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Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Explanation

On the next day, for some reason 「Red oath」woke up late. They ate a late breakfast and headed to the guild.

Pauline’s mood was very bad and her eyes were still red.


Last night, Rena, Maevis and Mile were somewhat frantically talking with Pauline to calm her down.

「Why are you leaving me?

At that time, and this time too!

I am a child that you don’t need, uwah!」(Pauline)

「Shhhhh…」(Rena + Mile + Maevis)

One shouldn’t speak loudly at midnight in a room with thin walls like this.

It doesn’t mean that the other guests will complain.

Actually, no-one will complain.

Instead, it’s no doubt that all other guests who woke up were probably listening carefully by pushing their ears against the walls.

For better or worse, 「Red Oath」is quite famous.

And just in case there’s information that Mile didn’t want others to hear,

she hurriedly set a sound proof magic barrier in the room.

Pauline was always smiling and planning many things for the party, and the three others were always puzzled how she always acted mature. That’s why they often think 「Because it’s Pauline, she will be okay」

But actually they were expecting too much from Pauline, who is only 15 years old.

「No, no, I didn’t try to leave Pauline alone!

I just realized that Mile was trying to escape by herself, so I tried to follow. Well, I was worried …

And then, it happened that Maevis also noticed, so she waited for Mile outside the inn…」(Rena)

「And you three were going to leave as it was. If you two already noticed, why didn’t you tell me! I wasn’t notified! You wanted to leave me alone, right?」(Pauline)

「…… 」(Rena + Maevis)

And Mile was pretending as if she wasn’t involved.

Since she tried to leave alone, she treated the three others equal, so there’s no need to worry.

People often say it as 「Carelessness」Or 「Wishful observation」

Pauline turns her face from Rena to Mile.

「Just what did you plan to do? Spreak everything right now!」 (Pauline)

「Good luck!」 (Rena)

… Mile’s wish was betrayed.

「Actually I was from a n.o.bleman’s family in another country,

I am was chased by my family with a succession problem …」 (Mile)

「We heard it!」 (Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

「I was chased by the Royalty, too… 」 (Mile)

「We heard it!」 (Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

「I have absurd magical power and knowledge of magic …」 (Mile)

「We knew!」 (Rena + Maevis + Pauline)


The G.o.d never forbid Mile to talk to anyone in this world about Nano-machines nor the fundamental of magic, he had told Mile to live freely as she liked. It was Mile who decided it.

「… I was concerned about the true purpose of the Ancient Dragons …

However, I don’t even know if we can realize their plans even after hundreds of years.

It was like a random journey without destination, it would take a lot of time and we maynot even get any result.

I couldn’t invite all of you to such a random journey for my sake.

So I left party and planned to go alone … 」 (Mile)

With Mile’s explanation, Maevis seemed to be convinced, but Rena doesn’t stop with just that.

「That’s it? Is that the only reason? There must be some other purpose!」(Rena)

「Well, yes! On the way, If I find a good man somewhere, I intend to start a happy life with him!」 (Mile)

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Rena was agape with Mile’s reply. For some reason the three of them are just silent looking at Mile.

However, we just need to travel for a long while」 (Mile)

「What …」 (G.M)

「It is normal for hunters to go to another country by doing escort requests, mercenary rare item collection requests, etc.

While doing so, we will also undertake local requests to earn money and get a return trip from the local escort request.

Weren’t other hunters also doing that?

We 「Red oath」belong to the Hunter Guild of the Tirus Kingdom till the very end.

However, we went away to work on a request which took a long time, and we got back late as we just received local requests one after another.

It’s just that.

We will keep the record doc.u.ment as hunters from this guild and we will come back from time to time.

Besides, Maevis and Pauline’s parents’ homes are in this country」 (Mile)

「Ku~…」 (G.M)

After that, the girls kept “persuading” and finally the Guild Master broke.

In the middle of the discussion,

Mile said: 「Well, let’s just do some horned rabbit hunting tomorrow, until the rabbits around here go extinct」

Lena said: 「In the mean time, we should also hunt about 300 rock lizards or so. We will sell about 20 to the guild with normal price and then immediately sell about the rest to the market with half the price …」


「The last thing is explain to the inn…」 (Mile)

「Ah……」 (Maevis + Rena + Pauline)

As Mile said that, Maevis nodded gloomily. Rena and Pauline’s expression became dark.

The inn’s keeper couple will understand because they are adults in business.

The problem is with Reni-chan. She will end up crying.

Everyone thought so.

Somehow everyone was a little sad.

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