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Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Clothes that we saw before

「Come out obediently! If you don’t come out quickly …」 (Bandit leader)

No matter how the bandit leader threatening, the pa.s.sengers don’t come out from the carriage at all.

The bandit leader is getting more and more impatient, and then he signals one of his men.

And that bandit is approaching the horse-drawn carriage. But when he tries to climb on the carriage…

「Gya~!」 (Bandit A)

The bandit felt down from the carriage.

「Gya…, my eyes! my eyes!」 (Bandit A)

When he fells, his body hits strongly on the ground, it must be painful to his body as well but regardless of such thing, that bandit holds eyes with his hands.

「What the h.e.l.l are you doing!」 (Bandit Leader)

Actually the bandit leader doesn’t really need to ask because he can see it well.

That bandit was attacked at his eyes. It was just that. With both hands covered his eyes, he thrusts his head into the canopy.

Take down a bandit that completely let his guard down in the weak point is something that even a child can do.

The bandits don’t know the strength of the pa.s.senger’s side but for now they are falling back a little. In order to help the fallen bandit, other bandits drag him back a little while keep watching the carriage.

「d.a.m.n it!」 (Bandit leader)

The bandits are angry but unless they can attach a simple staircase they can’t attack it.

In order to get on the carriage, they must climb it by both hands, and they can’t counter with attack from inside the cabin.

And if they use fire, both the pa.s.sengers and goods will be ruined. However, they still have one last choice

「Cut out the hood! It doesn’t matter even if those guys get injured!」 (Bandit leader)

At the time the bandit leader gives order and the minions tries to swing the swords and spears at the the carriage.

「Freeze!」 (Mile)

Four hunter girls appeared from behind them.

They are surprised and somewhat feel fear for a moment even they are thieves.

But when they look carefully, the hunters that appeared are only 2 girls aged from 12 to 13 and 2 girls aged from 16 to 17.

[ A veteran C rank hunter can fight with two bandits alone, but with 4 young girls like this, can they even fight one of us.

Besides, four of them gathered in 1 place, quite easy to catch them all.

Such foolish girls ] (Bandit leader inner thought)

The bandit leader shouting without hesitation.

「Stop attack the carriage, change of plan, (gotta) catch ’em all (alive)!

Try not to injure them as much as possible or their selling value will fall!」 (Bandit leader) (T.N: this time is a meme, please don’t fix ’em to them)

「… They dare to say such a thing?」 (Mile)

「Okay everyone, (gotta) catch ’em all.

Try not to kill them as much as possible.

You can injure them because we can apply curative magic later, their value when the guild sell them as criminal slaves will not go down」 (Rena)

Even everyone already knew about it because that’s what Red Oath usually do, but Rena still shouts it out loud. (T.N: to provoke the bandits, I guess)

「It’s not like all of us need to do it. So who will do it this time?」 (Mile)

「To avoid hurting them as much as possible, enough to reflect on …, Pauline, you will do」 (Rena)

Pauline nodded at Rena.

Mile was prepared just in case the bandits tried to take pa.s.sengers hostage. Well, even if a hostage is taken, Mile can deal with the bandit easy without harm the hostage.

Pauline doesn’t speak at all because she casting spells in her head.

The Bandits don’t think that such a small girl can use attack magic without chanting and they believe that they can attack even before the chant begins, it will not be a problem for them.

Besides, if this small girl can use attack magic, its power and speed are about as much as a dull fireball, and can be easily avoided.

The two other little girl aren’t problem, the most worrisome must be the swordman girl.

「… Ku~?」 (Bandit Leader)

「Ka~haa!」 (Bandit B)

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「Ku~hiiii!!」 (Bandit C, D, E)

Pauline went to call tje merchant, Rena is talking with pa.s.sengers.

Although the girls aren’t planning to make money with such a thing, however they can afford to work for free.

It’s not because the girls wants money, but if they make such a precedent, it will be troublesome to other hunters. So at least they can help is keeping the amount cheaply, so they can tell the guild about the fact that they got 「rewarded」

First of all, for safety confirmation, the young hunter got down and confirmed the surroundings, followed by other pa.s.sengers coming down one after another.

The middle-aged man who seems to be a merchant, an elder man with gray hair, a young couple with a little girl that seems like their daughter, and lastly a young girl about 10 years old who seems to be traveling alone.

「Eh…!?」 (Rena)

Rena who saw the young girl, surprised and raised her voice.

Heard Rena’s voice, Mile finished the capturing and looked towards the carriage, raising her astonishment voice as well.

「Eeeeeeeeehhhhh!」 (Mile)

This young girl had returned to his parents’ home in a long-term vacation, she wasn’t wearing normal clothes, but was wearing a school uniform.

Actually, it wasn’t because this young girl’s family don’t have money to buy private clothes, but in this country, entering the school in the Kingdom’s capital is a considerable status.

And her parents tell her「Absolute wear uniform whenever you go outside!」and that young girl had been doing that all the time.

And Rena was familiar with that uniform. Of course, the same with Mile.

Mile fearfully asked the young girl.

「Ah, excuse me, what was the name of this country …?」 (Mile)

And the young girl answered with a blank face.

「Well, this is Brandel kingdom, don’t you know it?

Ah, you came from Tirus Kingdom side, right?

When you crossed the border line, you were already in Brandel Kingdom」 (Loli)

「…」 (Mile)

「? 」 (Loli)

「Aaaaaa ~~ !!」 (Mile

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