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Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: Special Move 2

Mile and Maevis came to the forest near the Capital.

Of course, Rena and Pauline didn’t come along.

They must respect their companies’ private .

「Then, let’s begin」(Mile)

「I’m in your care」(Maevis)

Both Mile and Maevis had serious look.

「First we will start with a description of the technique.

As you know, I am far weaker than Maevis-san about sword skill. All I have are only the speed and the power」(Mile)

No, that 『only』is a 『wall that impossible to climb』, So Meavis thought, but she decided to listen silently.

「However, that technique, but it isn’t due to speed and strength, no, actually in order to slash the flying magic, speed is still necessary…」(Mile)

Yeah, Maevis nodded.

「What you need is the power of 『Ki』」(Mile)

(T.N: Ki in English mean like air, brealth, gas however it’s different, well, in RPG it will be EP or SP instead of MP)


If it was magic than Maevis might lose her motivation, however if it was 『Ki』then she would believe she can do it.

As she thought so, her eyes were shining.

And Mile’s explanation which is arranged stories heard from the nanomachines last night begin.

「Although Maevis can use the power of mind inside your body, you can’t do it outside the body, right?

Even 『I am the incarnation of fire』was also coming from the inside of your body.

But as long as that power don’t leave your body, you can’t put the power of mind on the sword to erase your opponent’s magic bullet nor use the blade of mind」(Mile)

「Eh … then, for me, I can’t use it …」(Maevis)

Maevis was frustrating but Mile hasn’t done explaining yet.

「So, we will take physical measures to bring out the power of the mind out of the body.

For now, I will need Maevis-san’s blood and hair」(Mile)


No, I don’t really mind! However if this is the case, I need to sell the soul to the demon in order to master that skill?」(Maevis)

The part 『Demonic』in the skill made Maevis think of blood and hair. Well, it’s no use thinking about it now.

Mile received the sword from Maevis, pull it out of the sheath and put it on the ground.


Heard Mile’s words, Maevis pulled out the dagger, which is her reserve weapon, and use the blade to cut her left arm without hesitation.

Mile sprinkled Meavis’s blood on the sword and some spilled on the ground, and then placed the dagger Meavis had in hand near the sword and also applied blood to it.

「This is enough」(Mile)

Mile healed the wound on the left arm of Maevis, and the wounds disappeared cleanly.

Then Mile cut Meavis’s hair and sprinkles it on sword and dagger.

Mile didn’t cut much, she just cut a little of the hair, so Maevis’s appearance wasn’t really changed. And her very short hair that Mile cut stuck to sword and dagger together with her blood.

(Nano-chan, please!) (Mile)


The blood and hair were sucked in by the weapons and disappeared. The weapons were wrapped in a light made by Mile only to bring out the atmosphere.

And the both the sword and weapon were shining with slight golden and reddish compared to before.

Extension of Maevis’s body, which took in the blood and hair of Maevis. And it served as an antenna.

Why is the devil’s magical power stronger than other human-type races?

『Because they have an external antenna』

Nanomachine explained to Mile so.

Only for the devil race, not for human race.

Yes, it was the 『Horn』

It grows directly from the cranium and protrudes a horn. That contributed to the efficient radiation of thought waves.

Mevis was incompetent to radiate thought waves to the outside.

The built-in antenna is out of question. Then, she just need to have an external antenna.

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The sword and dagger that took in Maevis’s blood and hair is pretty much as Maevis’ body. Then, it’s reasonable that the waves of thought could spread through the sword.

Maevis was both surprised and tired.

And Mile’s guidance started just by saying 『Magical power』as 『Ki』, the special training for Maevis continued.

After the first day was over and when it’s dark, they came back to the inn.

Meavis’s body was deadly tired but her eyes glittered.

「Please give today’s 『Let’s play with Faryl-chan』for Maevis-san as a reward for her hardship… 」(Mile)

Rena and Pauline nodded to Mile’s request.

『The fluffy healing』is necessary for the present Maevis. Everyone thought so.

Second day. Maevis came back to the inn. Her original slender body became even thinner.

And although she was wobbly, her eyes were glittering.

「A second, Mile, is it really okay? Isn’t it better for her to take rest for tomorow training?」(Rena)

「Well, I think so, too …」(Pauline)

Rena and Pauline said that.

「It’s no use saying that to me…」(Mile)

「… … I will go tomorrow. Even if Mile doesn’t come, I will go even by myself.

A bit more, just a little more …」(Maevis)

Maevis felt into bed and lost consciousness, she said so with a groaning voice.

「As you heard. She would go even even if we tried to stop her.

That’s why rather than let she go alone, I should go long to take care of her」(Mile)

If Mile already said so, they couldn’t stop anymore.

Rena and Pauline decided to believe and leave everything to Mile.

And Mile was suffering.

Maevis would probably acquire that skill soon.

And then.

(The name for that skill, what shall I do …?) (Mile)

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