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Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Go to excavation site

The girls went through 「the village in front of the forest」 and entered the forest.

They trusted Doctor Kulereia’s word that she was good at running through the forest and ran with full speed.

Five people running through the forest at much faster speed than when they escaping.

Because it was already evening and the inside of the forest was starting to get dark. Mile put wood pieces painted with 「Magical Luminescent Substance」on everyone’s back.

Formation is a single column.

It is a single vertical, or「jet stream attack」

But It’s forbidden to use other people ‘s head as a stepping stone.

The order are Mile, Rena, Doctor Kulereia, Pauline and Maisy.

With the doctor who is a VIP, it’s natural that she is next to the best fighting power among the 4 girl of the 「Red oath」.

Healer Pauline and magician Rena are place in the middle because they are weak again weak against the surprise attack.

And, in preparation for surprise attack from behind, Maevis is going last.

「Right now, at best, that beastkin party messenger may already arrive at the camp site. And the camp site may also arrange the another party to search for that 2nd party…」(Mile)

Mile thinks if a messenger moves at full speed with beastkin’s physical ability and the experience in the forest. It will take one day to reach the excavation site.

And the time they start moving depend on their magician’s magic power recovery speed, healing magic skill, and whether the leader preferred inform the clan or priority of the team’s safety.

「To avoid encounter with that broken party or a rescue team. We will avoid that place and then take a straight route to the excavation site.

By the way, there’s another place I absolutely want to avoid …」(Mile)

Although other girls don’t know exactly what 『Another place』that Mile talking about, but because Mile says that,「Red oath」acknowledge it without thinking deeply.


After entering the forest and traveling for several hours to the excavation site, Doctor Kulereia suddenly closes her nose and mouth.

「What’s wrong …, ah that’s right, … elves were more nostril than humans …

Everyone, we are making detour! This is 『Another place that we absolutely must avoid』!」(Mile)

「I never think that it would be such a thing when we took a considerably early break near the feces.

And the beastkins take must longer than expected to catch up with us…」(Rena)

Pauline and Meevis nods to Rena.

Mile isn’t consider removing that thing, to the extent that she is rather moving another way instead.

Perhaps Mile thinks that it may become a safe area that no monsters or beasts dare to enter. But in the first place n.o.body will try to escape into that place.

The beastkins seemed make detour to the opposite side.

There’re evidence that the re-build team had detoured way farther than Mile. Well, they are more sensitivity to smell than humans. So It would be safer to move near that place than the limit of the beastkins.

And, without encountering the beastkins, 「Red oath」and Doctor Kulereia after a day and a half traveling from Hermolt Town. They finally reach the excavation site without fail.

「We have been moving with full speed for a day and a half after leaving Hermolt Town.

Because we already reach the site, let’s take a good rest here tonight」(Mile)

No one opposed Mile’s proposal, and everyone nodded.

The area is already dim.

Mile picked the appropriate gra.s.sland and took out the tent from the item box.

It isn’t folded but an a.s.sembled one…

Recently, Mile noticed it.

In other words, it doesn’t matter whether she put a folded one or an a.s.sembled one in the item box. So she doesn’t bother to a.s.semble or disa.s.semble it every time anymore.


Doctor Kulereia agape looking at Mile.

The other three don’t care at all, they are casual fixing the four corners of the tent, digging drains around the tent.

In the forest, wind and rain may take down the tent so they need prepare thoroughly for possible emergencies. That was the secret of longevity.

「Why, why are not you folding!」(Kulereia)

「Well? It’s troublesome and it’s a waste of time to fold and a.s.semble over and over」(Mile)

Doctor Kulereia is amazed at Mile’s reply.

[ In any case, the capacity limit of storage magic is determined by the correlation between weight and ma.s.s.

Regardless of how light it is if the ma.s.s is too large, the storage still hit its limit. The same with heavier weight and small ma.s.s.

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Both the ma.s.s and the weight are determined the storage limits.

Until now, we were all sleeping in the open air because Mile used barriers and warning magic.

But then there’s a possibility that Red Oath can’t keep their guard up when sleeping when Mile is absent.

Mile thought about the warning method that anyone could use even without her.

Also, this time Doctor Kulereia is accompanying them.

In front of the doctor, Mile can not use too much fancy magic.

Evening supper, it was a degree that light cooking instead of proper dish.

With unusually fresh ingredients from the item box.

Doctor Kulereia worried about whether it’s safe to cook with the fire while close to the beastkin’s camp.

Mile properly explained to give her a peace of mind.

「Ah, smoke and smelly particles are magically collected to a solid ma.s.s, so it’s okay.

Here, this is the fine particles of smoke and smell collected and compacted」(Mile)


Doctor Kulereia silently watched Mile pointing at a dark ma.s.s.

「Today’s『j.a.panese f.u.kashi talk』!」(Mile)

The girls rest early today.

「And the thief defeated the bad Earl.

Then he left the princess, the old man, the faithful dog, his colleagues and go alone…

After that, the police guy rushed to the scene said to the princess.

『He steals strange things. …… Your underwear! 』」(Mile)

(T.N: Sorry I can’t find any puns or relate in Mile’s story this time)

Bu fu ~u! (SFX)

Three girl of 「Red oath」had listened calmly and found it fun.

But Doctor Kulereia is spewing the soup she is drinking from the mouth and nose, and is struggling with pain in her nose.

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