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Chapter 168

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Chapter 168

MILE CHAPTER 168: SPECIAL MOVES 3(T.N: This chapter is mostly Mile’s POV) (『Vacuum slash』, 『Magic blade slash』, 『Supreme Magic blade』Aaaa, I can’t come up with a good name…) (Mile) Mile was suffering while watching over Maevis’s training.

This would a serious business because Maevis would use that skill name in public in the future, she couldn’t mess this up.

And then. Hyu~! (SFX)Something semitransparent distortion left from the sword that Maevis swung and hit the shrub a few meters away. 「Ah……」(Maevis) Maevis was dumbfound and stunned. 「Congratulations, you had learned 『Tempest Blade』technique!

All that left is refining your speed, power, and apply this technique with self-discipline」(Mile)「U, u~a, aaaaa」(Maevis)Maevis was sitting with her knee on the ground and shedding tears. 「It is still early to rejoice, Maevis-san.

Next technique, the Demonic sword secret skill 『Anti Magic Sword』, you will need to concentrate your power of mind to your sword and negate enemy’s magical bullets or deflect it.

If you don’t master this, you can’t fight equally against magician opponents!」(Mile)「Oh, I get it. Of course, I will do my best!」(Maevis) While shedding tears, Maevis laughed and her eyes were s.h.i.+ning.

Meanwhile Mile thought. (Great, I was able to come up with a good name just in time!) (Mile) Mile chose the name Wind Slash so that people who heard that name knew right away it was wind magic.It would be troublesome to explain 『that technique』over and over again, and if people thought that was a sword skill and could be used even by those who can’t use magic, it would be serious.

If that happens, swordsmen who can not use the magic around this the world would rush to Maevis and request teaching. ***That night*** The second night bell (21 o’clock) has pa.s.sed, in the room of the 『Red Oath』 「Well, it does not bother me. Such bliss」(Mile) Maevis had monopolized Faryl again. 「Hey, Mile! Why did Maevis become so confident, or rather absurd!」(Rena)「Haha … ….」(Mile) Maevis had a hard time today as well, there was no other choice but let her enjoy the Fluffy Healing today.

Mile knew that however… (Are you there, Nanomechine-san who take care of Maevis sword and dagger?) (Mile) (T.N: Mile use nanomachine-san and nano-chan)「Yes!」(sword NM-san)「Yes!」(dagger NM-san) That night, after everyone slept, Mile talked to Nanomachine-san that managing Maevis’s main weapon shortsword, and reserve weapon dagger with a thought wave, and their representatives replied. (Thank you for everything.

And if the weapon became un-usable, falled in the crater of the volcano, got stolen, etc and the possibility that Maevis got the weapon back was almost zero, I want to you immediately left the weapon and move to the next sword that Maevis use and one again made it an external antenna …) (Mile)「Understood, our mission from now is attending Maevis-dono’s weapon for a lifetime. We will do our best. Please be at ease…」(sword NM-san)「Yes, you can count on us!」(dagger NM-san) Mile felt relieved to have the representatives of both weapon promised. Right now, Maevis can use magic with the power of 『Ki』without 『Micros』. Because the sword can radiate a thought wave asan external antenna, it can also work on external nanomachines. However, since Maevis’ radiant power was originally weak, unless she equiped with the 2 secret swords, she still couldn’t use magic properly.But if she lost the current secret swords, she wouldn’t able to use magic anymore. Not only her power would decrease greatly but it also effect her life. Mile was a bit frightening, with Maevis’s presonality, it wouldn’t be surprised if she wet her sword holding hand with blood to use that technique.However with this, even Maevis lost 『her beloved family sword and changed to a new sword, all the secret skill would be available』

Perhaps when that time comes, the nanomachines will manipulate and fuse some of Maevis Blood or cells with the new sword or something. Mile decided to trust nanomachines with that.And although Maevis was mentally healed, but her physical exhaustion was so intense, the 『Red Oath』extended the holidays for another 3 days. 「Are you okay now, Maevis-san?」(Mile)「It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore」(Maevis) It wasn’t anything serious, I mean, it was just some muscle pain.

After that 3 days special training, of course she would end of with intense muscle pain.

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I don’t think that pain would delay after 3 days behind, perhaps, she was already sore from the first day but suppressed it with her mental power.

Why there are drug stores in this world?

Of course, there are healing magic in this world, but, it’s not like you can always secure a healer magician nearby.This world, the number of people can use magic is rather low.The most common one is weak magician that can merely create a little water or flame for daily work. Only a rare number of magicians are strong and can use healing magic or attack magic.

While attack magic is difficulty with 『imagining multiple processes at the same time』, the curative magic is difficulty with 『concretely imagining a phenomenon of healing process when they don’t understand how it work themselves』. They both are difficult and high technique.The 『Wonder Three』and 『Red Oath』were taught by Mile about the structure of the human body, cell division, nerves and blood vessels, etc., that’s why they can concretely imagine (unconsciously instruct the nanomachine) the injury healing process with overwhelming efficiency.However if that was an ordinary healer magician, he merely cast magic with 『Fix the broken bone』, 『stop the bleeding』or 『block the open part of the wound』and of course, the nerve, blood vessel , tendons and the like would still remain broken. Also, in the case of disease rather than injury, if you cast a recovery spell poorly, you may activate the cause of the illness instead, and the patient often get worse.For that reason, people often doesn’t use healing magic for diseases, except for cases such as 『incureable disease』to relieve patient of their pain.Besides, even if you can cure a disease with magic, the patient won’t get resistance (antibody), the disease often reappears quickly due to a few remaining pathogenic bacteria.Healing magic isn’t all-purpose… except for Mile.Mile didn’t teach healing magic for disease in the 『Red Oath』At the most, she only instructed basic hygiene ideas such as 『Wash hands when returning to the inn and before eating』and 『Do not pick up dropped foods』,etc.If anyone get sick, Mile can easy deal with it herself.On the contrary, she was afraid of unsuccessful treatment from other girls would causing fatal consequences.

The danger is quite high. Mile was judging so, and that would be the right decision. If cancer cells are subjected to increase natural healing speed, the disease will be spread instead of healing.Only medium-sized merchant or merchant group might hire healer magician hunter accompany, normal travelers can’t have such treatment.That is why doctors and drugsters were existed in the world that had healing magics.

And, rather than visit a doctor everytime for medicine, people often visit a drug stone that selling drugs.And the store that people were gathering right now was the said drug store. 『Red Oath』‘ policy is doing anything that seems to be interesting.Besides, because Maevis strongly insisted that the girls were heading to the guild to receive request, but the other three were s.h.i.+pwrecked because they thought that Maevis should rest a little more.

As she saw the other three turned their head to watch… 「Let’s listen to the circ.u.mstances!」(Pauline) Paulin suggested so.

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