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Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Resolution

As a result of gathering information at the guild. Because there was no interesting request, 「Red oath」decided to went back.

Even there was a info saying that 「From now on, the Ancient Dragons may start investigating in various place」which was the biggest uproar.

The girls finished their lunch outside and wandered arround the Capital for a while. They went back to the inn in the evening.

If they don’t have dinner at the inn, Reni and her parents will be reluctant. Besides, they also need to make hot water for the bath.

And after Mile refills hot water supply, she somehow get sleepy today and went to bed earlier tha usual.

We also have Pauline who is good at water magic and Rena who is good at fire magic. So we don’t need to worry about hot water for the bath.


「It’s time to wake up」 (Nano)

In the midnight, Nano-machines make the vibration of Mile’s tympanic membrane, It’s transmitted to Mile’s brain as a voice signal and wake her up

(Uhm… what, it’s still dark … Ah … that’s right, thank you Nano-chan) (Mile)

「You’re welcome」 (Nano)

Mile had asked Nano-machines to wake her up like an alarm clock. Because no other people can hear Nano-machines voice so she won’t get found out.

Mile gently came down from the bed with caution, after applying the magic of sound proof to herself, she left the room.

Pauline, who grew up irrespective of danger so she won’t wake up.

However, Rena who lived as a hunter for a long time, she may wake up with a little noise.

And when the magic of sound proof is still effective, Mile quietly takes out from the item box what she kept from everyone and gently puts on the floor.

Spoon, water bottle, blanket, small pot, fork …

Mile keeps big pot and tent as there’s no-one beside Mile can carry them. Of course, she places more gold coins for that.

And Mile pulls out the party’s money that she kept in the item box. She puts about 80% of the gold coins on the floor and mutters quietly.

「Thank you for everything.

Everyone … please stay healthy」 (Mile)

And Mile quietly left the room.

Mile was thinking and thinking all the time since returning from the excavation site.

[ Should I do nothing and pursue happiness as an normal girl? Or would I involve myself in this matter? And this matter may have an impact on the human world as well.

However, the Ancient Dragon is long-lived race. Their life span must be either several hundreds or thousands of years.

Besides, even that 「G.o.d」which have a different sense of time compare with human had also said 「The progress of civilization has stagnated for a long time」

So that must be happened at least in thousands of years, tens of thousands years or hundreds of thousands of years ago.

I wanted ordinary happiness.

But, when I think carefully, is the「ordinary」 that I think the same with the「ordinary」for those in this world?

Like reading books at night, play games, eating delicious things, living a clean and safe life and occasionally going on a trip. It was more like the life of the aristocrat in this world. It’s not ordinary people’s happiness.

Should I continue living like a Homeless hunter?

Knowing the world may collapse under your feet, without doing anything?

And, it’s not like all of us will stay together forever.

Apart from Rena, others have their families.

Maevis is aiming for a knight.

Someday Pauline will go back to her parents’s house and becomes a bride.

Rena will not be alone for the rest of her life.

Anyway, someday we will separate.

Even if that 「someday」is now, there’s nothing strange.

Now, the party already has enough money and equipment and in the rest period.

During this period, everyone can recruit new members and have 2 swordsmen as vanguard,

or 1 swordsman and 1 fighter as vanguard,

or even replace themselves with the new members if they want retire.

Anyway, the C rank party 「Red oath」will survive without problem.

As for me, while traveling relaxedly, I will earn money for old age, and investigate relics as well. Without worry about anyone or anything.

If I’m going solo, I will go as my pace and only doing quest for killing time with a little light feeling.

A journey with no destination and doesn’t know when will end.

And of course, I don’t plan to involve my friends in it.

I had left the house alone,

then going to the school, make friends and running away from there alone,

becoming a hunter, and now, leaving my 3 new friends.

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It was just that.

Mile nodded silently and headed for the door together with Rena.

But when they open the door and go outside.

「Princess, can you bring a single knight together?」 (Maevis)

Maevis was holding a rose and leaning against the wall while she said that.

(Hi yoeeeee~e ~~!!) (Mile)

It is too painful!

Mile wants to scream in her heart.

「Well, let’s go!」 (Rena)

「Wait a moment, please!」 (Mile)

Mile stops Rena who is about to depart in a hurry.

「What’s the matter?」 (Rena)

「Uhm… I think we should postpone the departure one more day」 (Mile)

Rena is asking back to Mile’s suggestion.

「How come?」 (Rena)

「Well, if you are all leaving together with me like this.

There’s no point leaving at midnight.

I would like to say goodbye to everyone in the inn and the guild properly …

In addition …」 (Mile)

「in addition?」 (Rena)

「I left most of the equipments and gold coins in the room …」 (Mile)

「Go back!」 (Rena)

And when they got back to the room, a half – crying Pauline was sitting on the floor.

「Ah……」 (Mile + Rena + Maevis)

And three girls continued to receive Pauline’s angry fists in silent.

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