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Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: What were you writing at night

「We will arrive to the next town soon」(Rena)

After the small break, Rena said that while looking at the map.

Of course, because the girl were traveling alot, the map was needed. Otherwise, they would get lost anytimesoon.

However, although it’s a map, it isn’t like the one used in modern j.a.pan, nor the world map in Role playing game with many instructions.

Well, this one, ignoring the scale factor, a artist only drew forests and rivers and mountains.

However, people can still easy reach the destination if people proceed on the highway without mistaking the left and right turn. The map still fulfilled its meaning.

In any case, this is a world that everyone is easy to die only by making a mistake in the way that why all travelers have a map.

The morning after that『the cuisine is delicious, but it was an uncomfortable celebration』, the 『Red Oath』went out quickly.

There was nothing left for the 『Red Oath』to do there, and in the first place, the girls couldn’t 『bear』that air any more. Two pairs of couple’s created their own barriers and spilled『Sweet acid』to the surrounding. Beside Meliza’s dark face was un-bear-able.

In the first place, the 4 girls were all cute, but somehow all of them had『History with no boyfriend for age』

In the past, everyone had circ.u.mstances, right now Maevis wanted to be ranked A quickly. Rena was aiming for B rank. And Pauline wanted to save money. As no one, no one was going to waste time on a boy or the like.

Only Mile was thinking 『It may be good to get a boy fiiend soon』

Mile thought that, but, the traveling days was never ceased, and Rena’s interference work was bad.

When the girls wanted to leave, the owner couple repeatedly thanked and invited them but they refused with『we do not intend to earn money with boring work』

The owner couple, and brothers felt disappointed, Rafia and Aryl were a little relieved, Meliza was still dull.

The『Red oath』said their farewell lines and left the town quickly.

「Melisa, I hope she can be happy」(Mile)

「It’s okay, the owner couple said that they would certainly sniff out the real jobs of good-condition men.

Because she is a young beauty with an inn, … there are lots of guys aming at her, so if she stop being pickly she will get a man soon. You do not need to worry!」(Rena)

Mile and Rena seemed to wish for Meliza’s happiness, which means they felt little close with her.

But one must wonder what were their familiarity.

***And early in the evening.***

Thanks to the Mile’s item box, 『Red Oath』girl had no luggage, were much faster than ordinary hunters. The girls can advance more than 40 kilometers a day. As average traveler can only move 30 kilometers at best. But that was for young man, as a girl, the speed is even slower.

The girls could travel with this speed because they had healing and recovery magic.

And the party arrived at the next town a bit early, they headed to the guild branch as usual, confirmed the liaison board and the request board, then took the inn.

There is no big difference between the inn in this town and the price is slightly different, but there seems to be differences in the facilities, dishes, etc, so it depends on personal preference.

Well, this is average for any town.

Three girls: Maevis, Rena and Pauline had dinner at a suitably selected accommodation. They have moved a whole day and got a bit tired, they refreshed with body cleaning magic, and then rested early.

Mile, like usual, was stay up late.

For 3 girls’ sleeping exactly for 8 hours except during outdoor activities, but for Mile the sufficient sleep is only 6 hours. Since the previous life, she had such a life pattern.

Mile used light magic after casting a shading shield so that the light would not leak outside. She took out the『poor ballpoint pen』which she got by asking the nanomachine and poor quality paper from the item box and started writing.

At first, she tried using a feather pen as everyone in this world used, but since it was troublesome to attach ink every time, she tried to make something like a fountain pen, Pen is caught or ink is caught because paper quality is bad.

Next, she decided to make it simple and solid 『pencil』 but she got irritated because it also got caught on the paper again and she had to sc.r.a.p her writing every time.

…, Mile was too tempery.

No, the average Mile was really patient, but only when she was disturbed by reading and writing, she got tempered like a different person. That was Mile’s quality.

And finally Mile decided 『It was like-a-ballpoint-pen pen』

Actually if Mile said『Make a car』, Nanomachin would take it as 『Violation of rules』and wouldn’t accept. However, because Mile know the ballpoint-pen’s mechanism, if she have time, she can produce it in this world even without nanomachine.

So it was not 『making impossible things in this world』, it’s just saving time and effort, so it is okay for nanomachines to make things that can be created within the knowledge of Mile.

So it seemd.

Even now, the boundary is not clear …

Anyway, that’s why Mile continued writing with 『like-a-ballpoint-pen』pen

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But Mile didn’t know whether Orichalc.u.m or Mithril were used in the ball and tip part of the ballpoint pen, it seems that this wasn’t a big problem for nanomachine.

However, the regular service of the Hunter Guild is the main task of carrying guild doc.u.ments, they rarely carried money so the bandits wouldn’t get anything even if they attack it.

And because it transported important guild doc.u.ments, this survice have enough hunters to escort. In addition, if anyone dared to attack the Hunter Guild’s chariot, it means that they made an enemy out of the Hunter Guild in the whole continent. The ma.s.sive hunters with outsideration of profitability is a.s.sembled. In all neighboring countries.

The detonated corps rush from the country where the incident occurred and all its neighbors. And they will not stop until they catch the criminal and kill the whole. The Hunter Guilds will not forgive those who look down and harm them. Otherwise the same incident will occur again.

『Don’t you dare lay your hands on the Hunter Guild』

In order to engrave this in the minds of criminals, the guilds don’t spare any amount of budget and means.

That is the Hunter Guild’s quality.

And this transport survice hires a lot skilled hunters but it is only one carriage, naturally have limited load capacity. Moreover, unlike a merchant’s wagon, it runs at high speed, so it’s never full loading.

Fast, safe, little load capacity.

It was obvious that the fee charged on board will rise.

「Would you mind waiting a minute?」(Erufu-san)

When Mile tried to offer a wrapper to the receptionist, a voice was calling from behind.

When Mile turns towards that voice …

「Eh, elf?」(Mile)

Yes, a slender, tall, curly facial with extended hair, … and a young male with sharp ears.

He is exactly『an elf from the elf』that made everyone think that he is an elf at first sight.

「U wa! It’s an Elf! This is first time I see one!」(Mile)

「Didn’t we already stay together for several days with Doctor Kulereia!」(Rena)

Mile was excited that the forgot that but Rena remembered it.

「Oh, that’s right …」(Mile)

Because with Mile, Doctor Kulereia’s ears was removed from the perception that made her a completely elf.

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