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Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: To The Capital, Kemonomimi is waiting!

「Well, if the devils can find that place then it can’t be helped.

However, we don’t have to tell them everything. Who know if they will crush that place because it’s the nest of the monsters.

And maybe for them it’s just 『A monster has settled in a small nest in the empty place, a lazy monster without purpose』and will head to the other place to investigate

For us, or for the human side, we don’t have to worry about anything」(Mile)

On my way back to the capital city, Mile told other girls.

She thought that it was impossible for devils to find that stairway or underground.

And even if they can find it, she doesn’t not worry.

It was exactly as she told everyone.

It was only a sentiment of Mile that she wanted to leave that as it was.

From a long time ago, the machines that kept working while keeping the order of their master who created them … It seems she has been heard somewhere before.

(…Nano-chan?) (Mile)

She gently called in her head, but unusually, there was no reply from the nanomachine.

(I wonder if they are leaving for somewhere ……) (Mile)

And Mile was thinking.

[ Perhaps there are other active ruins.

And maybe their funtion was maintained in a better condition.

Were those ruins the purpose of the ancient dragons?

For now I just prayed that its purpose is peaceful. ]


The 『Red Oath』returned to the capital city, they went to report to the guild branch first.

「Uhm, about the request completion report, we’d like to report direct to guild master …」(Maevis)

As she heard that, Felicia, the receptionist, stared at Maevis.

「Ah, you girls …」(Felicia)

You girls, she said? Her words are distorted a bit, had a ghost come out or something.

「I’m glad that you are safe, but if the request was done, could you confirm the ident.i.ty of them?」(Felicia)

「Ha~ha, well …」(Maevis)

Felicia left the counter and drawing closer to Meavis as she asked that. Meavis took 1 step backwards.

「So, you’d like to report directly to Guild master, you are afraid other hunters might hear stories if you report here at the reception counter」(Maevis)

「Aaa, … well」(Felicia)

The girls felt some fear in the eye of Felicia, Maevis seems to lose hope.

「Come with me.

Nesel, please take care of my counter for a moment!」(Felicia)

And the girls were guided by Felicia, who changed the duty to another person, and『Red Oath』were heading to Guild Master’s room.

The room of the guild master was almost the same, on the back of the second floor.

「Then will you tell us the report?」(GM)

While keeping the girls waiting outside the room, Felicia entered by herself first, explained the circ.u.mstances to the guild master and the guild master invited the 『Red Oath』to the room afterwards.

The Guild Master of the Hunter Guild Vanorak Capital Branch was the exactly sophisticated hunter that retired no matter how people look at him.

His age is about late 40s to around 50s. He isn’t a magician but a vanguard type hunter, it will be hard for him to keep active at that age.

He already retired but for him to become a guild master of the capital branch, he must have been an awesome hunter while he was young.

Maybe he was trying to be dignity by growing a mustache. And the new young party have lower height than normal hunters. So, in order to talk face to face, the guild master was sitting on his desk while the『Red Oath』standing upright.

The receptionist Felicia stayed a bit beside the guild master, and also kept standing.

「I’m Mile, of C rank hunter party『Red Oath』

I will explain about the result of the request we received this time and the latest related information that I believed haven’t reached you yet」(Mile)

And detailed report by Mile was done. Of course, except the bas.e.m.e.nt and the stairs leading to it.

「… As for the report, I agree with your advice, we will leave the decision on correspondence to the royal palace.

Well, according to the contents of your report, by the time royal palace have a decision from the conference, the devil group might as well have already withdrawn.

Anyway, it was hard work. You will have an A evaluation.

Oh, I also added 1 gold coin as compensation for the latest information from other countries and achievement evaluation points」(GM)

The last word was directed to Felicia, the receptionist.

Thus, the first requested task in the capital branch of the Kingdom of Vanorak for the 『Red Oath』was completed successfully.

(It’s nice to have returned safely, but to think their opponent is the dedils. And these girls carry out the request without casualty…

More than that, from their explanation to Guild Master, they mention about the ancient dragon and the beastkin. These girl are more than meets the eye …) (Felicia)

Felicia returned to reception work, had greatly revised the evaluation for the 『Red Oath』

(I wonder if I did something bad with 『Silver claw』… Well, it’s not a big deal) (Felicia)

Felicia lightly shed it, but it was a great annoyance for 『Silver claw』

『Silver Claw』came back to report the day before.

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And Felicia called them 『weak coward』, 『incompetence that not able to walk like some little girls that young enough to be their daughter』in front of other hunters and guild staff. It was a public humiliation.

「How nice!」(Faryl)

Of course, it’s not possible to leak the latest information to a loli.

Mile edited the previous story with dramatism and revision, rather than the story of this time.

Mile told to Faryl with attaching a short story written down like a fairy tale.

Even though this story may not have reached the royal palace here yet, it probably wouldn’t be a problem as it was already being circulated in other countries. It wasn’t the story that only the girls know. Mile was thinking so.

After dinner, in the dining room where several customers are still left, because Faryl is free right now, Mile called her to the table and told you a story, but other customers like hunters were also listening to it for a while, thinking that it was absurd story just to entertain children, everyone was smiling.

And after a few days, they saw the announcement that was posted on the information board of the guild branch, and they were stunned.

In the kitchen where the last order was over, the owner began cleaning up and preparing for tomorrow.

He saw the appearance of Faryl enjoyed talking with the『Red Oath』and had a bitter jelly jealous face as he watched.

Beside him, was the mother looking at him with bitter smile.

(…Huh? then what about the boys?) (Maybe Mile)

When asked Farryl, it seems the work is completely divided with the older brothers,

The older brothers cleaned the kitchen and cafeteria first thing in the morning,

They were also peeling potatoes, was.h.i.+ng vegetables and chopping them,

Apparently they 『didn’t want their sister to even just a little hard work』and took over most of it.

And Faryl only did reception work and accounting, or tidying up the table after the customer returned once in a while.

Although it seems like overprotective but Faryl is only 6 years old.

Although she seems to be a little older because her race closes to the European and has the beastkin mixed blood. It was still early to do any hard job. Especially when busy breakfast and special occasions, for example: groups of guests came, when people crowd in the capital due to big events, everyone seems to be in full battle.

So, right now the older brothers are playing in their own room or they are already sleeping in preparation for early tomorrow morning work.

In this world, even those under the age of 10 are still working. It was natural to help the family business.


「Mile, I have a favor to ask!」(Maevis)

After returning to the room and take a breath, Maevis spoke to Mile with a serious face.

「Well, about『Secret sword technique, small fry B’s meteor countermeasure』and 『Demonic sword, vacuum flying knee slash』

Could you please teach me those technique? Please! I beg you!」(Maevis)

As she was saying that, Maevis sat down on the floor and lowered her head.

Well, that was a『j.a.panese dogeza』, which Mile showed off before when she was apologized to everyone.


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