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Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Just as we thought…

「I for one know the market price of pepper, what is the basis for that price?」(Pauline)

Although shopkeeper seemed to be a little stunned by Pauline’s emotionless expression, he judged she was just a little girl and immediately replied.

「There is no original form of chili peppers and it is already crushed to powder so it becomes worthless.

Besides, it’s just too painful, it has no taste or flavor as a pepper.

As a price of bad products, its price must below original. In fact, my price is already higher than its value.

Well, I bothered you with this request, so I thought that I would like to add a little bonus for you.


Pauline staring at the laughing shopkeeper with cold eyes.

「What about the value point of the pungent taste is strong and the amount used is small?」(Pauline)

「Oh, is that such an error, isn’t it just add a little bit varieties?」(Shopkeeper)

「How much are you going to purchase?」(Pauline)

「You guys, you aren’t supposed to have so much money buying them, you probably stole it somewhere somewhere or bought it cheaply, right ?

do not complain, give it to me quickly, and let me know the purchase route!」(Shopkeeper)

「Mile, collected!」(Rena)



Rena ordered Mile to collect and Mile quickly stored the wooden basin filled with spices.

And shopkeeper agape with wooden basin which disappeared instantly.

「Okay then, there is no achievement this time」(Rena)

With the 『Red oath』 say so, the shopkeeper protests in panic.

「Wait! Wait, that’s what I asked …」(Shopkeeper)

「… we can’t such negotiation with that price, and our contract is over without a penalty for each other.

Originally with such a contract, you have submitted through the guild」(Pauline)


A shop owner who was refuted by Pauline and panicked.

「No, no, I only have ten gold coins in my hand now! I never thought that it would be possible to get so much ma.s.s.

I can’t have such a large sum of money in the shop all the time. If I do such a thing, I will be attacked by thieves. I have to store it in the commercial guild and it will take a while to take them out!

So please come back in the evening. I will prepare the money!」(Shopkeeper)

Scattered stuff.

While thinking so, the 『Red oath』acknowledged it and withdrew.

「… What do you think?」(Mile)

「It’s useless, after all he didn’t look like he willing to pay with much higher price.

At most, he will raise the price a little and also tries to get the route for spices」(Pauline)

Pauline answers Mile’s question while shrugs her shoulders.

「Pay attention to the taste and flavor is really like a cook… but, oh well.

Although I was willing to sell cheaper than the market price if he doesn’t forcibly asking the source and fixes that att.i.tude.

Our spcies’s ungentness is certainly amazing, but flavor, fragrance, usability and so on is limited」(Mile)

「Well, humans will get greedy in front of big money」(Pauline)

Rena’s eyes open big glance at Pauline who saying so to Mile.

「Although I wait till evening, but I feel like we are going to waste our time」(Pauline)

That said, Pauline makes a tired face.

「Then, in order to make effective use of time even a little, shall we go somewhere for hunting until evening?」(Maevis)

「「「Oh!」」」(Mile + Rena + Pauline)

Everyone agreed with Maevis’ suggestion.

*** Evening ***

The 『Red oath』 came to the luxury cafeteria 『Kalamity』again, the shopkeeper was sitting at the table seat in the shop in wait.

「Then, let’s continue the negotiations in the morning.

After all, I have not heard the new price yet.

But this time, would you please give out your best offer at the begining?」(Pauline)

Pauline’s voice was cold. She doesn’t think that this shopkeeper is a 『good counterparty』anymore.

「Before that, put out the spices on spot, it’s a lot of money, I don’t want after you taking money, you told me something like『I have sold to another shop』」(Shopkeeper)

Pauline nodded, Mile put out a wooden tub filled with spices from the item box and put it on the table.

And the shop owner saw it, smiled and told the girls.

「Well, you must tell me the origin and the purchase route of this.

I’ll pay 11 gold coins for this together with that information」(Shopkeeper)

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「「「「Haaaaaa …」」」」(Red Oath)

The hunter leader heard so, looked toward Mile’s group.

「About what he said, is it true?」(Hunter Leader)

Bun Bun Bun! (SFX)

The 4 girls shaking their heads together.

「In the first place, it is a special spices that we got, I don’t think it will be available elsewhere.

Please check with the shop where he ordered.

It may take time to check with the supplier, but if you inquire about a neighboring shop or a commercial guild, they will tell you whether there are such shop, whether such product have been on the market or not.

I think that you can tell immediately whether it was used at this store ever before though」(Mile)

Heard Mile’s words, the hunters turn their eyes to shopkeeper.

「Then, the supplier of the ingredients is the secret of the shop! How can I speak about it!

What about you guys talking to your suppliers to prove your innocence!」(Shopkeeper)

「Huh? You said that yourself, that supplier is the trade secret, and now you demand us to speak?」(Mile)

Mile replies so with a shocking face. And the hunters are bitter smile.

「What …」(Shopkeep)

「So, you said that your spice was robbed by bandits.

And yesterday morning, we was told that you was robbed before you received it, so you didn’t pay the money for the spices yet.

Well, it isn’t yours, isn’t the store’s spices? What is the right for you to claim it?」(Mile)

Hunters looks at the shopkeeper who has the mouth opens wide, with an amazing face with Mile’s words.

「Besides, were you really ordered so much in the first place, do you really order spices with the quant.i.ties in this wooden container?」(Mile)

「Yes, I ordered 5 kilograms, exactly match!」(Shopkeeper)

Mile has a hidden smirks with that reply of the shopkeeper.

「Well, then that just means it wasn’t really your!」(Mile)

While saying that, Mile takes out one after the other from the item box and arranged on the table. A large amount of spices in various containers.

「「「「「「Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!」」」」」」(Hunters + Shopkeeper)

Not only the shop owner but also the hunters gave a surprise scream.

「「「「「「This is storage magic!」」」」」」(5 Hunters)

「It has proved that this spice is not what we took from a cart, right?」(Mile)

The hunters nodded with cold sweat that they avoided a big mistake.

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