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Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: Request

Approximately one hour after the second bell at night, the owner came to bring back Faryl.

「What …」(Owner)

The owner opened the door after knocking once, as he looked at the interior, his eyes opened wide with surprise.

What reflect before his eyes was Faryl playing with the 4 girls and laughing really happy.

「No way, Faryl is always shy of strangers, how could this happen…」(Owner)

Yes, to stay at this inn, all the guests must not discriminate or disturb Faryl, who is clearly inheriting the beastkin’s blood.

Otherwise, they would leave the inn just by looking at Faryl sitting at the reception desk or got chased out by the owner.

But even if those guests weren’t discriminating against beastkin, they were at most acquaintance level, just like the Rennie-chan with other customers. But Mile and other girls were at familiar level … that was neither customers nor guests … No, no, it’s still a little different from a friendly relations.h.i.+p.

Well, Rennie-chan is already 10 years old when Faryl is still 6 years old. She hadn’t heard many stories about the world still love playing so she is really happy, or so it seems…

Anyway, before the owner’s eyes was his daughter, laughing with people other than family’s members. And she laughed really happy, a scene the owner have never seen before.

His daughter was shy so there’s no way she would laugh like this in front of stranger, but why even when there were only family’s members, he has never seen his daughter laughing happy like this.


Even though the inn’s work is very busy, there might be some problems with how he take care of his daughter. The Owner thought so.

***Next Morning***

When the Mile and other girls went down to the first floor for meals, the owner seemd to be in the kitchen. Faryl-chan and 2 boys that were somewhat older, were serving and cleaning up in the cafeteria.

(Are those two Faryl’s brothers? Is the mother also in the kitchen?) (Mile)

As Mile was looking at the children, she realized the boys looked like average people.

(That?) (Mile)

Mile wanted to ask question, but it wasn’t the time to pry at the busy breakfast time.

Unlike at dinner time, the breakfast is time that people rush to have meal before working. It was quite busy even they were already preparing last night.

It wasn’t good to cause employees anymore trouble for extra things like this. The girls thought they’d better be a good customer and eat quietly on a table.

(That?) (Mile)

Mile tilted her head again.

She glanced at a woman at the back of the kitchen.

Perhaps, that was the lady owner or rather the mother of Faryl-chan.

However, the woman also looked like an average human being.

Mile already got a glimpse of it, Faryl maybe a genetic heritage, and there may be some circ.u.mstances… etc

Miles decided not to look at anything and keeps on eating in silent.

The 4 girls returned to the room, took their dummy baggage and left the room. It is in a state of completely withdrawing from the room.

The girls planned to stay in this hotel tonight, but depending on the work they received, they might have to leave this city a days or two.

In preparation for that, the girls didn’t leave any luggage, they planned to pay the fee for the first night.

「Could we have the bill please」(Rena)

「Ehhh!? Onee-chan, you are leaving!?」(Faryl)

Faryl was surprised by Lena ‘s words and looked sad. Maevis explained from the side in a hurry.

「No, we only go out to check requests.

If there’s no good request or a request to leave the city, we will stay here tonight and even if we leave the city for request, we will come back again after we done」(Maevis)

Faryl was relieved by listening to it.

Apparently, she has grown attachment to 『Red Oath』 girls.

(Keikaku Doori) (Mile) (T.N: in case you don’t know this meme, it means 「Just according to the plan」)

Mile was thinking jst like the G.o.d of the New World.

Suddenly she spotter the book placed on the counter and there were some writing in the blank s.p.a.ces next to where Mile and other girls’ name were written.

Perhaps Faryl would like to make a (Death) note.

Mile was wondering what Faryl was writing, and reading it …

Maevis is tall and handsome but there’s no b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Maybe.

Rena seems to be kinky. Maybe she has mixed carnivore beastkin’s blood. The same as me.

I feel Pauline is a bad girl. Probably.

Mile runs a . Probably. (T.N: a kind of restaurant)

(Uu, be quiet!) (Mile)

[Of all things, you pay attention to that!] Although Mile wanted to retort, but of course she could never do that with a 6 years old girl.

However, if Rena or Pauline read this, it would be a problem.

Mile silent cast wind turning to next page of the guest book, hiding the page where their name was written.

(But for her to realize Pauline’s nature! She is really amazing, or is it beastkin’s instinct?) (Mile)

And, after completing the payment, 『Red oath』party went to the Hunter Guild’s Capital branch.

「We are 『Red oath』, a C rank hunter party that was registered in the Tyrus Kingdom’s hunter guild branch.

In order to gain experience, we are going on a journey of learning and we are planning to stay in this town for a while. Please take care of us from now on」(Maevis)

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「Oh, nice to meet you, I’m Felicia, receptionist.

After the information board, 『Red oath』began to check the request board.

This is the moment that the 『Red oath』decides which request they will receive and talk with the receptionist. Then the receptionist will give advise because the girls don’t know well about the hunting ground. She will tell the girls about whether they should do joint request from the beginning …

Most of the parties that were aiming for 『Red oath』thought of similar things. And because they knew each other, there would be an intense war between hunters.


At that time, Mile unexpectedly raised her voice.

「What’s wrong, suddenly yell…」(Rena)

When Rena asked so, Mile pointed to one of the request forms on the board.

『Survey Request: Investigation of a group that conducts suspicious behavior in a Rocky Golem mountain. In some cases, this would become a captivity or subjugation request』 (NOTICE)

4 girls looked at the request and looked at themselves in the face.

In their mind, they remembered the appearance of the beastkins at the ruins before.

It seems that this suspicious group was aslo working for sometime around here.

And, Rena peeled off the request from the board.

「… Is it okay?」(Mile)

Mile was somewhat hest.i.tate asking Rena.

「Well, this is one of the purposes of our journey after all.

Well, it maybe just a different thing that has nothing to do with what we are looking for.

And even if that’s the case, we will still have no trouble with only beastkins.

Besides, if that really come out again, we will give out the names from the last time, I feel that they are likely agree to have a talk.

But I don’t think a concidence will happen so often」(Rena)

Heard Rena’s words, Maevis and Pauline also nodded.

Last time that came out, even though Mile wasn’t sure if this time would also go well.

She thought so, but Mile wanted to investigate this request, so she silently nodded as well.

The payment for this request is reasonable, but since it is an uncertain request content that people can’t estimate the degree of danger and people can’t even sure if they can meet the target party, it was a request that no one wanted to accept.

However, it looks like 『Red oath』is receiving it, the hunters who were trying to bring a joint party were puzzled as the girls heading for receptionist.

Things didn’t go according to the plan.

And one thing, the girls had forgotten about the Ancient Dragon’s word at that time 『In order to check the situation of many place, we asked the devils and beastkins to do the investigations at various places in our instead』and thought that the opponent this time was also beastkins. Everyone in the 『Red oath』thought so.


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