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Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Inn 10 – Fighting Scene

While Mile was furious, Meliza returned to 『Maiden’s Prayer』and brought Rafia and Aryl. Last night guests already left in the morning and there were no guests staying tonight yet. So the sisters had no problem with locking the door and went out.

In her past life, Mile mostly enjoyed the 『story』from books and video works etc. as for amus.e.m.e.nt, that’s why she couldn’t accept method similar to 『Deus · Ex · Makina』and 『Dream sequence』. Her rage continued until Meliza brought her sisters here.

「Haaa……. haaa…」(Mile)

When Rena finally appeared Miles, the 3 sisters of 『Maiden’s Prayer』had already arrived.

「But, this is rare, I mean, I have never seen you behave like this…」(Rena)

「Sorry, I am sorry, but…a resolution came out of nowhere was like mocking all of our efforts and labor so far.

I felt like that and my heart was caught in the darkness, on the dark side…

Yes, just like Pauline-san noticed that one gold coin is missing …」(Mile)

「Don’t involve me into your mess!」(Pauline)

Paulin protested to Mile.

「… so, aren’t you going to continue?」(Maevis)

Eveyone nodded to Maevis.

「So, why did you keep silent about this important information?」(Mile)

Asked by the bad-mood Mile, the owner replied while scratching his head.

「No, you didn’t ask about my sons …」(k.u.ma-san)

「Because there was no sign of having children.

We thought you couldn’t have children or they may have died.

There’s no way we could ask about it

Well, nevermind.

Please me explain about your sons」(Mile)

Meliza sisters and the boys were all sitting with a subtle face.

And the owner’s explanation began.

「Well, as you can see, they are my twin sons.

They grew up as a childhood friend with Meliza and began to work as a chef at the age of 10.

To improve their cooking skill, at the age of 12, I asked a senior of mine, who was a chef in the capital to take them in as apprentice.

I teached them 2 years at home because I couldn’t just send some amateurs and made more trouble for my seniors.

As you two already came back here, so that meant you two had learnt the foundation as a chef, the rest would be the technique.

So, how are you two? Have you finished training properly? Have you got a pa.s.sing score?」(k.u.ma-san)

「Since we already came back, it was natural. Father, I will give you the letter addressed to you and the certificate handed down from our teacher later. Because it was in the bottom of my baggage, it’s troublesome to pull it out now.」(2nd Son)

As he heard it, the owner nodded, and his mouth distorted in pleasure.

In fact, he would like to express more pleasure. But with the present situation, he had no choice but held it down.

And Mile, who was thinking about something, shouted suddenly again.

「The flag, the flag, the flag is here! 」(Mile) (T.N: a shout with unknown meaning)

Everyone beside 3 girls of 『Red Oath』was surprised by unexplained words that was shouted suddenly. As it was the average thing, the girls wasn’t really surprised.

「You always say somehting like that! Didn’t I tell you not to use those unspeakable phrase that only you understand?」(Rena)

Different from noemal, Rena’s retort to the high tension Mile, it’s not very effective. And Mile said to the owner.

「In the meantime, please explain the circ.u.mstances so far to your sons, then we will start from there」(Mile)

To be sure, there was a need to teach the situation to the boys about the story before they were back here. For them to understand that Meliza, who was in good with them, did in the past 2 years and of course include the bad things.

It might be a bit painful for her to hear it though.

Following Mile’s instructions, after the general explained the situation to his sons.

The boys were having a sad, sorry look.

They knew for the first time that Meliza’s father, who they had been thought of like another father, pa.s.sed away. As the sisters wanted to protect the inn, were suffering and desperate to live, they didn’t know anything and they couldn’t help anything. So, it was somewhat reasonable.

However, they never blamed their father with 『Why did not you let us know?』

Because even if they heard the news, what could they do to help when they were were minors themselves?

They couldn’t do anything. At best, they could only skip their work and return here to say some words of comfort. But that would also give the sisters a guilt feeling that the sisters made the boys lost their important work.

Because the boys understood those things, they didn’t feel like blaming their father, who didn’t contact them with something that would just disturb their hearts and their work.

「Well then, because both the sons already understand the situation. I have a good idea to solve the problem!」(Mile)

Finally, Mile began her explanation.

「Including the sons, for the time being, we have a sufficient number of cooks and people.

So, this is the suggestion.

How about exchange the food preparing personel in both inn?」(Mile)

「「「「「「「Eh?」」」」」」」(Sisters + k.u.ma-san’s family)

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Voice of doubt, all raised.

「Oh, that seems to be the best, it’s super (more) effective that way, rather than teaching you both together … and sometimes it may be good to alternate between me and the Lyri.

Meliza sisters and Lyri, are you also okay with that?」(Owner) (T.N: k.u.ma-san only call his wife with Kyri without se)

Three sisters and the lady owner nodded with a smile.

「Well, let’s proceed with that, we will think about the details from tomorrow. And tonight, we will celebrate the two completed their studies and returned! Of course, Meliza sisters will come along!」(Owner)

「「「Yes!」」」(Meliza + Rafia + Aryl)

Three sisters with a smile, replied together.

(Who is better … The first son, Elas is bluntly and a bit shady, but he is manly and reliable, and the second son’s Visto is well-groomed, delicate, gently…

Ahhh, if I get married to Elas, 『Wild Bear Pavilion』will become I and Elas’ belonging, and Rafia can marry Visto and take care of 『Maiden’s prayer』…) (Meliza)

Meliza was in cloud nice with her dream about to come true, suddenly noticed.

「… Our promise, do you remember?」(Rafia)

「Oh, I’m not that forgetful. It was no doubt that it was just an accident but it was also true that I have seen it, so I will take responsibility properly」(Elas)

「Ehehe …」(Rafia)

After saying that, Rafia and Elas were flirting.

「What !?」(Meliza)

Meliza was shocked at the two that looked like already married already.

And what was it that 『I have seen it』!

Meliza was upsetting, but her sister seems happy, so she decided to calm her mind somehow.

(Then, the second son’s Visto … ?.

He is the younger brother, we can take him in our family as son-in-law! Now that I think about it, it’s better to have the gentle and caring Visto than the somewhat harsh Elas.

Besides, Visto is the one will come and work at our inn. Alright, … Visto …) (Meliza)

「Hey, you finally come back, it’s too late! Aryl has been waiting for you forever!」(Aryl) (T.N: Aryl talks with 3rd POV)

「Sorry sorry, my bad! Please forgive me with this!」(Visto)

While saying that, Visto pulled out a pendant from his pocket and put on Aryl’s who was clinging to his leg.

And Aryl’s face became red.


Meliza’s screams reverberated in the shop.

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