) Under normal circ.u.mstances, they might said something like『do not involve with our business!』But right now they were in a stalemate, the merchant chairman was confident of his superiority and affordable, he didn’t really care that much about some random girls, but unexpected he agreed… 「Well, that’s fine, what is it?」(Chairman) Pauline was expecting to be refused, she was a little relieved to have it easy. Now that he agreed, it would be easier to preceed. 「Well, I knew the butler wanted the herbal medicine to cure the sick lady. What’s about you? What did you need it for? Someone you knew got sick?」(Pauline) Heard Pauline’s question, the chairman answered with a laugh. 「No, that’s not the case. Since I am a merchant, I purchase items with commodity value, that’s all」(Chairman)「「「「「Huh?」」」」」(Everyone) Surprises voices came out not only from Pauline and other members of the 『Red Oath』but also from the butler, store owner and the people who gathered in the place.Everyone thought that this merchant chairman craved for herbal medicine with some special circ.u.mstances that he forcibly interfered.

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The reason that he was interfering the butler to get the herbal medicine for a sick n.o.ble lady, just for making money?

When Mile was thinking about a counter-argument, the merchant chairman continued proposing his suggestion. 「Shouldn’t we do this when we can’t compromised with each other?

Is it better if we have an『auction』here, the better payment win?

If we do so, the store owner will also make a profit, right, is there any complaint?

Of course, the money will be paid in full here and now. No postpay」(Chairman) While saying so, the chairman pulled out a drawstring bag from his waist. (Even the contents of that bag are all gold coins, it isn’t that much money.

I have the amount money prepared for purchase of herbal medicine and the reserve prepared for unforeseen circ.u.mstances, worst case I can just add my own personal money. It can’t be less than his money in that bag …) (Butler) The Baron butler stared at his purse bag and judged so. 「I agree to have an aution!」(Butler)((Haaaaah…)) (Pauline + Mile) Pauline was. .h.i.tting her forehead (facepalm) while Mile shuddered her shoulder.

Rena and Maevis seemed to be completely unaware, but Pauline and Mile were well aware.In this scenario, it’s impossible for a merchant to give his opponent a winning chance. He must have a trick up his sleeve

And most of the surrounding audiences, especially the majority of those who seemed to be merchants, looked like a butler with a shabby shoulder, a bitter smile, or a sorry face…

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