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Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Stories of adults

「What did you say!」 (King of Tirus)

This is royal palace of Tirus Kingdom.

There are four people in the King’s chamber: the King himself, the Prime Minister, the living legend Sword Saint that climbing from the hunter to aristocrat, Earl Christopher, and the Guild Master of the Hunter Guild Capital Branch.

「Didn’t I tell you secure them properly?」 (King)

Earl Christopher try to calm down the king, who yelled at the guild master’s report.

「Please calm down, Your Majesty.

Just as the report of the Guild Master, they aren’t transferred to another country …

They’re just having a journey for training, seeking for interesting, challenging and difficult request.

They are still young hunters, it’s a natural behavior」 (Chris)

「… That reminds me, I was told that the Earl Christopher was also traveling around the countries when you were a hunter

And even after receiving the Earl t.i.tle, I still sometimes heard rumors that you went out for some request without permission …」 (King)

「Ah ha ha ha …」 (Chris)

Earl Christopher scratches his head as he wry smiles to change topic.

And the Earl continued to defend the Guild Master.

「Well, hunters often have that kind of personality …

Besides, after keep traveling to a certain extent, you will somehow satisfy and settle down in your own country. I were like that, too.

Beside that girl name Pauline, her family is living and working in our country.

And that young lady Maevis is a daughter of a n.o.ble family of our country …

Further more Maevis is …」 (Chris)

「She is what ?」 (King)

Earl Christopher answers the question of the king with a wry smile.

「She wants to become a knight.

You can easy tie her up if you can give her the t.i.tle knight.

And in the future she may become the captain knight

Unlike hunter that keep their technique and training method to themselves. As a captain knight, she will teach her own squad her technique and training method. And later even spread even among our country armies」 (Chris)

「Hm…」 (King)

After heard the Earl’s plan, the king regained calm.

「But what about Mile and Rena.

Didn’t Mile come from another country, isn’t there a possibility of her returning to her home country?」 (King)

「No, according to information we heard from other students

There were rumors that Mile seemd to be a former n.o.ble, who was chased away from her homeland. She throwed away her family name and lived as a hunter.

If it’s really so, we can deal with her easy…」 (Chris)

The Earl had talked to a good part but paused for a moment, The king urged him to speak as soon as possible.

Earl Christopher raised his left thumb up.

「A girl who has escaped to another country, losing everything, the country, the family, the ident.i.ty as a n.o.bility, and so on.

And then her own talent was recognized and was given a n.o.ble t.i.tle by His Majesty the King.

Doesn’t it make her become loyal to our conutry?」 (Chris)

「I see!」 (3 man)

Everyone praised the Earl’s plan.

Well, he didn’t become the Earl for nothing. And of course, they don’t need to give the girl a t.i.tle like Earl.

It can be a baroness position, a knighthood of a n.o.ble aristocrat, or a semi-aristocrat.

「Guild Master, is there any other problem …」 (King)

The guild master was asked by the king, looked a little troubled and slowly answered.

「No, all other problems have already been said already …」 (G.M)

「What!」 (King)

「Well, just as Earl Christopher said earlier

Hunters is that kind of people …

It is normal for many of those who became hunters to go on a journey around countries while they are young.

And in this case, they have already traveled after graduated from Hunter training school without waiting for 5 years.

So unless they are working for our country for 5 years, they can’t become free.

Of course, we don’t permit officially transferring overseas, it’s a temporary expedition to the last.

And while they are working outside of the country, we will not count the 5 years obligation in the rule.

To fulfill the condition, they need to return home without fail after a certain amount of time and working for our country.

They are still too young, and they have extraordinary talent.

Even if they found a man in another country, I will work hard to stop it.

No man can tolerance the hara.s.sment that is very troublesome for the guild Faction.

Ho ho, I can’t resist it …」 (G.M)

「………… 」 (King + P.Minister)

Listening to the explanation of Guild Master, the King and the Prime Minister lost their word. Earl Christopher knew about that as a matter of course.

「Beside given their past actions, there’s hardly any entanglement …」 (G.M)

「Is that so …」 (King)

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When the Guild Master tells the king so, the Prime Minister and Count Christopher also nodded.

Rumors that transmitted to such a small town in rural areas are either from S rank or the top A rank.

If it’s a B rank party, it’s at most a little familiar in neighboring towns.

And the decided to forget that their name was well known in the kingdom.

From now on, as an unknown brand-new C-rank hunter party, we return to the beginning and act humbly as a newcomer.

Until we make a name for ourself. (T.N: become famous)

The deployment of the escort, in the top carriage: Mile and Pauline. And the last carruage: Maevis and Rena.

Everyone thought of this arrangement was optimal considering the balance between vanguard and rear guard, distribution of attack power, etc.

Also, it was natural that the Mile use the search magic from the start.

Mile didn’t want to everyone rely too much with this magic.

However, this is in the escort mission which protect human life is the first priority.

That’s why while traveling, Mile was talking only with Pauline and the man.

Arrangement, Pauline was next to the man and Mile was sitting on the roof as usual.

At the first carriage, the man isn’t a merchant, but a hired manager.

Of course, he never turns around, he doesn’t want to be thought as pervert try to peep under the girl’s skirt.

Mile knew about the capital and the town where she had registered her hunter in this country.

After that, she also dropped by a couple of towns and villages for a short time with her request task. She wasn’t interested in traveling routes and destinations.

Even if she hears the name of the highway, she doesn’t know it.

Even if she hears the name of the town, she forgets immediately.

An escort reuqest is a task that only need to defeat bandits and monsters that attack the client.

However, as long as we stay together, I don’t have to worry about anything.

All of this order processing, coordination with the client, etc. were done by Rena alone.

Rena is also the daughter of a peddler, and isn’t a amateur about travels and transactions.

So Mile didn’t worry about anything.

Besides, when she goes a city for the first time, she can have an excited and enjoyable visit.

That’s why, unlike Paulin, who heard everything from Rena and Maevis while on break.

Mile just going on hunting dinner prey while on the move.

Mile knew nothing about the next destination.

And of course, Mile didn’t have enough memory to remember the way she went through once in a hurry almost a year ago.

Beside the scenery from the opposite direction seemed totally different.

The border line was near.

And the carriage is on the move, carry an excited Mile.

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