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Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Inn 7

「Why? … what are you doing that for?」(k.u.ma-san)

The owner kind of angry asked back in a loud voice.

However, Paul answered gracefully.

「If persuasion is in vain, we have no choice but to physically pursue.

Unless the sisters realize that there’s nothing worthy in that inn, and we don’t have an intention to steal their business, the inn, or money, … Everything we say will be useless.

And what if we help them out when they are on the verge of being crushed?

When their inn『is as good as being collapsed』or 『it is a matter of time to collapse』, they may willing to hear our story」(Pauline)

The owner couple were silent.

Then, Maevis asked a question.

「So, even if we believe in the Pauline’s strategy, how can we do it?

Of course, we can’t do it forcibly. If we are doing such a thing, won’t we just get hated instead?

And the reputation of this inn may even fall to the ground!」(Maevis)

But of course, Pauline couldn’t miss such a rudimentary problem.

「It is 『Renie-chan’s strategy』」(Pauline)


「If the other side’s selling point is『poor 3 sisters』, we can also do it, exactly the same thing」(Pauline)

「「Yeah … ….」」(Maevis + k.u.ma-san)

「Renie-chan get customer not only by doing the work of the waitress, but also make customers feel sorry for her.

We will copy that and do it even further.

『Poor 4 beautiful girls』who were chased out their own country work desperately in an in-expensive inn with in-expensive cooking.

A lot of guests will flow in!」(Pauline)

「「「「「Eeeehhhhhh!」」」」」(Mile + Rena + Maevis + Kama-san, Lyrise)

Thus the nightmarish days began.


「Strange …」(Melisa)

Melisa tilted her head wondering, she is the eldest daughter of the three sisters of『Otome’s Prayer』

「What’s wrong, Onee-chan?」(Rafia)

Rafia, the second daughter came out of the kitchen, approached her sister and asked.

「Yeah, somehow, I think that the number of meal customers dropped compare to yesterday …」(Melisa)

Rafia, of course, was aware of it.

After all, every meal ordered was made by herself, there is no way she didn’t notice it.

「Well …that’s true, but the number customers can be changed from time to time, you do not have to worry so much…」(Rafia)

Melisa is the eldest daughter so she carries the burden that her parents left, even a little thing happen would make her worry.

As she couldn’t do anything that’s why it always hurts in her little chest… Not physically 「small chest」rather than pointing to her age.

Meliza, 16 years old. Beautiful and sociable. In a good way, she was slender, but to be blunted smaller chest compare to the fork.

She was responsible for waitress, accounting and customer reception. Because she had no talent for cooking at all.

The second daughter Rafia was trying hard at cooking alone at the age of 13, but her cooking doesn’t any better than ordinary girl.

However, there were many male customers who said her cooking was good.

Such men probably came to this shop when they wanted to soak in the delusion that they eat delicious dishes made by a lover or daughter. From that point of view, the food made by Rafia is certainly perfect even with failure cooking.

Raffia was a cheerful and healthy girl until her father died, she is still not cheer up yet even now.

Because she was an average girl suitable for her age, her height is about Rena but of course, her chests are more than Rena and her older sister Melisa.

The third daughter, Aryl is taking a nap in the residential area now instead of carrying dish to serve customer. She was in charge bring the dishes out and clean the table after customer finished eating.

She wasn’t capability of anything as well that’s why she was just helping with simple work, but she had made a big contribution to the strategy of drawing customer’s sympathy.

『Maiden’s prayer tribe』3 sisters was a perfect set.

Yes, just like 3 Kisugi sisters (CAT’S ♥ EYE manga), 3 Yagisawa sisters (Attack No.1 manga), or 3 sisters in Koshimashi daughter (music comic trio belonging to former Shochiku Entertainment)

And the evening of the next day.

「This is obviously weird, there aren’t many guests coming for meal or stay.

On the contrary, the last I checked, there were a lot of guests said that they would stay for a while …

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There must be something!」(Melisa)

(Uguu, Traitor … …) (Melisa)

While thinking so, Melisa gently opens the door, making a small gap and looking inside through it, there were girls who stayed at 『Maiden’s Prayer』a few days ago.

(Oh, those girls … That’s an indulgence …) (Melisa)

Taking about their own misery to gain get popular.

Melisa thought so and and she realized.

(… the same as us …) (Melisa)

Melisa is shocked.

She was struck by what the girl were doing in the position of those who are eating.

It was much more convenient and efficient than the 3 sisters.

「Mile-chan, can I have another serving of the earlier 『Rock Lizard’s Karaage』?」(Guest A)

「Idiot, if you order it, Mile-chan will need to go back into the kitchen!」(Guest B)

「Ah … No, but it’s so delicious, so I want to eat it again, it’s really good with ale, don’t you think?」(Guest A)

「Certainly … There is no choice. If anyone else wants to ask for another serving of karaage, asking right now. Please do it at once to save Mile the trouble of go in and out repeatly!」(Guest B)

「Well, me too!」(Guest C)

「Me too!」(Guest D)

「I get 2 serving!」(Guest E)

(T.N: Karaage, it’s somewhat similar to KFC, kentucky fried chicken but isn’t really the same and it can use with other type of meats not just chicken)

And one after another the order continued, a girl younger than Rafia, called Mile, got into a kitchen in a panic.

[ The girl who is younger than Rafia, but good at cooking.

The girl serve the customers, is about the same age as Rafia, a red hair girl with a lot of energy.

The woman with big b.r.e.a.s.t.s is talking about difficulty thing with the merchant. (T.N: Melisa doesn’t use shojo for Pauline like with Mile and Rena)

And the last one is talking about swordsmanship with vanguard hunters, a manly beauty.

…can not win. ] (T.N: This part in raw looks like Melisa’s inner thought than Narrator)

Melisa was shocked, she gently closed the door, and returned to the 『Maiden’s Prayer』with a unsteady footsteps.

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