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Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: Team compet.i.tion – Jihou (2nd player)

Round 1: Senpou (Vanguard) Battle, the winner 『Red Oath』team, Pauline

Round 2: Rena vs Devil young man (Shounen) that was about 12-13 years old.

Just like before, even though the devil young man looks as young as Rena but the girls don’t know how his real age. Speaking of which Rena’s actual age is also 16 but looks younger.

They confront each other, only the looks look like the same age. Both are magic specilist rather than sword or martial arts.

「Fire Lance!」(Devil Shounen)

This time, it was a preemptive strike from the devil shounen.

It seems like he was wary of Rena after the previous miserable battle.


Rena’s barrier got enhanced by Mile, was more powerful than the average one. Therefore, no matter how much strong the demon magic attacks, it can’t be broken so easily.

「What …」(Devil Shounen)

The Devil young man was shocking with his attack was easily prevented by a human little girl.

「Flame Explosion!」(Rena)

「Magical barriers!」(Devil Shounen)

This time, the Devil young man prevented Rena’s attack.

「Flare Storm!」(Devil shounen)


「h.e.l.l Fire!」(Ifrit Rena)

「Barrier!」(Devil shounen)

Although mutual attacks are coming from both side, not even one can escape the opponent’s magic defense. As long as they can’t hit, they can’t win.

However, if they kept this up, it would be dis-advantage for Rena, who is inferior in magical power amount.

And then after several times when it became the Rena’s turn to attack,

Rena didn’t cast magic, and ran toward the Devil young man with full power.

「Huh…!?」(Devil shounen)

The Devil young man was surprised for a moment after seeing unexpected scene, but he soon regained calm.

「Judging that the enemy didn’t prepare any magic, did she plan to have close combat with staff…

But I am a devil? Even though Magic is my specialty, but I still have the minimum of stick fighting technique, as least that won’t lose to pole arts of a human girl who is specialized in the same magic as me…」(Devil Shounen)

As he said those words, he saw Rena still ran toward him while throw away the staff on the ground, and was even more confused.

「Huh…?」(Devil Shounen)

(T.N: This part look like the Devil Shounen’s POV)

[ Just before melee battle, but she let go of her weapon?

I don’t know the meaning, I can’t understand.

A bare-hand human girl, and a magician who doesn’t train herself with fighting arts. Whether beaten by fists or strangled by lock, I can’t imagine that a devil with robust body like me will lose. ]

The young man’s reaction was delayed by mental leeway and confusion.

And further hesitant to knock down a weak human little girl who doesn’t have weapon on hand, and Rena has bound the movement of his body.

Gyu~! (Hugging SFX)

「Huh…!?」(Devil shounen)

When he noticed, the devil young man was hugged tightly by Rena from front.

A soft feeling that touches his chest.

(Was this soft feeling …) (Devil shounen)

The young man has no history with equal age female, he has never touched any girl other than his sister, he was blushed in spite of being hugged by a girl.

And, sweet smell of girl tickling his nostrils…

When his head turned white, he heard the girl’s voice in his ear.

「Suicide bomb magic, Megaten!」(Rena)


「Aaaaaaa!」(Devil Shounen)

The swirling flames wrapped up the two bodies.

「Ba…barriers! Magic… barriers…!」(Devil Shounen)

Desperately, the young man tried to cast a magic barriers.

Even so in this world, the barrier has been either stretched like a wall between the caster and the opponent, or stretch it in a hemispherical shape.

Yes, there’s never such a way to protect the caster in such a close contact state. So, the barriers that stretched out took shape, including Rena and her flame magic in it. It’s meaningless.

Rena, on the other hand, under the guidance of Mile, had repeatedly trained to build a barrier in a form closely attached to her own body, and it’s natural that the flame that is emitted by her own will not harm herself. She was teaching by Mile after all.

And because Rena mastered every requirement, Mile teached Rena this deadly technique, 「Suicide bomb magic, Megaten!」

A wonder magic that binds your opponent with your own body, and your opponent is the only one took damage.

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Of course, the nominee was Mile.

「Leader of 『Red oath』, swordsman Maevis Von Austin, here I go!」(Maevis)

「Swordsman, Reltbad (レルトバード: Rerutobādo), here I go!」(Reltbad)

Even if he is a devil, not every devil is a magician.

Just like some of the beastkins are good at magic, some of the devils aren’t good at magic.

They are usually swordsmen, spearmen in the vanguard and archers of the rearguard.

And this devil swordsman, Reltbad is such devil, with the physical ability of the demon superior to a human being has made him a formidable devil.

「True G.o.dspeed Sword!」(Maevis)

With the G.o.dspeed sword, the speed is only a little above B rank, or at most is about a weak A rank hunter. Then, it’s no wonder that it won’t be able to fight with the devil swordsman.

However, she can still have a chance if it is a true G.o.dspeed sword, it will be as fast as superior A ranked hunter. Enough for she to fight equally with her older brothers.

Maevis thought so.

Kiin! (SFX)

Gakiin, Kiin, Kiin! (SFX)

After a few attacks, Maevis understood it right away.

(…It is useless, it isn’t working! I was played!) (Maevis)

Maevis wasn’t a type that confidence about herself, because for her mates were like that.

And now is the time to use it.

One capsule was taken out from her pocket.

Then Maevis opened the lid and muttered the word of prayer to increase effect.

「Please, Micros!」(Maevis)

Meavis drank the contents at once, cried out loud to the Devil Swordsman Rebird.

「Here I go again! Ex True G.o.dspeed Sword!」(Maevis)

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