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Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Meteor Rain

A group of fireb.a.l.l.s like a meteor rain were flying towards Mile.

However, Mile didn’t panic and shook the sword on her hand.

「Secret sword technique, small fry B ‘s meteor countermeasure」(Mile)

Anyone can use this technique, even if he is just a small fry, he will be as strong as B rank. (T.N: Sorry, I don’t get the joke)

Of course, that was Mile’s purpose when she said that.

Mile swiftly move with Zic zac, slashed her sword with acute angles, and erased fireball one after another.

And of course there was no such thing like the sword broke or the debris flew.

「What …!?」(Devil Leader)

「It’s my turn, here I go!」(Mile)

Mile swung her sword and created a vacuum shockwave flying towards the devil leader. In order not to kill, the shockwave was aiming at the knee.

「Demonic sword skill, vacuum knee slas.h.!.+」(Mile)

「Uo~!」(Devil Leader)

A crescent shaped white thing that flying towards his knees. The Devil leader made a leap with full power to avoid it. He desperate avoided because his leg would fall if he took it head on.

「Uwa, that’s dangerous!」(Devil Leader)

However, in the midst of confusion, Mile has already finished preparing to shoot the next magic.

「s…o…b..ll fight of bad kid!」(Mile)

Mile casted magic with only magic name. And contrary to the magic name 『s…o…b..ll fight』the magic appeared above Mile was 10 fireb.a.l.l.s with her fist size.

Even it has the fist size, it isn’t big because it is compared with Mile’s hand. And the color of the flame is only slightly red. That means that the temperature is also lower compare to fire magic.


A group of fireb.a.l.l.s were flying towards the Devil Leader all at once.

(With that number, it can’t be avoided. However each one is small, and the speed isn’t so great.

Fire magic is different from ice magic, it doesn’t have substance. Because it is only a ma.s.s of magic heat and flame, it can only be prevented with magic barriers.

Even if it’s strong enough to penetrate the barrier, it will still be weakened and won’t dead great damage anymore!) (Devil Leader)

If he kept the distance and continued to fight with magic, he would be inferior.

The Devil Leader who judged so and plan to shorten the distance.

Yes, breaking through that flock of fireb.a.l.l.s and starting a close battle that his opponent wasn’t good at.

「Magic Barrier!」(Devil Leader)

The Devil leader formed a barrier in the front with his left arm and grasped the staff on the right hand, rushed towards Mile.

「Ooooooooooo!」(Devil Leader)

The flock of fireb.a.l.l.s broke through the magic barrier easily and it kept flying without dropping any power.

(d.a.m.n, was her magical power way beyond what I thought!

But they are just some weakened fireball, I can endure a few of them easily. Even just land a single blow at her is fine, the game will be decided …) (Devil Leader)

Do~su! (SFX)

At that time, the shock and pain of the fireball that hit on his belly, and its kinetic energy, the devil leader stopped his legs. He held his belly with both his hands. As he was using his left arm that he had used to protect face just before, his face was exposed.

Gan~! (SFX)

And the second fireball hit his forehead, made a good sound.

Do~su, (SFX)

Go~n, (SFX)

Ga~ki! (SFX)

Three more fireb.a.l.l.s. .h.i.t him in a row, the body of the devil leader slowly tilted backward and felt.

Yes, the magical name that Mile used was 『s…o…b..ll fight of bad kid』even it was fire magic.

This the devil thing that bad kid use, put stones in the s…o…b..ll in a s…o…b..ll fight. (Note: Good Kids as well as bad kids, please don’t try this at home)

A stone was put in the center of the fireball, Mile had stayed true with its name.

Of course that was the work of the nanomachines after reading her intention.

That’s why the magic barrier that can only prevent magic type can’t prevent it. Barrier has a little effect on the 『physical power』of that ma.s.s and kinetic energy after all.

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The blow of a girl’s fist size stone in the head.

(This part looks like Mile’s POV)

But no one can answer that.

The girls in group don’t understand, and the devils don’t even know what 『that ruins』is in the first place.

This pa.s.sage, although at the beginning the pa.s.sage was narrow and piled with dust, but in the middle it seems clean. I don’t think this pa.s.sage was used very often.

Such a cave, it isn’t strange that beasts and monster lived inside, however it doesn’t seem like that.

Is this really concidence or is there a reason for that …

「It’s me!」(Devil Leader)

Before the corner, the leader cried out loud. Maybe he was informing the researchers.

「Oh, welcome back.

How did it go with the human Bishoujo Hunters?」(1 of 3 Devils)

In the reply from the back, the devil researcher using 『Bishoujo』,『Red Oath』were somewhat happy.

And then, when they were looking at it, 5 devils said 『you guys are such tampers!』

「Wh, who are you…?」(1 of 3 Devils)

3 Devil magicians in charge of investigation raised their voices with a surprised face, looking at the 5 devil escorts that appeared with the『Red Oath』

「Did you catch them? But why did you bring them here?

Bother telling me what are you planning to do here? What are you thinking …」(1 of 3 Devils)

For the 3 devils of the investigation teams who thought so, the escort leader explained with a sorry face.

「No, we were captured and had to guide them here.

Sorry. I’m sorry …」(Devil Leader)

4 other devils bowed their heads with the leader.

「「「Huh……!?」」」(3 Devils)

Three devil of the survey team just stood there with that unexpected and unbelievable story.


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