I Said Make My Abilities Average!


Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: Inn 4

The face was covered with mustache, s.h.a.ggy arms and chest, perhaps, the same for legs.

No matter who saw him, the first thing would be this.

「「「「Bear…」」」」(Red Oath)

「Shut up!」(k.u.ma-san)

Even if he was bearish, you would know that he is human. That’s why Mile and other girls didn’t attack or were on guard.

「But, then this would explain the store name …」(Mile *mutters)

「Both the inn and its name were from my parent even before I was born!」(k.u.ma-san)

Bear-san retorded out loud against Mile’s muttering although he is a mature middle-aged man. Of course, he wasn’t really angry. Working on this business for a long time, he was already accustomed to being called so in the first place. So, this was already just like part of 『greeting』for the first time customers.

「One quadruple room, do you have free room?」(Rena)

「Oh, it’s ok, the room is 1 small gold coin and 2 silver coins.

A hot water and washbasin is 1 small silver coin.

As for leding towel, if you only borrow 1, it’s free but if you borrow 4 it will cost you an additional copper coin」(k.u.ma-san)

Heard Rena’s question, Bear-san instantly replied and explained so.

「「「「It’s an average price …」」」」(Red Oath)

「… did you go over there?」(k.u.ma-san)

Listened to the the girls’ remark, the Owner asked back. The girls nodded with a bitter smile.

The owner might have various things he would like to ask, but the girls still hadn’t taken a room and paid the money yet. And he also thought that it was strange that the girls didn’t hold any in their hands beside water bottle and light thing.

And in the first place, the owner was about to prepare dinner now so he wouldn’t be able to keep talking at the counter like this.

For the time being, the girls paid their room fee and heading to the room. The owner was about to ask if they want hot water and the towel but he stopped.

As the guests were young girls, he thought that hot water is necessary, but when he thought about it, he noticed that it wouldn’t be necessary for the girls to pay for money and buy hot water if there were two magicians in their party.

「… This is a decent place, right?」(Mile)

「It was an average charge, although there was a bear!」(Rena) (T.N: 熊ですけど, k.u.ma desu kedo)

「There was nothing out of average in this place, although there was a bear!」(Maevis)

「No, we can’t decide yet until we taste the dishes … even though there was a bear!」(Pauline)

And the 4 girls waited for dinner time.


「「「「… It’s average price」」」」(Red Oath)

For dinner, the menu was plentiful, and it was an average price.

As usual, the girls ordered 2 servings of every cookings for the time being.

「… the amount is average, the kind of ingredients is average, the amount and quality of meat is also average」(Maevis)

Maevis a.n.a.lyzed the stew with a spoon.

「Hmm, seasoning seems to have accented with herbs can be taken in the near field with salt」(Rena)

Rena snuffs and smells smell of meat vegetables close to the face.

「It’s properly cooked both the inside just outside, it’s not overcooked or burned and has a good smell」(Mile)

While cutting and looking at inside of the steak cut with a knife, Mile silently nodded.

「Considering the cost rate of ingredients is less than 30%, depreciation of firewood and equipment, personnel expenses, taxes to be paid, etc., it is a rather conscientious cla.s.sification as a pricing …」(Pauline)

Pauline is checking from a merchant point of view.

And then.

「That’s enough! Eat the meals quickly before it gets cold!」(k.u.ma)

(Mile’s POV, I guess)

[ Bear-san was angry.

And laughter came from other guests who heard it.

Cooking bear … this world has some un-bear-lievable (unbelievable) things existed. Together with his beautiful wife, they carried their own dishes by themselves for other guests as well.

I think that it would be more efficient to hire waitress, but considering labor costs, it would be better to do by themselves, earning is better than a slight improvement in efficiency. Surplus personnel is a waste of expenses, especially when there are just few customers.

And now, in order to carry other customers’ cuisine, the chef himself also needed come out of the kitchen. ]

「But, what more important is the taste …」(Rena)

And then the 4 girls start putting food to their mouth.


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Look, everyone lost their appet.i.te, the order ceased! It’s a business disturbance!」(k.u.ma-san)

There was no other choice but to take responsibility. 『Red Oath』ordered an additional 4-serving cuisine.

After returning to the room, the girls were consulting.

「…when it ends like this, it isn’t fun, is it?」(Rena)

「That’s right, it was just an ugly conflict when this side isn’t a fraudster, it’s not fun at all!」(Pauline)

「「………… 」」(Mile + Maevis)

Mile and Maevis could agree with Rena’s words, couldn’t agree with Pauline’s words at all.

And once again, Mile reminded.

「That’s right, even we heard the guest from 『Maiden’s prayer』said that inn was hara.s.sed from 「Wild bear palivion」

But, as far as I saw earlier, I didn’t think he was someone who could do such a thing … Although he was a bear」(Mile)

「「「Ah……」」」(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

(Mile’s POV, maybe?)

[ I can’t know for sure what kind of person he is just by looking at him or talking with him a little.

A fraudster often has a good appearance and say sweet words or tries appear to be a honest person.

I have never seen such a rough fraudster.

In any case, the owner here doesn’t seem to be good at talking.

And when we talked about 『Maiden’s prayer』he didn’t say any bad things either. ]

「Then, after they finish cleaning up the dining room, the kitchen and finishing the preparation of tomorrow, we will ask them in person!」(Rena)

「「「Ohh」」」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

(Mile’s POV, maybe?)

[ We are outsiders so we shouldn’t talk or mind other people’s business?

Don’t involve yourself even it seems interest?

If we don’t have fun, what is life then?

We just need to limit ourself not to make others feel discomfortable or you want leave it alone and regret forever? ]

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