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Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: And again to the forest

「The lord is never a bad person.

Well, as a n.o.ble it’s normal he has pride and ambition. But at least he has consideration for citizen and take care of them …」(Guild Master)

(Well, I guess it’s just like 「Taking care of livestock」.

To get tastier milk and flesh …) (Mile)

It was what Mile thought as she listening to the guild master’s story, but of course she didn’t say it out.

「And of course, this is also for the development of his territory and his own luxury, money …, greed … So he wants to collect it」(Guild Master)

From Guild Master’s word, Red Oath are doubtful that the Guild Master dislikes the lord.

「So, he had a nomination quest for you girls.

You know the whereabouts of the beastkins and you can also come in and out of there.

You have a high chance of success and survive for this quest」(Guild Master)

It’s an honor for hunter to receive a nomination request from the lord.

It means that the country recognized their proficiency and credibility.

It’s only lower than the nomination request from the royal family.

If that was an ordinary hunter, he will happy like crazy to hear that from the guild master and accept right away.

Yes, if that was just an 「Ordinary hunter」…

「So, what is the requested content?」(Rena)

Rena confirmed to the guild master calmly.

「Well, confirm the movement of the beastkins, confirm what they are searching for at the excavation.

And if it’s possible, take it from the beastkins」(Guild Master)

「…………」(Red Oath)

『Red Oath』are silent.

「Could I ask you one thing?」(Mile)

「Yes, what is it?」(Guild Master)

Mile asked the guild master.

「Isn’t that just plagiarism, you want us to become thieves?」(Mile)

「Huh…?」(Guild Master)

Guild Master is agape with what Mile pointing out.

「No, it isn’t. Because it’s in our territory …」(Guild Master)

「But, that forest isn’t managed by the Lord, is it?

It’s just some beastkins gathered or hunted over there to acquire things by themselves.

Don’t those things already become their?

It’s a criminal act to capture our hunters. But unless we heard the decision from the country, can we really decide how to deal with the beastkins by ourselves?

And is there any problem with the collecting activities the beastkins are doing?

And isn’t it also a criminal act when rob what they discover?」(Mile)

「…………」(Guild Master)

Mining a large amount of arbitrary reserve resources of other countries is a big problem, it’s a diplomatic problem.

However, it is not a problem for civilians to collect small materials and treasure hunt in other countries.

If they are banned, hunters will not be able to move across countries.

This time, the beastkins seem to be doing a large-scale excavation, but it was 「digging to find something」and it wasn’t 「mining a lot of resources」

So, as a result of robbing the excavated 「A small amount of harvest」, who is the bad guy here …

「Well, that’s …」(Guild Master)

Heard the unexpected point, Guild Master can’t say anything back.

「Can I consult within a group for a moment?」(Mile)

Mile asked and with the approval of the guild master. Red Oath moved to the next room.

And a few minutes later, 4 girls came back got back to the guild master room again.

「We decided to accept it as a result of consultation」(Mile)

After hearing that, the Guild Master had a sigh of relief.

It is natural. To think the request of nomination from the lord may be refused.

Not only that would worse the mood of the lord.

This branch will be judge as incapable and unreliable branch that refusing the nomination request from the lord, and that’s just a beginner party.

If this news get out, this branch may become the laughing stock for neighboring guild and hunters.

「Normally, no hunters would refuse a「Nomination request」that was extra money and point」. Unless that request is dangerous or there’s「something」undesirable.

In her past life, Mile also read fantasy novels well.

So she considers the possibility that the purpose of excavation is a pattern such as 「Resurrection of the demon kingdom」or 「Solving the seal of the evil spirit」

And of course, 3 girls have been listening to various stories from Mile for nearly a year also consider that.

Everyone decided to undertake this nomination request.

Of course, that was because the Nomination request from the lord is delicious as a promotion point to B ranking, which also improves the credibility of the party.

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And the last reason is: When 『Red Oath』refused, another party would be accepted it instead.

(…let’s shake it off then) (Red Oath)

4 girls were thinking about the same thing.

After that, the girls talking with the guild master a little more.

And everyone started departing immediately.

Actually, the girls wanted to relax for about a day, but time was important for this request.

If they start soon, they might avoid the 2nd chasing beastkins party that waiting for recover. And of course, those beastkins might not inform the main camp in the excavation site yet.

Still, if those beasts still can’t move with the broken feets, the main camp in the excavation site may find it strange and dispatch some more rescue beastkins.

Anyway, if the girls want to intrude the camp, they should start as soon as possible.

Doctor Kulereia seemed to be preparing in antic.i.p.ation from last night.

And, of course, 『Red Oath』that have all goods in Mile’s「Storage」can start immediately.

「Well, let’s go!」(Rena)

「Oh!」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

「… …. Oh!」 (Kulereia)

3 girls reply to Rena right away.

And a little later, Doctor Kulereia also replies.

「…Maevis, here you are …」(Mile)

After leaving the town, Mile gently came to Maevis.

「This is……」(Maevis)

「Yes, it’s an additional part of the …. just in case … only just in case …

If you use it, I will replenish it again, so please do not hesitate too much.

If you don’t use it, we will face hardship in emergency, Okay …」(Mile)

「I got it, thank you for letting me use it …」(Maevis)

Maevis received 3 capsule shaped containers and put them in her pocket.

This makes a total 5 of dubious capsules.

If she doesn’t use it early, Mile will be replenishing more and more and the pocket will become bad.

Maevis is in trouble with such a feeling …

Translator’s note:

Fu fu, I won’t spoiler what those capsules doing.

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